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Table Of Contents

What To Do First
Signing In
About the Interface
Siebel CRM On Demand Page-by-Page Overview
My Homepage
Reviewing Your Alerts
To review your alerts
Working with the Message Centre
Working with RSS Feed Applets
Working with Records
Creating Records
Finding Records
Updating Record Details
Linking Records to Your Selected Record
Favourite Records Page
Working with Lists
Transferring Ownership of Records
Sharing Records (Teams)
Updating Groups of Records
Merging Records
Adding Notes
Working with the List of Notes
Subscribing to Notes
Sending Notes to Other Users
Attaching Files and URLs to Records
Using Assessment Scripts
Deleting and Restoring Records
About Duplicates When Creating Records
Printing Information That Appears on Pages
Exiting Siebel CRM On Demand
To exit Siebel CRM On Demand
Contacting Oracle
Calendar Pages
Steps for Calendars and Activities
Viewing Activities
Creating Activities
Updating Activities
Limiting Activity Records Displayed
Marking Tasks as Completed
Assigning Activities to Another Employee
Tracking Visits (Sales Calls) to Customers
Viewing Group Task Lists
Scheduling Appointments with Others
Viewing Others' Calendars
Calendar Setup Page
Sharing Your Calendar
Setting Your Default Calendar View
Adding Custom Calendar Views
To add a custom calendar view
Activities List Page
Activity Fields
About Campaigns
Campaign Homepage
Steps for Campaigns
Closing Campaigns
Targeting Contacts for Campaigns
Recording Responses to Campaigns
Campaign List Page
Campaign Fields
About Leads
Leads Homepage
Steps for Leads
Reassigning Leads
Qualifying Leads
Using Lead Qualification Scripts
To use a lead qualification script
Archiving Leads
Converting Leads to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities
Rejecting Leads
Leads List Page
Tracking Account Partners and Competitors
Tracking Relationships Between Accounts
Tracking Assets
Tracking Revenue Based on Accounts
Account List Page
Account Detail Page
Account Fields
Contacts Homepage
Steps for Contacts
Importing Your Contacts
To import your contacts
Linking Contacts to Multiple Accounts
Tracking Relationships Between Contacts
Tracking Revenue Based on Contacts
Adding Referrals
Tracking Contact Interests
Contact List Page
Contact Fields
About Opportunities and Forecasts
Tips for Managing Your Opportunity Records
Opportunity Homepage
Steps for Opportunities
Tracking Partners and Competitors of Opportunities
Accessing the Sales Process Coach
Linking Products to Opportunities
Viewing Audit Trails for Opportunities
Opportunity List Page
Opportunity Detail Page
Opportunity Fields
About Forecasts
Forecast Homepage
Steps for Forecasts
Reviewing Forecasts
To review forecasts
Refreshing Forecasts
Viewing Forecast History
Submitting Forecasts
Unsubmitting Forecasts 180
Unsubmitting Forecasts
Managing Quotas
Managing Your Team's Forecasts
Forecast Details Page
Forecast Fields
9 Service Requests
About Service Requests
Service Requests Homepage
Steps for Service Requests
Assigning Service Requests
Using Service Request Scripts
Adding Solutions to Service Requests
Escalating Service Requests
Closing Resolved Service Requests
To close a resolved service request
Viewing Audit Trails for Service Requests
Service Request List Page
Service Request Fields
About Solutions
Managing Solutions
Best Practice Tips for Managing Your Solutions Knowledge Base
Solution Homepage
Steps for Solutions
Solution Homepage 201
Reviewing Solutions
Approving and Publishing Solutions
Rating Solutions
Solution List Page
Solution Fields
About Call Centre On Demand
Managing the Call Centre
Call Centre On Demand Supervisor Tools
Communications Dashboard
Communications Reports and Analyses
Communication Homepage
Steps for Call Centre On Demand 214
Steps for Call Centre On Demand
Preparing for Interacting with Customers
Handling Phone Calls
Disabling the Communications Toolbar in a Browser Session
To disable Communications Toolbar in browser session 1
Placing Calls
Handling Callbacks (Web and Phone)
Handling Voicemail Messages
Handling Emails
Wrapping Up Communication Activities
Reviewing Your Statistics
Viewing Interaction Histories
Monitoring Agents
Communication Activities List Page (Call Centre On Demand)
Communication Activity Fields (Call Centre On Demand)
Communication Activity Fields (Call Centre On Demand)
Call, Voicemail and Email Detail Pages
MedEd Homepage
Steps for MedEd Events
Tracking Invitees to Medical Education Events
MedEd List Page
MedEd Fields
About Funds
Funds Homepage
Steps for Funds
Creating Funds
Adding Fund Participants
Adding Credits to Funds
Processing Requests for Funds
Processing Claims
Applying Debits Against Funds
Reviewing Fund Activity
Viewing Audit Trails for Funds
Funds List and Fund Requests List Page
Fund Fields
About Households
Household Homepage
Steps for Households
Profiling Households
Tracking Household Members
To track household members
Household List Page
Household Fields
15 Portfolio Accounts
About Portfolio Accounts
Portfolio Account Homepage
Steps for Portfolio Accounts
Tracking Key Contacts for Portfolio Accounts
To track key contacts for portfolio accounts
Specifying Portfolio Subaccounts
Portfolio Account List Page
Portfolio Account Fields
Vehicle Homepage
Steps for Vehicles
Updating Vehicle Ownership
Tracking Sales Histories of Vehicles
Tracking Service Histories of Vehicles
Tracking Financial Information for Vehicles
Exposing a Vehicle Product Type
Vehicle List Page
Vehicle Fields
Custom Fields
Additional Fields
Dealer Homepage
Steps for Dealers
Dealer List Page
Dealer Fields
Updating Your Personal Details
To update your personal details
About Profile Settings for Users
Setting Your Default Search Record Type
Setting Your Theme
Viewing Audit Trail Fields
Managing Your Quota
Reviewing Your Sign-In Activity
Changing Your Password
Setting Up Your Security Questions
To set up your security questions
Adding Delegated Users
To add delegated users
Reviewing Your PIM Sync Activity
Granting Sign-In Access to Technical Support
Displaying Your Tabs
Changing Your Detail Page Layout
Changing Your Homepage Layouts
To change your Homepage Layout
Changing Your Action Bar Layout
To change your Action Bar Layout
Setting Up Your Calendar
Data and Integration Tools
About On Demand Widgets
Embedding a Favourite Lists Widget
Embedding a Message Centre Widget
Embedding a Reports Widget
Embedding a Simple Lists Widget
Example of Embedding On Demand Widgets
Using the Offline Edition
What Records You Can Use Offline 314
What Records You Can Use Offline
Installing the Offline Edition
To install the Offline edition
Downloading Records to Your Offline Edition
Adding and Updating Records in Your Offline Edition
Uploading Records From Your Offline Edition 319
Uploading Records From Your Offline Edition
About Conflict Resolution with the Offline Edition 320
About Conflict Resolution with the Offline Edition
Synchronising with PIMs
About the Sync Engine and Field Mapping
Running the Initial Synchronisation with Your PIM
Changing the Synchronisation Settings
To change the synchronisation settings
Running Additional Synchronisation Sessions
To run additional synchronisation sessions
Reviewing the Sync Results
About Conflict Resolution with PIMs
Adding Emails from Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
Steps for Reports
Reviewing Report Data
Printing Reports
Running Reports
Downloading Reports
Getting Started with Custom Reports
Changing Appearance of Reports
Step 1: Defining Criteria
Adding Columns to Reports
Adding Custom Fields to Reports
Adding Filters to Columns
Editing Column Properties
Setting Up Column Formulas
Sorting and Reordering Columns
About Using Addresses in Reports
Combining Results from Multiple Reports Using Set Operations
Step 2: Creating Layouts
Adding Titles to Results
Adding Tables to Results
Showing Results in Pivot Tables
Showing Results as Gauges Using Gauge View
Showing Filters Applied to Results
Adding Markup Text to Results
Adding Legends to Reports Using Legend View
Allowing Users to Change Columns in Reports
Allowing Users to Select a Specific View Using View Selector View
Showing Results in Funnel Charts
Adding Narrative Text to Results
Showing Results in Scrolling Tickers
Alerting Users to No Data
Step 3: Defining Prompts (Optional)
Adding Column Filter Prompts 440
Adding Column Filter Prompts
Adding Image Prompts
Step 4: Reviewing Reports
Making Custom Reports Public 444
Making Custom Reports Public
Finishing Your Analysis
Using Functions in Analyses
Aggregate Functions
Running Aggregate Functions
String Functions
Math Functions
Calendar Date/Time Functions
Conversion Functions
System Functions
Case Statements
Expressing Literals
Session Variables
About Dashboards
Steps for Dashboards 489
Steps for Dashboards
Creating Interactive Dashboards
Adding Pages to Interactive Dashboards
Adding and Displaying Content on Interactive Dashboard Pages
Navigating to the Dashboard Editor
To navigate to the dashboard editor
Controlling the Appearance of Interactive Dashboard Pages
Making Content Appear Conditionally on Interactive Dashboard Pages
To make content appear conditionally on an interactive dashboard page
Adding Guided Navigation Links to Interactive Dashboard Pages
To add a guided navigation link to an interactive dashboard page
Adding Text Links and Image Links to Interactive Dashboard Pages
Editing the Properties of Interactive Dashboard Prompts and Reports
Applying Formatting to Interactive Dashboards
To apply formatting to an interactive dashboard
Renaming Dashboard Objects
Deleting Dashboard Objects
Changing the Properties of Interactive Dashboards
Changing the Properties of Interactive Dashboards
Changing PDF and Printing Options on Interactive Dashboards
Changing PDF and Printing Options on Interactive Dashboards
Creating Prompts for Interactive Dashboards
Changing the Name or Description of an Interactive Dashboard
Changing the Name or Description of an Interactive Dashboard
To change the name or description of an interactive dashboard
Viewing Dashboards
About Guided Navigation in Interactive Dashboards
Using Administrator Templates During Setup
Company Administration
Setting Up Your Company Profile and Global Defaults
Activating Languages
Verifying Licence Statuses and Active Users
About Sign-in and Password Policies
Defining Your Company's Password Controls
To define your company password controls
Resetting All Passwords
Reviewing Sign-In Activity for All Users
To review sign-in activity for all users
Restricting Use to IP Addresses
To restrict use to IP addresses
Reviewing Your Company’s Usage of PIM Sync
Publishing Company-Wide Alerts
Alert Fields
Managing Currencies
Application Customisation
Record Type Application Customisation Page
Displaying External Web Pages in Tabs
About Custom Web Applets
Creating Custom Web Applets
Creating Global Web Applets
Customising My Homepage for Your Company
Enabling Custom Reports in My Homepage
Renaming Record Types
Changing the Icon for a Record Type
To change the icon for a record type
Adding Record Types
About Fields, Picklists and Metrics
User Management and Access Controls
About Roles and Access Profiles
About Groups
Setting Up Access Profiles
Adding Roles
Setting Up Users
Setting Up Groups
Setting Up Territories
About Books
Associating Users with Books
Data Rules and Assignment
About Assignment Rules 621
About Assignment Rules
Setting Up Assignment Rules
Mapping Additional Fields During Lead Conversion
Setting Up Forecast Generation
Setting Up Sales Processes, Categories and Coaches
Customising Your Company's Industry List
About Workflow Rules
Creating Workflow Rules
Creating Workflow Rule Actions
To create a workflow rule action
Changing the Order of Workflow Rule Actions
Data Management Tools
Import and Export Tools
Using the External ID to Link Records
Batch Delete Queue Page
Batch Assign Book Queue Page
About Integration Events
Managing Integration Event Settings
To manage integration event settings
Content Management
Setting Up Product Categories
Setting Up Company Products
Managing Your Company's Attachments
Setting Up Assessment Scripts
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