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Fight Night Analysis

Fight Night Analysis

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Published by A8cent_8

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Published by: A8cent_8 on May 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The main image shows in play characters and also the genre of the game. The way it shows thegenre of the game is that behind the in game play characters it shows a ring with lights above itwhich tells the audience that it is clearly a boxing game and also sports. Another thing that isimportant for the audience and is clearly visible is the format of the game, the format of the game isXbox 360 this is needed information because it tells the audience what game console the game willwork on. Age is also shown on the front cover, age limitations help the target audience because itlets them know how old they should before the can play the game; this will also help parentsbecause they know what type of content they want their children to play. The institution of thegame is visibly shown on the front cover, which is EA sports, this can help the institution in many
This shows theformat or in other words theplatform/console the can beplayed on (Xbox 360)
This showsthe audience the name of thegame. The typography helpsdenoting the genre of fight nightround 4 and the logo is the name of the game because the way it iswritten stays the same throughoutof the Fight Night games it onlyincreases in numerically, as it issome sort of a trademark.
This will givethe audience a clearindication on who thisgame is suitable for.Because fight night round4 includes violent scenesas it is a boxing game.
This conventiondraws the attention of theaudience; it is an eye catchingimage of the two boxers. This alsohints at the genre of fight nightround 4. It also shows in playcharacter and the graphics of thegame.
This showshow made the game. Also willhelp the audience with futurepurchase if they are drawn in tofight night round 4. Which willmake them attracted to EAsports games.
This image shows ringlights not only will tell the audience the settingof fight night round 4 it also ties in helping theaudience notice the game genre. This alsoshows the realism of the game, as it sheds thelight on the two fighters, making it moreclearly for the audience to see.
ways because if the game is a success then target audience will know what type of game to buy inthe future by looking at what institution the game was developed by.
thisshows the gameplay aswell as the in gamegraphics for example therealism of Mike Tyson. Andit also shows Ali trademarkuppercut which will attractmore fans to the game.
This is a description of the game. It tells theaudience what can be donein the fight night game. Andit tells the audience about allthe new features in thegame. Such as improvedcarer mode, as it tells yousome of the story line of thegame.
Thisshows the audience all thenew features in the game. Itwill normally have the wordnew showing that thisfeature was not in theprevious version. New aspectsof this game include are allnew defence, and ring
ItIndicates whether or notit is multiplayer or not,and also if you needunique equipment toplay the game. On Xbox360 the game does notrequire any additionalequipment when playing,only a controller.
Credits &Copyright:
Thisconvention is used toshow who created thegame and educates andwarns of copying thegame without copy rights.
This informs theaudience that this game contains flashingimages this helps protect epilepticpeople. Being a fan of the game and aplayer of the game, I know that there isflashing images in the game especially inthe scenes of the press conference.
This is mainly animportant concept to theretailer when you buy thegame. It is both a trackingdevice and it also helps withstock information. Thiswould appeal to theaudience because they willknow if the game is in or outof stock.
This is an explanationto the reason why thisgame was rated 16+. Ittells the audience whatit contains such violentscenes. As it is a boxinggame, there will beblood, and foullanguage in the game.

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