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Dsp Lab File

Dsp Lab File

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Published by Avinash Jha

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Published by: Avinash Jha on May 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Program for generation of sin, cos,exponential, unit impulse, stepfunction, square wave2. a) Program to determine convolutionof two sequences b) Program to determine correlationof two sequences3.To calculate DTFT & plot magnitude& phase response of followingsequencex(n) = 1 0=<n<=3= 0 elsewhere4.An LTI system is specified by thedifference equationY(n)=0.9*y(n-1)+x(n)a) Determine H(exp(jw)) b) Calculate & plot the steady stateresponseY(n) to X(n) = cos(0.5∏n)u(n)5.Given a causal systemY(n) = 0.9*y(n-1)+x(n)a) Find H(2) & sketch its pole zero plot b) Plot H(w) & angle H(w)6.Let X(n) be a 4point sequenceX(n) = 1 0<n<3= 0 elsewherecompute the 4-point, 8-point, 16-pointDFT & plot magnitude & phase plot
7.Differentiate b/w high density highresolution spectrum, for givensequenceX(n)=cos(0.48*pi*n)+cos(0.52*pi*n)a) Determine DFT & also plot it for 0<=n<=10 & 0<=n<=1008.Program to find the circulaconvolution of two sequences x(n) &h(n)9.To design a FIR LPL filter usingRectangular, Barlett, Hamming,Hanning, Blackmann Window & plotthe phase response of filter. Thespecification of the filter are asfollows:Wp=0.5*pi, Ws=0.3*pi, 0.25dB,As=50 dB10.Transform H(s)=(s+1)/(s
+5s+6) intoa digital filter usinga) Impulse Invariant Transformation b) Bilinear Transformation
Program for generation of sin, cos, exponential, unit impulse, step function, square wave.
Sine Function:
A function f(x)=sin(x) is a periodic function with a period of 2∏, it will form a periodic waveafter 2∏. The f(x) will lie between -1 to +1.
Cosine Function:
A function f(x)=cos(x) is a periodic function with a period of 2∏, it will form a periodic waveafter 2∏.
Exponential Function:
A function f(x)=e
is defined as:0<f(x)≤1; for -∞≤x≤01≤f(x)<∞; for 0≤x≤∞
Unit impulse Function:
Unit impulse is a signal that is 0 everywhere except at n=0 where it is 1. In discrete time domainthe unit impulse signal is defined as:∂(n) =1; n=0= 0; elsewhere
Unit Step Function:
The integral of the impulse function is a unit step signal. In discrete time unit step signal isdefined as:U(n) =1; n>=0= 0; n<0
Square Wave Function: 
It is a periodic function with a period of T. If f(x) is a square wave function thenF(x) = 1; 0<x<T/2= -1; T/2<x<T

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