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Published by: tradingpost on May 17, 2011
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Lcal News San News Leers Reginal /Iner News Classifed/Real Esae ADS Srs
Regional News
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Treating humanwaste as a business...
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O-League altered,Nations Cuprevived
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Politics surpassWTO workshop
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Violence erupts onIsrael's borders
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Vohor welcomesAppeal Court decision
By Ricky Binihi
 Vohor who the Court o Appealdeclared his election in Parlia-ment “invalid” said the leaderso Vanuatu must be apprecia-tive that our judiciary systemis alive and well.Mr Vohor made the state-ment when he touched downat the Port Vila International Airport yesterday ater attend-ing a Least Developed Coun-tries meeting in Istanbul,Turkey.When he was away theCourt o Appealed ruled thatin a 52-member Parliament 27Members o Parliament consti-tute the Constitutional require-ment or an “absolute majority o members o Parliament” toremove Prime Minister SatoKilman on April 24. At that time only 26 “mem-bers o Parliament” toppledPM Kilman and the Court o  Appeal re-instated PM Kil-man because o the ailureo the Opposition to oust Kil-man with 27 members o Par-liament.But the Union o ModerateParties President Vohor said it was only appropriate or the judiciary to direct the leaderso this country about the rulesand procedures o Parliamentthat are consistent with thelaws o the land.“We did not ollow the pro-cedures last time but this Fri-day we will abide by theCourt’s defnition o absolutemajority,” Vohor told mem-bers o Opposition includingormer deputy prime ministerJoshua Kalsakau.Eate UMP MP and newly sworn in Minister o Lands Ste- ven Kalsakau did not attendthe ceremony at the airport to welcome the UMP President.The manager o the Oppo-sition camp at Tara BeachResort, TORBA MP ThomasIsom conirmed that EateMP has moved to join Kil-man’s coalition government“but I still have the numbersat Tara.”Former PM Vohor thankedMPs rom Vanua’aku Pati, theLabour Part, National Com-munity Association, VanuatuRepublican Party and UMPMPs or their solidarity andurged them to accept theCourt decision “and wait orFriday.”
"Wait for Friday," UMP President Vohor and former Deputy PM Kalsakau
3243TUESday, may 17 2011
 Published since 1993
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Tuesday May 17, 2011
General situation:
 A low pressure over southernNew Caledonia extends troughover Vanuatu group.
HEIGHT (Meters)
HEIGHT (Meters)
Forecast for today:
Cloudy with light showers about the group eas-ing later during the day. Light to moderate eastand southeast winds persist throughout.
Yesterday’s record-ed weather variables(8am-8am)
Rainfall (mm)
Max. T
emp (•c)
Min. T
emp (•c)
N/NE winds 12/17 knots. Lightto moderate seas to 1.0 metreover northern and central waters, while S/SW winds12/17 knots. Light to moderateseas to 1.0 metre over channeland southern waters.
By Bob Makin
toilet models in the villages o Mele and Mele Maat recently launched sanitation market-ing in village Vanuatu. Toiletmaking is about to becomea proitable business in therural areas.Paul Lenthwaite o theenvironmental NGO Liveand Learn says people will-ing to take care in the con-struction o good toilets canmake a business out o it. Itis also the sort o enterprise which good management canquickly build up. Toilet con-struction is protable.“People generally chooseto go to a kava bar or theirkava, rather than make itthemselves, or buy theirbread rom someone whobakes it as a business. They are also prepared to pay orthe expertise in having some-one else build their toilet orthem,” says Paul.“Do-It-Yoursel is not eve-ryone’s immediate choice.But a sanitary toilet is some-thing people choose to have.Like a mobile telephone. Wedon’t all need them, but we’dsure like to have them,” headds.Mele and Melemaat do nothave enough completed san-itary toilets and many toiletsare in the wrong place. ButPaul Lenthwaite is convincedthe models created there willconvince amilies it need notbe expensive to obtain a pro-essionally constructed, sani-tary and odour-ree toilet.Paul Lenthwaite has super- vised the regional Live andLearn project in Fiji, the Solo-mons and PNG. It was due tonish in all countries in June,but Vanuatu was a little lategetting into the act and it hasbeen extended until the endo this year A small sta hadto be hired. Paul maintainshis supervisory role in theother Melanesian countries.Urban communities are notbeing targeted. The project isaimed at villages, and logical-ly has started in the biggest.Mele has too many bush toi-lets, ar too ew properly san-itary acilities. The projecthas worked with two groups which have decided to work as oneThe small sanitation busi-nesses in Mele and Mele-maat will discuss what they can oer, together with theprice, with house owners.Compost toilets are avail-able. There are both venti-lated and improved toilets which can be constructed.Toilet slabs and seat rises will be available at a certainmodest cost, as will be edu-cational services.Paul drew our attentionto a good compost toilet atthe Wan Smol Bag site built years ago by Smolbag andalways still unctioning wellbecause it is well managed.There are a number aroundTagabe area and some otherareas in Eate. “We’re not tell-ing people they need toilets,”says Paul Lenthwaite. “It’s asaety issue. The best possiblehygiene is important. In mostcountries people hire expertsto build their toilets. It can bethe same here.”Live and Learn can helppeople become aware o theirown water and sanitationissues in communities. They can also present the “sanita-tion ladder” as an option topeople with their own needsand wants in their individu-al homes. Live and Learn hasKami Robert as Wash ProjectOcer and Daniel Pakoa asthe Wash Constructor. Liveand Learn oice is locatedopposite Freshwota School.
Treating humanwaste as a business inMele and Melemaat
By Len Garae
Malnaesinu has praised thecooperation between Vanuatuand America or the comple-tion o the Eate Ring Roadsaying it has increased busi-ness activity or his people ina big way and he is lookingat the possibility o openinga partnership with the near-by oshore chies and peo-ple o Nguna and Pele Islandsto encourage the women to weave more mats becausethe women in his own villageare busy in their gardens andat the Road Market and haveno time to weave their matsanymore.In Eate custom mats con-tinue to play a signicant partin custom ceremonies includ-ing reconciliation ceremonies,marriages and unerals. “Butthe ways things go, I may need to arrange to promotestronger cooperation with thechies and people o Ngunaand Pele and other islands toearn money rom their matsbecause I can sell their matsor them”, he said.The young chie who hassucceeded elderly Chie Ray-mond Marongoe spoke high-ly o the newly launched roadproject saying it is a denitedream comes true or thepeople o his village. Now women can make their money every day without having toleave their homes. In the pastthey had to travel to Port Vilato sell their produce. Admittedly he said theirRoad Market has broughtabout new challenges as itmeans the men olk have to work extra hard to supportthe women in the gardens.
in Port Vila is on its ourthday exercise with the 51 FarNorth Queensland Regiment(51FNQR).Called the Vanuatu AllianceExercise, the rst phase o theexercise begun on May 11-142011.This is just revision on:Basic First Aid or patrolmen,small crat handler, naviga-tion and communications.These trainings are con-ducted at the Vanuatu MobileForce Camp, Mala Base, Bel-leview and Switi area Port Vila.There will be another levelo the exercise which willocus on command and lead-ership, scheduled or May 15-26.
Vanuatu AllianceExercise underway
Emua chiefeyes mats fromNguna, Pele
Chief hands over donation from Shefa Province to Chairlady of Emua Village Women’s Committee
RBV paysVt50 milliondividend
Then Minister of FinanceBakoa Kaltongga receivesthe dividend from RBVGovernor Odo Tevi in theBank’s Conference Roombefore a lavish lunch lastweek.
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Tuesday May 17, 2011
By Len Garae
 workshop on the World TradeOrganisation (WTO) to beheld in Parliament Chambersor all Members o Parliament yesterday was reportedly postponed by the Prime Min-ister on the grounds that he would like to meet with themembers o the WTO rst.Both politicians, interest-ed members o the public andstudents who turned up atParliament House were toldthat the workshop was post-poned to another date to beannounced later. It remainsto be seen i both sides o theHouse would be preparedto sit together or a learn-ing experience on the WorldTrade Organisation.Meanwhile critics are ada-mant Vanuatu is not ready to join the WTO. An independ-ent administrator who askednot to be named said, “I havea lot o respect or the Brus-sels-based Ambassador MrRoy Micky Joy or champion-ing the positive side o WTObut it is clear that Vanuatu isnot ready to join the globaltrade organization.“Over 70% o the popu-lation o Samoa are literateand they are a member o theWTO whereas in Vanuatu thepercentage o literacy amongthe population is about 34%so Vanuatu has a long way  yet to go to qualiy to join theWTO,” he said.“I we have to ollow thebottoms up approach, itmeans that the grassroots inthe rural areas must rst beeducated enough in order tounderstand what WTO is allabout beore we can decide whether or not we are ready to sign up.”He said at this stage, themajority o people in therural areas do not have any idea about the WTO.“What we have is a smallgroup o public servants andpoliticians in Port Vila whoinsist that Vanuatu is ready to join the WTO while the 70%majority o the rural popula-tion are still in the dark,” hesaid.Meanwhile the Depart-ment o Trade and Industriesis organising a urther meet-ing on the WTO beginning at8.30 this morning and wel-comes the media to attend.
Politics surpassWTO workshop
  Australia, the Cook Islands,Kiribati, Fiji, the Federat-ed States o Micronesia, theMarshall Islands, New Zea-land, Niue, Papua New Guin-ea, Samoa, the SolomonIslands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu will congregate nextmonth in New Zealand tobuild skills to create a morepeaceul region.The interactive ‘Wansol- wara Youth Peace-buildingConerence’ (W.Y.P.C) willempower young people withpeace-building and advocacy skills to take leadership andaction on issues that causeconfict in their communities.Wansolwara is a pidgin wordmeaning ‘one ocean-one peo-ple’.The peace-building initi-ative has been developed by  young people who represent-ed the region at the NkabomCommonwealth YouthLeadership Programmein 2010 in Rwanda, Ari-ca. The Nkabom Common- wealth Youth LeadershipProgramme is one o theRoyal Commonwealth Soci-ety’s fagship youth projects.Nkabom (pronounced ink-a-bom) means ‘coming togeth-er’ in parts o Ghana, anddevelops a youth-led net- work o young leaders whopioneer peace building initi-atives in their communities,countries and beyond.Paciic Nkabom YouthSteering Committee mem-ber Ms Katrina Ma’u o Tonga says “this conerence will provide training or young people so that they are equipped with the toolsto ormulate action plansaround issues o conlictmost relevant to their coun-tries.”“This conerence is impor-tant because young peo-ple are not given sucientopportunities to build peaceand harmony in their societiesboth or their own generationand the wider society due toa lack o capacity, political voice, and access to resourc-es. This conerence helps toaddress that,” says Ms Ma’u.Commonwealth Youth Pro-gramme (CYP) Pacic CentreProgramme Manager PaulPeteru says “CYP believes insupporting young people todevelop their potential, skillsand abilities, including takingleadership in confict preven-tion, confict resolution andpeace-building eorts.”The conerence specially aims to:
• Address the themes of 
leadership and confict reso-lution using examples in thePacic region as case studies
•Engage, educate and
embed key themes and the-ories which will give youngpeople the conidence totake action and enable themto assist their governmentsand stakeholders to devisebest practices, processes andmechanisms or peace in thePacic region.
•Enable cultural exchange
between participants andengage young people in key topics aecting their coun-tries.
• Foster the creative gener
-ation o thematically targetedprojects aimed at increasing youth involvement and partic-ipation in the wider commu-nity, based on the experienceo a broad cross-section o Pacic young people.
•Train young people in
 youth leadership, negotiationand advocacy skills, within aPacic context.
Conference details:Wansolwara Youth Peace-Build-ing Conference: One ocean – OnepeopleWhen: 20th – 23rd of June, 2011Where: Auckland, New ZealandThe conference is supported bythe Commonwealth Youth Programme(CYP), United Nations DevelopmentProgramme (UNDP) and the UnitedNations Educational Scientific andCultural Organization (UNESCO).
Young People Spearhead aMovement for Peace in the Pacic
By Colson Wari
able to get an interview with theUnited States Ambassador to Vanuatu, Solomons and PapuaNew Guinea, Mr Teddy Taylor who spent two weeks in Santoor the Pacic Partnership pro-gram.The questions asked were inrelation to the killing o OsamaBin Laden and his opinionor the Paciic Island nations,the human rights violation inWest Papua and the chances o  Vanuatu getting a second mil-lennium challenge compact.Mr Taylor stated that smallPaciic Island nation need tobe vigilant about their immi-gration controls, port security ater killing o the world’s most wanted man Osama Bin Ladenby American special orces onMay 2.“I think that Osama BinLaden’s death means there is onelast person who thinks about kill-ing thousands o people in this world.“I’m not one who believes cel-ebrating anyone’s death but cer-tainly as President Barak Obamahas said Bin Laden didn’t real-ly care about slaughtering 3000people on 9/11 and his riendshave no care or slaughteringpeople elsewhere in the world.“As it relates to the Paciicregion, I think that or the small-er Paciic Islands you still haveto be vigilant about your immi-gration control, your port secu-rity because there are peopleout there who do not like coun-tries to believe in represent-ative governments, reedomo speech and the kind o val-ues that Ni-Vanuatu and the American people hold near totheir hearts.”Moreover, Mr Taylor statedthe United States o Americadoesn’t condone human rights violation anywhere in the worldand said the West Papua is aninternal Indonesian Governmentmatter.“The West Papuans and theIndonesian Government need to work out their dispute as it is aninternal Indonesian matter buthuman rights violation cannotbe condoned.”In regards to millenniumchallenge compact, AmbassadorTaylor said Vanuatu does notmeet the criteria o getting thesecond millennium challenge.“We don’t know whether we will be able to get another mil-lennium challenge compact ornot. At this time Vanuatu doesn’tmeet the criteria, the govern-ment is aware o what it is.”Mr Teddy said the UnitedStates will continue to work  with the Vanuatu Governmentto try to get Vanuatu a secondcompact.
Bin Laden’s death meansIsland nations need to bevigilant: US Ambassador
Right to left: Solomons ready to accede (delegation second, third and fourth) to WTO

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