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Taking of a Treasure

Taking of a Treasure

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Published by Erynn A. Louviaite
An erotic novella in progress from Erynn Erotica.
An erotic novella in progress from Erynn Erotica.

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Published by: Erynn A. Louviaite on May 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Taking of a Treasure
An Erotic Novella
From Erynn Erotica
“If it’s genetic then our children will…”“Your children? That’s if you get her pregnant before you get caught and thechildren even survive. Good luck getting that girl under control.”“Oh she’ll submit to me. It just might take some work. She’ll learn. They alldo eventually.”“Some work and some serious drugs to mellow her out.”“Nah, no drugs. I don’t want to mess with her… talents. Or hurt the baby.”“There’s going to be an army after you when they figure out where she’sgone. They’ll kill you if they find you.”“It’s a good thing they won’t find me then, isn’t it?”Both men jump at the sound of a girl’s muffled scream coming from belowthem.* * *I scream into the cloth stuffed in my mouth. I’m quickly made aware of therestraints on my wrists as I reach to remove the gag. My thrashing aboutonly seems to tighten the ties that are stretching my arms and legs to thefour corners of the bare mattress I’m lying on. My unclothed skin sticks to itsplastic-like surface. A breeze reminds me of my partial nakedness as itcrawls across my bare thighs, over my panties, and chills my stomach wheremy shirt has hiked up.Frustrated, I scream again and shake my head in attempt to remove theblindfold tied behind my head. It’s more compliant than the restraints andseems to be loosening. I desperately want to evaluate my surroundings. I’llhave an escape plan in minutes if I can just get this stupid thing off my face.Footsteps. Damn. They’re walking down creaky wooden stairs. Basement of an old house? That would also explain the musty smell. I’ll be out of hereeasily. Sounds like two men by their heavy steps. The second is either fatteror clumsier than the first.I can hear their muffled voices now. The click of a lock. A single lock. Theyunderestimate me. The door opens, creaking more than the stairs.“Now, now little one. Let’s leave that on for now.” I pull away as he tries totighten the blindfold. “Stay still. You won’t like me angry.”
I ignore him, unfazed by his unintimidating threat, and continue strugglingagainst him and the restraints. If he’s not careful, he’ll pull the blindfold off for me. This earns me a hard, quick slap to the face. For a moment, I freezein shock. The sting of his hand is unfamiliar. I can’t say I’ve never been hitbefore, but this wasn’t meant to be a crippling blow, just more of areminder… a warning.“That’s better. See, she’ll learn.” I pull away again and try to say something,making it clear that I refuse to obey him and will not “learn”, but theblindfold is secure now and my mouth is still gagged.“Sounds like the little beauty has something to say.” This is the second mannow. His pudgy fingers on my face confirm my guess of him being fatter. Hecaresses my cheek softly before ripping the duct tape from my mouth. Iimmediately spit out the rag that had been stuffed in my mouth.“You bastards are going to be fucking sorry. My uncle…” The chubby handcovers my mouth before I can say more.“I liked her better gagged,” he says. The first man has another idea though. Ihear a zipper and feel the mattress sink down on either side of my ribs.“I will bite anything you put in my…” I yell when my mouth is free for asecond while Chubby’s hand is gone, but quickly replaced.“You wouldn’t dare. You will experience more pain than you can evenimagine.” The man straddling me with his member inches from my facedoesn’t seem completely sure of himself anymore.“Try me!” I scream through the hand and although it’s stifled, I’m sure mymessage gets across. I open my mouth to repeat my threat, but part of therag is quickly forced inside. I close my mouth to shut out the rest.“Open up.” His hand wraps around my throat when I don’t obey. I unclenchmy jaw slightly and he roughly fills my mouth with the cloth. I gag andcough, struggling against his hand, but he ignores me.“Close it.” I receive another slap when I don’t obey immediately. The tape ispressed onto my face again. “Since we have to keep that cute little mouthfull of other things, I guess you’ll just have to accommodate me some otherway.” The pressure on the mattress leaves for a moment, but soon returnsbetween my legs. I understand his intentions all too clearly, but the more I

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