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Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions

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Published by Karina Cruz

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Published by: Karina Cruz on May 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michelle FuentesPeriod 1
Reflection questions
onsidering the development opportunities available to you this year,how have you applied what you learned?
ow that Ms.Johnson has teached me what I learned about computers andmore, I will use that for later on in my life. I know that the resume is one of the things that she teached me that I will use when I am going to apply for a job. I am going to use the skills that I learned about computers for next yearand for other projects. I know that computer projects will be easier for mebecause now I have more experience than what I used to have. I will usewhat I learned to create my own website that talks about animal abuse andhow to prevent it.
hat strengths do you possess that you can use at a higher level nextyear?
he strength that I possess this year that I can use next year is that now Iknow that there are some web pages where you can help animals in need. Ialso learned more than I knew, I already did research this year and I can usewhat I learned to help me next year. For next year I will know that animalabuse can be stopped. I also know that I just have to get more involved inactivities that are to help stop animal abuse. For next year I will be ready tocreate a better web page where people could see that animals are just likebabies they need to be taken care of and loved.
hat obstacles must you work through so you can meet all your goals forthis year?
he major obstacle to achieving my goal is not having a chance to get moreinvolved in the ASPCA or the humane society group.
hey take care of theanimals that are in need of food, shelter, etc and I want to be part of it, notby taking care of my own pets but others too. What I can do this year is that
during summer I can look for places where they take care of animals thathave been abused and help them. What I can also do is that when I see apet in the street with no owner, I can take them to a pet shelter where theycould adopt and care for them. I know that I can do more than justresearching animal abuse.
iscuss what you have learned during the class and how it will assist youin achieving further academic and work related goals.
What I learned in this class is that it takes more than just research toactually get involve in your issue. I also learned that thanks to technologypeople can talk and take more action about an issue, people can see it andhelp with whatever the cause is. I also learned that there are a lot of issuesthat we have to do something about it to make our lives better; technologyis a way to communicate among us. What I also learned in this class is thattechnology isnt just about the internet it is also about knowing how towork the computers and finding ways to take actions. I learned that onceyou get to work and research an issue, that you can be interested in doingmore.
f you could do any assignment over this year, which one would it be andwhy? Any regrets?
If I could do any assignment over this year it would be the all about mePowerPoint, because I know I didnt put any type of animation to the slides.I know I could have done better because my slides where weak and it didnthad that much information that other power points had. I have no regretsbut, I know I could have done better.
ow I know how power point worksand I will use what I know for other projects, I would also do the moviesand stuff by Michelle because that was the hardest for me, we had to do alot of stuff on it and that confused me. I have no regrets choosing theanimal abuse topic because that is a topic I am interested in.

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