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Discussie Engels P4 2010 2011(1)

Discussie Engels P4 2010 2011(1)

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Published by beerv_h

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Published by: beerv_h on May 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Onderwerp: Per week vindt er een groepsdiscussie plaats onder leiding van twee voorzitters naar aanleiding van een casus diedoor iedereen wordt voorbereid. Elk groepslid levert tijdens de training (dus NIET achteraf) individueel een half A4 in met zijnmening over de casus (It goes without saying that this should be done in the English language). De voorzitters hoeven dit niet tedoen, maar zij leveren bij de aanvang van de training hun plan van aanpak (‘de agenda’) met structuur van de te houden discussiein bij de docent. Bij de laatste training leveren alle studenten op 1 A4 hun uitwerking in van een van de casussen, door de student zelf te kiezen.Beoordeling: Via een Continuous Assessment 
, dus de beoordeling ELKE WEEK van de bijdrage aan de discussie, gekoppeld aande kwaliteit van het ingeleverde schriftelijke werk. Good luck! 
AMBM/Breda 2010-2011Propedeuse P4Engels Spreek-, Schrijf-en Luistervaardigheid
Mr. P. D. Smothers, manager of Millars Bank Ltd. in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, paced the floor of his stately office. Looking out the large window across the busy modern city, he contemplated his nextmove regarding his newly arrived corporate loan officer, J. L. Marsh.Ms. Marsh had come highly recommended. She had been in corporate banking for twelve years, the last tenyears in Beirut and Cairo, spoke Arabic fluently, and had been credited with arranging a number of highlycomplex, yet extremely successful loans in her former position. But last week she had been assigned to hisoffice, and in the United Arab Emirates women did not hold such positions. Smothers had at first beendelighted. The head office in England had telexed the news that it had found a suitable replacement for theformer loan officer and had included a brief account of Ms. Marsh, an account that surpassed hisexpectations. But, in typical telex fashion, the head office had only used initials: J. L. Marsh.The last thing he expected was that J. L. would turn out to be
 Janet Louise.
CAST: P. D. Smothers, bank manager, Millars Bank, Abu DhabiJanet Marsh, new loan officer, Millars Bank, Abu Dhabi
Mr. Smothers and Ms. Marsh are meeting in Mr. Smothers' office in Abu Dhabi.
: Miss Marsh, I frankly don't know what to say. I would have thought, with your obviousknowledge of the Middle East, that you would have disqualified yourself from this position.Marsh: Mr. Smothers, I understand what you're trying to tell me, but I really don't see that we have a problem. Believe it or not, when I was first transferred to Cairo five years ago, John Phillips,the manager there, had very much the same reservations you have today.
: I know John. Know him very well.Marsh: Well, it worked out beautifully.
: But, Egypt is not Abu Dhabi. Egypt is progressive, very liberal, women are acknowledged as professionals. But in the Emirates ...Marsh: You don't want me to stay.
: It's not me. Please understand that I would be delighted to have you stay. But, I can'timagine, Miss Marsh, how you could do your job. Our clients are conservative, traditional.They expect their principal loan officer to be a man. They won't do business with us. Theywon't take us seriously.(The business relations they have at the moment won’t accept afemale officer, this will be bad for the future of the Millars Bank Company. )Marsh: Why not?
: They just won't. It's simply not done. Unheard of, even.(The business relations,spoken insentence above, will always reject a female officer, don’t matter what they do.)Marsh: With all due respect, I think you're vastly mistaken.
: What?Marsh: That's right. Mistaken. Our clients come to our bank to borrow pounds in order to finance projects that must be paid in pounds. Nothing more, nothing less. What they are looking for is aloan officer who can place their loan at a competitive interest rate and quickly. Isn't thatcorrect?(
Ms.Marsh, says that hey are looking for ANY loan officer who is right for the job, sowhat’s the problem.)
: Yes. And no.Marsh: Why no?
: Miss Marsh, you've been in corporate banking long enough to realise that personal relations between a client and a lending institution are vitally important. I can't see how our clients could,would relate to you. And we're not the only bank in town either. Why, just in Abu Dhabi alonethere are at least two dozen foreign banks with whom we are in direct competition, not tomention the other two dozen Emirate owned banks plus all the other foreign banks withrepresentatives on restricted licenses who also can occasionally take business away from us.
The customers will go to any other lending institution, who won’t have a female officer.)Marsh: Mr. Smothers, I am well aware of competition and the role of the loan officer. I am so wellaware, in fact, that I feel that I can be as effective or more effective than I was in Beirut andCairo. I understand the Middle East. I've lived here for many years. I speak, read, and writeArabic. I know the customs, the religion, the history, and, most importantly, the business. Howmany other loan officers are fluent in Arabic?( Ms.Marsh shows mr Smothers she has a uniquetalent, she can speak/write the Arabic language fluently.)
: Not many. I'm not even myself. But that has not been a disadvantage.Marsh: Has it been an advantage?
: No, I can't say that either.Marsh: Besides, Mr. Smothers, let me remind you that this is a British bank, not an Arab bank and  
: But a British bank in an Arab country.

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