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Fairplay for All Sponsorship v3.4

Fairplay for All Sponsorship v3.4

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Published by Roy Moore
Introduction and sponsorship opportunities for Fairplay for All, a new charity promoting a level playing field on and off the pitch... using the beautiful game to make life outside the game beautiful too!
Introduction and sponsorship opportunities for Fairplay for All, a new charity promoting a level playing field on and off the pitch... using the beautiful game to make life outside the game beautiful too!

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Published by: Roy Moore on May 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fairplay for All Foundation
The Philippines is an impoverished but beautiful country with a lot of potential. In order to helpprovide the opportunities Fairplay for All foundation (FFA) was founded to encourage some of thepoorest children in Manila in finding ways out of the poverty trap they found themselves born into.The Street Child World Cup, which the Philippines entered, showed how when given the opportunitythese children could win on the global stage, making a positive long-term difference in their lives andin the lives of others. Using the street childrens world cup as an inspiration and foundation we havemoved to build opportunities for children in depressed areas using football as a draw, but with along term plan to expanding the program with a drop-in shelter for children living on the streets.Here is a short report about what has been accomplished so far:
Payatas FC and Kasiglahan FC are new football clubs formed in February, 2011, in the Payatas andMontalban regions of Manila. Their main purpose, however, isnt to teach and compete in footballbut to raise awareness of the issues the people in this area face, particularly of the cycle of poverty.As part of the Fairplay for All Foundation, run by Naomi Tomlinson and Roy Moore, we believe thatfootball is a catalyst of social change, encouraging values of fairplay, honesty and hard-work; a levelplaying field where success is determined by your commitment and skill rather than where youreborn and what resources you have access to.As such, the first projects of the charity have been to establish football teams in the community soas to build awareness and trust within the barangays (local government area). With the risingsuccess and popularity of the Azkals (Philippine National Mens Team) in the international worldfootball has grown at an unprecedented rate in the Philippines, with over 210,000 fans ontheofficial Facebook fanpage; for perspective, there were less than a thousand fans before the AFCSuzuki Cup in December 2010 when the Philippines beat Vietnam 2-0. In Bacolod against Mongolia,for example, Panaad stadiumscapacity was filled, estimatesranging from 25,000-35,000 fansfor the AFC qualification match,compared to 3,000 fans in thereverse fixture held in Mongolia.What this all translates to is thegrowth of football in the
Philippines. Traditionally a sport the Philippines excelled in over half a century ago, before Americancolonisation, the leading goal-scorer of the best club in the world is Paulino Alcatara, a Filipino-Spanish player who scored 357 goals in 357 appearancesfor Barcelona. He wasnt the first Filipino toplay for Barça either and with the rate at which the Philippines national team is improving, coupledwith investment in grassroots football development, perhaps he wont be the last.
ality of Lif 
in Payatas
Payatas is the largest dumpsite in Manila, with tens of thousands of people living on the outskirtsscavenging through the rubbish for something to sell, recycle and even eat. Working 16 hours a dayfor roughly P200 for the family, the people need to be incredibly hardworking and creative andcontinually display thosequalities. Our sister-charity ASCFalready provides an educationsponsorship program for manyof the children in the area, someof whom are the top student intheir classes. Cashew TreeHouse, the Pre-school the charityruns at Payatas, regularly winsawards in competitions againstlocal, private schools proving theintelligence of those living in thisarea: all that is missing isopportunity.The teams we have started and coach have been training since February and after only three monthsof training we entered them for a tournament. They played against taller, older opponents who hadbeen playing for years but it was the experience that was important as it was their first competitivematches. The boys left with a record of W2, D2, L3 and considering the amount of time theyvetrained together this was a great achievement. We left feeling really proud of them and deservedlyso with the two top football websites in the Philippines covering our story: pinoyfootball.com andsoccercentral.ph. Before that, Balls TV had heard of the story of Payatas FC and came down to filmthe kids training at Payatas and did a short segment for their channel.
The football is the starting point of the charity. In the coming months we are opening a drop-incentre for street kids where we will provide short-term nutrition, basic education and counselling inorder to assess the childs situation. If poverty isthe reason the child is on the streets we will lookto rehabilitate them with their family and sponsortheir education; if abuse is the reason, or they arenot safe with their family for other reasons, thenwe will recommend them to childrens homes weknow and trust. This long-term strategy is the mostimportant function of the charity, though footballwith its growing popularity, is an increasing part of raising awareness of this situation. Another teammade of the street kids will be formed upon theopening of the drop-in centre.With our links to the two top football websites andother media outlets we therefore offer national TV coverage on occasion as well as regular articles inthe rapidly growing football community for potential sponsors. Much in the same way the StreetChild World Cup offered the best coverage per Peso donated, grassroots football in poorcommunities such as Payatas and Kasiglahan offers sponsors wide-scale coverage for a relativelycheap outlay. The Philippine team in the Street Child World Cup was co-managed by Craig Burrows,MBE, who runs a number of successful charities that we partner with and we look to follow in thissuccess using football as a catalyst to social change in the lives of some of the poorest Filipinos. Nochild deserves poverty because they were simply born into a poor family, so together we look tobreak that cycle and to change the lives of children in Payatas and surrounding areas; together welook to become part of something good.

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