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Air Premier N Dual Band PoE Access Point

Air Premier N Dual Band PoE Access Point

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Published by Neeraj Ojha

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Published by: Neeraj Ojha on May 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, an industry pioneer in wireless networking, introducesa solution or businesses seeking to deploy next generationdrat 802.11n LANs. D-Link unveils its new AirPremier N DualBand PoE Access Point (DAP-2590), designed specifcallyor business-class environments such as large or enterprisecorporations to provide secure and manageable dual bandwireless LAN options or network administrators.
Versatile Access Point
The DAP-2590 allows network administrators to deploya highly manageable and extremely robust dual bandwireless network. All three dual band antennas aredetachable and can provide optimal wireless coveragein either 2.4GHz (802.11g and drat 2.0 802.11n) or 5GHz(802.11a and drat 2.0 802.11n) bands. Enclosed in aplenum-rated metal chassis, the DAP-2590 adheres tostrict fre codes or placement in air passageways. Foradvanced installations, this new high-speed AccessPoint has integrated 802.3a Power over Ethernet (PoE)support, allowing installation o this device in areaswhere power outlets are not readily available.
Enhanced Perormance
The DAP-2590 delivers reliable wireless perormancewith maximum wireless signal rates o up to 300Mbps
 in either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless band. This, coupledwith support or Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM) Qualityo Service eatures, makes it an ideal access point oraudio, video, and voice applications. Additionally, theDAP-2590 supports load balancing eatures to ensuremaximum perormance by limiting the maximum numbero users per Access Point.
To help maintain a secure wireless network, the DAP-2590provides the latest in wireless security technologiesby supporting both Personal and Enterprise versions oWPA and WPA2 (802.11i) with support or RADIUS serverbackend. To urther protect your wireless network, MACAddress Filtering, Wireless LAN segmentation, DisableSSID Broadcast, Rogue AP Detection, and WirelessBroadcast Scheduling are also included.The DAP-2590 includes support or up to 8 VLANs orimplementing multiple SSIDs to urther help segmentusers on the network. It also includes a wireless clientisolation mechanism, which limits direct client-to-clientcommunication.Additionally, the DAP-2590 supports Network AccessProtection (NAP), which is a eature o Windows Server
 2008. NAP allows network administrators to defne multiplelevels o network access based on individual client’s need.I a client is identifed outside o their access area, theclient will be automatically brought back to their permittednetwork access level.
Multiple Operation Modes
To maximize total return on investment, the DAP-2590 canbe confgured to optimize network perormance based onany one o its multiple operation modes: Access Point,Wireless Distribution System (WDS) with Access Point,WDS/Bridge (No AP Broadcasting) and Wireless Client.With WDS support, network administrators can set upmultiple DAP-2590s throughout a acility and confgure them to bridge with one another while also providingnetwork access to individual clients. Also includedare advanced eatures such as Load Balancing, whichoptimizes high network trafc volume, and redundancyor ail-sae wireless connectivity. Additionally, theDAP-2590 oers Spanning Tree Protocol support orgreater efciency and to avoid broadcast storms whenused in WDS mode.
Network Management
Network administrators have multiple options or managing the DAP-2590 including Web (HTTP), Secure SocketsLater (SSL, which provides or a secure connection to theInternet), Secure Shell (SSH, which provides or a securechannel between local and remote computers), and Telnet(bi-directional, eight-bit byte oriented communicationsacility). For advanced network management,administrators can use the D-Link AP Manager II or D-ViewSNMPv3 management module to confgure and manage
For Business-ClassEnvironments
+ Selectable Dual Band Connectivity orIncreased Network Capacity+ Rugged Metal Chassis+ Ideal or Indoor Deployments
+ Plenum-rated Housing
Multiple Operation Modes
+ Access Point+ Wireless Distribution System (WDS) /Bridge- Point-to-Point- Point-to-Multiple-Points+ WDS with AP+ Wireless Client
High Perormance Connectivity
+ IEEE Drat 802.11n Wireless+ Up to 300Mbps
Trusted Security Features
+ WPA2™ - Enterprise/Personal+ WPA™ - Enterprise/Personal+ WPA2 - PSK/AES over WDS+ 64/128-bit WEP Encryption+ MAC Address Filtering
Convenient Installation
+ Supports 802.3a Power over Ethernet+ Wall Mounting Brackets Included
Easy Management
+ Web Browser (HTTP) & HTTPS+ Telnet+ SNMP v1, v2c, and v3+ AP Manager II+ SSH+ D-View
5.1 and 6.0
AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Pointwith Plenum-rated Chassis

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