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Dental Pulp - Lecture 3

Dental Pulp - Lecture 3

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Published by Hala Al-Faqih

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Published by: Hala Al-Faqih on May 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oral histologyLecture # 3 : Dental Pulp
 Dental pulp : 
Crown -> coronal pulp - pulp chamber 
Root > radicular pulp - root canal
The part of the pulp in the crown is called(coronal pulp-pulpchamber) & the part in the root called (radicular pulp- root canal).
Normally we have more than one root ,more than one root canal ,inmost of the cases each root has one root canal ,but in some ofposterior teeth we may see two root canals in one root ..e.g. in (60-70) % there are two canals in the mesial root of mandibular first molar ,although it's one root ,but we see two canals.
so this mean thenumber of root canals isn't necessarily equal to the number of roots.
ental pulp forms as referents of dental papilla, we said dental papillaforms dentine. The main fiber of dental papilla after dentine hasformed is called dental pulp ,so dental papilla becomes dental pulpafter beginning of dentinogenesis . in other words, oncedentinogenises starts we no longer call it dental papilla we call itdental pulp .
So it is called dental papilla as long as the dentine is not yetformed , once the formation of the first layer of dentine , wecall the layer directly beneath it dental pulp(instead of dentalpapilla).
is a specialized connective tissue ; it's connective tissue, but it'sspecialized for reasons :
) it's positioned inside a rigid chamber:
Like when we have an inflammation in the pulp. Inflammation requiresswelling..Inflammation is associated with exudates caused byhistamine .( histamine & other factors lead to vasodilatation & extrapositioned of fluid outside the vessels & this leads to swelling) if wehave any inflammation in any other area you will have space for thisswelling; y3ne if you have swelling in your hand ,this swelling hasspace to expand in your hand ,that's why pain will not be severe. butin the dental pulp, pulp is surrounded by rigid dentino-halls ,that'swhy when there is a swelling in the pulp ,it will not expand ,becauseit's surrounded by rigid walls , it will compressed the nerves. that'swhy dental pulp pain is the most sever pain that anybody canencountered .
nflammation of pulp we call it pulpitis and it's very sever .
) pulp has a role in hard tissue formation .because the periphery ofpulp contains odontoblastic cells which are important in hard tissueformation.
The periphery of pulp contains
dentine forming cells
, which we call itodontoblast also we have
nerve terminals
& we have
antigen-presenting cells
The rest of dental pulp is just simple connective tissue y3ne the coreof the pulp is simple acts as a support for the peripheral component .
the most important part of pulp are the peripheral component & thecentral portion acts to support the peripheral component
hat do we have in the core of pulp?
e have blood vessels & nerves that enter & leave through an apicalforamen (always we have in the apex of the root a small foramen inwhich the nerves & vessels enter & leave ).
also the central portion of pulp contain cells , collagen and groundmaterial to support the peripheral component.
anal : 
e have in addition to the main root canal that exists in the root wemay have accessory canal .in general we have one root canal(radicular pulp) and accessory canal which exists on the sides of pulp, acts in opened the inner of the pulp on the periodontal ligament.
Accessory canal occur most commonly on apical root :
They are called lateral root canal ;when they made a communicationbetween the pulp & periodontal ligament ,but when they present atthe furcation area , they communicate between pulp chamber&periodontal ligaments..
e call it furcation canal (
    
omposition of dental pulp : 
The composition of dental pulp is loose connective; any connectivetissue contains cells, extracellular matrix ..
---we will discuss them later.
he extra cellular matrix
non fibers matrix which is the semi fluid gel

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