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ABC Interview w/Tripoli resident 'Kordaba'

ABC Interview w/Tripoli resident 'Kordaba'

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Published by Jess Hill

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Published by: Jess Hill on May 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jess Hill (@jessradio), reporter from ABC Radio¶s
  program (@amworldtodaypm), interviews µKordaba¶, amember of the opposition movement in Tripoli.
(Transcript is of full interview. Audio can be heard online at:http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2011/s3218354.htm)
Can you describe to me what daily life is like in Tripoli at the moment?
Tripoli suffering from Mr Gaddafi¶s army, and many, many people, about 25,000 person in jail right now, in prison. He took everybody from 15 years up to 40 years. He enforced themto fight with him. And if anybody refuse, they kill him immediately.
So is that« I¶m sorry, are you describing that that¶s a kind of conscription that Gaddafi has put in place?
 Yeah, Gaddafi is enforcing everybody in Tripoli. If you refuse to fight with him, you will bekilled. And people every night, every night went to the street, and they want to express thatthey refuse him, they don¶t want him anymore, that they want their rights as a human being.But he answers us by bullets in chest and in heads every night, this is happened.
So there are protests happening every night in Tripoli?
 Yeah, every night in Tripoli. And the NATO have the air planes flying on the Tripoli, andthey see everything. Each movement we do on the ground, they saw it. So they can confirmthis.
Can you tell me whereabouts in Tripoli these protests are happening?
 Especially in Fashloom, in Fashloom, in Soug al Jumaa, and Tajoura. These are the threeareas starting the revolution in Tripoli. And most of people he took to the prisons are fromthese areas.I am a doctor. He gave us orders that we should not treat the revolutions, only we should treatthe army. They are militia, not army. We saw them, and we catch some of them, from Chad,from Niger, from Algeria, they are not even pure Libyans; they are from everywhere. Irefused these orders, and I joined the revolutions. So I was in street, and expressing that wewant free and our rights. He had snipers everywhere. I was shot on the fourth day of therevolution, about two months ago, more. I have a bullet in my chest.
 Now in Tripoli, we have no communication, internet, we cannot connect with internet. Wecan¶t put these videos online.
ut are you taking videos?
 Yeah, we took videos for everything. For the people who burned the embassies in Tripoli,American embassy, British embassy; the home of the Ambassador of England, everythinghappened in Tripoli we have photos and video for it.
nd can you tell me, is there an organized opposition movement in Tripoli at the moment?
  Not organized, in these three areas I told you, we have one control room, ok. Because he puthis army everywhere, they stop the cars, they search the cars, so we cannot move easy. And if he check the ID number, and he found you that you are living in Fashloom, or Soug al Jumaaor in this area - you will be in trouble. So what you are doing here, where are you going?Something like that. So we have some difficulty to contact with other revolutionaries in other areas. But in these three areas ± Fashloom, Soug al Jumaa and Tajoura ± we have one controlroom, so we are doing this job together.I just I want to inform you about his son that died, and something like that. It is a fake, it¶snot true. We have information that his son in Germany. He just do this because he want people to feel sorry about him.
nd this is Saif al 
rab Gaddafi?
 Yeah, he¶s not died. And we can confirm this by he didn¶t show his face when they¶re goingto bury him. Nobody saw his face, ok. And we have information that he¶s in Germany rightnow, with another name, not Saif al Arab.
nd can you be any more explicit about the source of that?
 I cannot tell you my sources, because they will be in danger. Most of my sources are peopleinside Mr Gaddafi¶s first circle, and they tell me everything, that his son¶s ok.Sometimes we get some guns and weapons from the army; we buy it, ok, by money, or bykilling some of them. We enforced to kill ± we don¶t want to kill them, but we are enforced todo so, and we are sorry for them too. Most of them are enforced to fight with Mr Gaddafi.
So there is basically and armed conflict going on in Tripoli every night?
 Yeah, every night, every night.
nd you say that you¶re in touch with some of the people in Gaddafi¶s inner circle. Can youtell me what the mood is in this circle? How do you have access to these people?
 They are afraid. They knew that the time is over, and people will attack them any minute.He is afraid, because we took an action inside Mitiga ± it is an airbase for army. So we took an action inside it, and we put a flag of the revolutions on the top. So he is afraid that most people in the first circle, they are running away from him.And if you heard about Eman al Obeidy, she ran out with some officers here, with high«
 High ranking?
 Yeah, high ranking, from the first circle of Gaddafi. He was close to Gaddafi. He took Emanand ran out with his family.
ere you in touch with that person, or are these the types of people you have been in touchwith?
  Not directly, not directly, but we have contacts in other cities, and they confirmed that it wasthis person who did that operation.
nd can I ask you, how do people in Tripoli feel about the N 
TO airstrikes?
 I swear to God they are happy. When we didn¶t hear the planes, we are upset here in Tripoli, but when we hear some bombing and firing, we are happy, and we go out to the streets toexpress that we are happy.And it is chance for us, because when they bomb any control room for Gaddafi, they will not be able to contact each other for about one hour. So we can go out into the streets, and dosome action about the forces he put in the streets.
So these N 
TO airstrikes, when they hit these command and control centres, that is giving  you an opportunity to go out into the streets.
nd is that an armed action that you are taking?You are attacking army officers, or you are protesting?
 It is depending on the site. Sometimes we attack the media offices, because they are lying onthe people. So we try to destroy these offices to stop the lying. And sometimes we attack theforces in the street. These forces are militia, not a regular force. They stop people in thestreet, they break into the homes, they took everything they can find.They rape people, they rape the woman and girls; here in Libya, in Muslim countries, the girlmust be virgin until she¶s married. But if she¶s not virgin, I don¶t know the exact word to sayit« But they enforce the girls to make love to them ± I am sorry for this word. They rapethem. And if you stand in front of them it¶s easy ± it will not cost more than one bullet inyour head. This is how it is going in Tripoli.And we are happy because the fuel is running out from Tripoli. And we don¶t want other countries to bring the fuel to Mr Gaddafi. Because if the fuel run out here, we can move easy.His tanks will stop, his cars will stop, nobody will move. He do much force by cars.
nd then you can move on foot?
 Yeah, if he run out from the fuel, it will be helpful for us. And we hope that the United Nations will not allow him to have fuel anymore.And also the food is running out in Tripoli. The medication almost running out too. Becausehe took everything to his forces, and to his storage, not to the people. And we want thissituation to get worse and worse, because at any moment, people will all go out again againsthim, because they want to live.
So you are optimistic that people in Tripoli will come out and take action against Gaddafi?
 Yes, yes, yes. In whole Tripoli. Now, I told you there is people every night went to the streetsand express that they don¶t want Gaddafi in three areas - Fashloom, Soug al Jumaa, Tajoura.But we count on this situation getting worse and worse, and whole Tripoli will get out again.

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