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Published by mbbhat
This article describes the biggest mistake that has happened in the history.
This article describes the biggest mistake that has happened in the history.

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Published by: mbbhat on Sep 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The first wrong step in downfall of India
Every religion should have only one scripture. Then only UNITY can exist in a religion.All the religions except Hinduism have unique scripture. But there are many religious books in Hindu religion. Eg: Bhagavad_geeta [Full Name: Sri-Mat-Bhagavad-Geeta],Manusmruti, Four Vedas, 18 epics, a large number of Upanishads, etc.Highest teachings are given in Bhagavadgeeta. It is beyond all the bodilyreligions. It gives the highest aim in life. No other religion directs to maintain such a high purity in life. It says to sacrifice all the vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego. Italso directs to consume pure vegetarian food. It gives directions to make mind pure eventhan a child. It says that these vices are cause of body consciousness. Body consciousnessis due to the ignorance of the Real Self. Real Self is the Soul and it is eternal. When oneforgets this reality, he considers himself as body and gets influenced by the physical bodyand the materials and this creates the vices which are causes of all the sins. Soul isdifferent than the body and it operates or uses the body like a driver drives a car. Eventhough such high teachings are mentioned in Geeta (Bhagavadgeeta), why people hesitateto follow the directions of Geeta?The main cause is Ignorance of God. God is Bodyless, above birth and death,above pleasure and pain, eternal, has no beginning or ends. Due to body-consciousness, people considered themselves as body and then considered human beings as God!The first wrong step was considering the pure human deity SriKrishna as God.Then they considered another pure deity SriRama as also God. Later on- they imaginedseveral Gods like Hanuman,(Monkey God), Ganesh(Elephant God). Indians worship 33crores of Gods and goddesses!. After that- even non-living objects like sun, moon, trees,stones and even poisonous creatures like snake also became God/s!SriKrishna is a male human being. He is completely viceless, completely non-violent, full of 16 celestial degrees, but takes birth through a mothers womb. Taking physical birth through mother’s womb cannot be called as INCARNATION. It is ordinary birth.Actually, Shiva is the Real God. SriKrishna is next to God. If you see the history,the oldest temples in India are temples of Shiva. The glory of Shiva’s temples is morethan SriKrishna’s temples. Temples of Shiva are built even in hills, mountains andvillages. The number of Shiva temples is more than the other temples. This also impliesthat Shiva is the real God and SriKrishna is next to HIM. SriRama is next to SriKrishna.That is why glory of SriRama’s temples is lesser than SriKrishna’s temples.But- devotees did not know real or complete history of SriKrishna. Hence theydepicted SriKrishna according to their own imagination. They wrote in epics thatSriKrishna was a butter-thief in his childhood! They also wrote- SriKrishna used to stealclothes of Ladies of Brindavan. It is written that SriKrishna had many children from his16108 wives! He attacked many evil men by physical weapons and did violence. Thesescriptures have depicted “Completely Viceless SriKrishna” as a person having both lustand anger. They gave SriKrishna the status that is both higher and lower than what hedeserves. They say SriKrishna is both God and also say that in his actions there was lustand anger!.The effect of this: Many people who were religious could not adopt Geeta as thehighest religious scripture due to 1) Considering deity SriKrishna as Geeta Sermonizer and 2)adding lust and anger into SriKrishna’s personality. When SriKrishna’s personality
is corrupted or blackened by making him vicious in his childhood, it is not so easy for everybody to adopt Bhagavadgeeta as a holy book. Hence many religious persons even inHinduism could not love or accept the holiest book, Geeta. They wrote their own booksand due to this many different cults aroused in Hinduism that divided them further. Thismade Hindus very weak. Some silent peaceful religious people tried honestly to followthe directions mentioned in geeta but could not unite Hindus.A drop of poison is enough to turn a vessel full of milk into poison. Similarlyeven if we praise SriKrishna very much and then comment him like butter-thief, etc, theresultant value becomes zero or even negative.Only the King is eligible to sit on the throne. Giving that seat to somebody willdefame both the King as well as the other person. It will also make the whole kingdomweak. Similarly by considering SriKrishna as God and geeta sermonizer, India’s downfallstarted. By considering a human form as God and commenting him with negativequalities is the biggest curse to India. Today, most of the Hindus have not read geeta.They do not have special interest to read it. The most important religious book is under the authority of just a few people who are just devotees of SriKrishna. Even they do notknow the real history of real God Shiva and the most pure human creation, the lovelychild SriKrishna. They believe SriKrishna really had 16108 wives and did all the negativeactions in his childhood! Then what would be use of Bhagavadgeeta?If Jesus’ name is replaced by a Pope in Bible, Bible will become useless. Not onlythat- if the biography of Jesus is not known, then also Bible becomes useless. Similarly by considering human form SriKrishna as God and not knowing the real introduction of God, Bhagavadgeeta is like a jewel in the hands of monkeys!We can see the effect. In geeta, it is clearly written that lust, anger and greeds arethe main doors to hell. But people who preach this do not mention this at all! Even thosewho read this just ignore this. When it is written in Bhagavata and Mahabharat epics thatSriKrishna had 16108 wives and that too produced many children from them, who willhave the confidence to conquer these vices!When do we say- a nation is weak? When the rulers of a nation become weak or corrupted, we say nation is weak. Similarly, what is irreligiousness? When those whohave authority of religion become weak or corrupted, it is irreligiousness. Today- we seethat. The views of different Gurus are different. There is no unity in themselves. Manytimes, they quarrel with each other!Hindus are easily converted into other religions. This is another indication of irreligiousness. It implies that Hindus are not satisfied with their own religion. It is saidthat religion is might. But Indian religion has become weaker compared to other religions. The reason is- they do not know the real history of their religion. They do notknow the ancient culture of India. This is the state of IRRELIGIOUSNESS.In India, there are many religions, many languages. One needs to learn manylanguages. The Government has to spend money to promote different languages. For example, in India, display boards have to be displayed in many languages. Anyinformation needs to be translated to different languages. Instead of printing large number of copies of a book in one language, less numbers in every other language has to be
 printed. Due to this, there is a large wastage of time, money and energy. Not only that-like religions have divided India, these languages also have divided India.Just imagine how powerful India would be if there is one religion! Till this first mistake isrealized, India will remain weak. Even though India has high manpower, and highlyintellectual, religious people have put their honest effort, India is still weak. By defamingreal God, Indians created many Gods.If there are more Kings in a Kingdom, then the Kingdom would get divided andthey will quarrel with each other. They will get no time to rule the Kingdom. Instead of ruling the Kingdom, they will be fighting with each other. Similarly, today we seedevotees of SriKrishna are not satisfied with devotees of SriRama or some other Gods.Many times, they quarrel with each other. In India, if there is one God for wealth(Lakshmi) there is another God for Knowledge(Saraswati). If for Monday there isa God, For Tuesday, the God is different. God for individual members in a family could be different. In scriptures you can see these Gods fighting among each other! [Fight between Saraswati and Lakshmi, fight among Brahma, Vishnu and Shanker, etc].Is it better to have more number of Gods instead of One? Just see- If there aremany husbands to a lady, it clearly indicates that none of them are powerful. If one has tofrequently change his car, then it implies that his cars are not up to the level of satisfaction. If there are different Gods for different things, how can one getconcentration? How can there be power?Just see the democracy in India. There are countless democratic parties like manynumbers of Gods in India and we see all are fighting with each other. Even though Indiais a secular country, people give vote according to the religion and caste and subcaste of the person!.Truth about life: Human beings are combination of body and soul. We all aredependent on Sun for food and energy needed to maintain our physical body. Similarly,we all are dependent on God for maintaining food to mind and keep our mind peacefuland satisfaction. That is- God is the one who is necessary to bind all the human beings inone family.We depend on SUN for food, fresh air, water and shelter. The food is preparedfrom green plants under sunlight. Sun energy evaporates water from sea that becomescloud and then rains. It is under sunlight the green plants convert impure air Carbondioxide into fresh oxygen that we can breathe. So- Sun is the base for life on earth. Weeat food, drink water and breathe air which are products of Sun energy. Similarly, God isthe one who can keep human beings divine. Without knowledge of God, there cannot beany true relation among human beings. Hence human beings fight among each other.Today, no religion knows God fully. There is no quality in any religion. That iswhy these religions try to attack another by physical power or try to convert by falsetemptations.Today, every religion is irreligious and weak. But India is more weak. HenceHindus are weak in their own country! In India, other religions get more benefit thanIndians.Maximum criticisms are written on Bhagvadgeeta. Gandhi-geeta, Tagore-geetaand many other geetas are available in market. What does this imply? This implies thatGeeta is a very important book (hence many people have commented on geeta!). It alsoimplies that nobody knows it correctly (that is why there are so many opinions!). Like-

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