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Published by Amaka Nwakobi

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Published by: Amaka Nwakobi on May 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VISUAL INSPECTION QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURE FOR WELDS1) PURPOSEThis procedure describes the inspection method for visual inspection of welded joints.2) SCOPEThe following procedure covers the general requirement for welding visual inspection of steel structure parts and header boxes relevant to air cooled heat exchangers.3) RESPONSIBILITY3.1 All welded joints shall be inspect and reported by qualified welding inspector under supervision of quality control manager.3.2. Review manufacturerâ
s Material Test Report (MTR). Verify that all materials properties (e.g. grade, type, size, thickness) are as specified by the ICON approved documents, and that all materials are readily identifiable and traceable to anMTR. 3.3. Sample any unidentifiable material for testing.3.4. For seam welds in hollow structural sections (HSS), conduct a thorough visual examination of the seam weld area for visible discontinuities. Visual examination should include, as a minimum, the exterior of the seam weld and the interior at each end.3.5. For structural plate, conduct a thorough visual examination of surfaces forvisible lamination discontinuities.3.6. Verify that all applicable welder, welding operator, and tack welder qualifications are available, current, and accurate.3.7. Verify that a written Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is available onsite for each type of weld, that the WPS is in compliance with all requirements, and that the WPS has been approved as required by the construction documents.3.8. Witness all Procedure Qualification Tests required for non-prequalified welds and verify that Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) are compliant with allapplicable requirements.3.9. Verify that all welding consumables comply with the ICON approved documentsand the approved WPS. Verify that all electrodes are properly stored.3.10. Verify that the welding current and voltage are within the WPS parametersby using a calibrated hand-held volt/amp meter. Readings should be taken as nearthe arc as possible.3.11. Verify that joint preparation, assembly practice, preheat temperatures, interpass temperatures, welding techniques, welder performance, and post-weld heattreatment meet the requirements of the ICON approved documents, WPS, and applicable ASME code.3.12. Conduct visual inspection of the work: Verify size, length, and location of all welds. Verify that all welds conform to the requirements of the ASME codeand the ICON approved documents. Weld size and contour shall be measured with suitable gauges.3.13. Mark completed welds, parts, and joints that have been inspected and accepted with a distinguishing mark, tag or dye stamp. The mark shall include: Testing laboratory initials (if applicable), inspectorâ
s initials, inspection date and status.Schedule or notify those responsible for nondestructive testing (NDT) technicians in a timely manner, after visual inspection and acceptance is complete, and the assembly has cooled.4) REFERENCE STANDARDi) Project specificationii) ASME VIII & ASME Viii) API 6615) DESCRIPTION5.1. All joint preparation shall be control by welding inspector before commencement of any welding activity.5.2. The bevel preparation shall be according to welding details and project drawing or specification, and also the weld seams to be cleaned and free of oil, dust and other contamination before performance of welding activity.5.3. Butt weld shall be aligned and retained in position during welding. Misalig

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