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Magazine Real!!

Magazine Real!!

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Published by Flor Garcia Rubio
english magazine here!
english magazine here!

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Published by: Flor Garcia Rubio on May 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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School life
 AND more!!
 The best class ever 3ºC 2010 - 2011
The most outstanding films this year were:
Twilight´s saga
The king's speech
Fast and furious 5
Iron man
Prince of Persia
Harry potter 7 Part1But without doubt the movies that reminded us and end with tears was
toy story 3.
3 ° C decorates his classroom with Alice in Wonderland´s theme, taking us to a magical world full of fantasy, in our classes.Without a doubt this year has been better about movies, movies have been wonderful and unique, each onedifferent. All the young people really enjoyed seeing them because almost all new movies remindedus, heroes and stuff like childhood.By Yasil Fernandez leunig
Bullying among schoolchildren is certainly a veryold phenomenon, though it was not until the early1970s that it was made the object of systematicresearch. A broad definition of bullying is when astudent is repeatedlyexposed to negativeactions on the part of one or more other students. Thesenegative actions cantake the form of physical contact, verbal abuse, or making facesand rude gestures. Spreading rumors andexcluding the victim from a group are also commonforms. Bullying also entails an imbalance instrength between the bullies and the victim, whatexperts call an asymmetric power relationship.There are several common assumptions about thecauses of bullying for which there is no supportingevidence. They include claims that bullying is aconsequence of large class or school sizes, or of the competition for grades and other pressures thatschool generates. Another common assumption isthat under a tough surface bullies, in fact, suffer from poor self-esteem and insecurity. These viewsare no more accurate than the stereotype thatstudents who are fat, red-haired and wear glassesare particularly likely to become victims of bullying.In reality, other factors are more important. Certainpersonality characteristics and typical reactionpatterns, combined with the level of physicalstrength or weakness in the case of boys, can helpto explain the development of bullying problems inindividual students. At the same time,environmental influences, such as teachers¶attitudes, behavior and supervisory routines play acrucial role in determining the extent to which theseproblems will manifest themselves in a classroomor a school.The basic message is clear: bullying is a largeproblem in schools, but with a suitable interventionprogrammer, it is possible to considerably reduce it. An effective anti-bullying programmer can beimplemented relatively easily and without major cost; it is primarily a question of changing attitudes,knowledge, behavior and routines in school life.IN LA SALLEThe bullying has passed its leves from elementaryschool even up to high school, where we seestudents being insulted or even hit by another one.In all my years in school I have seen thisphenomenon happen and sometimes even beenpart of it. And we haven¶t stopped the problem.WHAT TO DO INCASE OFBULLYINGTalk to someoneyou can trust, ateacher, parent, older friend or relative. Be persistent. If the first person you talk to ignoresyou don't give up, speak to someone else. If you can, write down everything the bullies havedone or have said to you, and try to write down howyou feel. When you have found someone you cantrust and who is helpful, discuss what you havewritten with that person. Be very careful to onlywrite down things which really happen. If you find it difficult to talk to an adult, ask one of your friends to come with you, or ask someone totalk to an adult on your behalf. Most importantly, do something. Sometimesbullying stops quickly but doing nothing means itmay continue until someone is seriously upset or hurt. That could be you, or the bullies may find newvictims. If their behavior is not challenged they areunlikely to stop. Remember bullying can be stopped if we justchange a little and be better persons.

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