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American Blood for a New World Order

American Blood for a New World Order

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on May 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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American Bloodfor a"New World Order?
Patriotism means to stand by the country.It does not mean to stand by the President or any other publicoicial save exactly to the degree in which he himsestands by thecountryIt is patriotic to support him insofar as he eiciently serves thecountry t is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent thatby ineiciency or otherwise he fails in his du to stand by thecountry
-Theodore RooseveltHundreds of thousands of American men and women have beenpaced i harm's way in the Midde East Why did President Bush sendthem there? Are Mr. Bushs objectives in the iddle East worthfightingand dying for Are his announced obectives his rea obectivesQuestioning the policies of the Presidet is tough when Americanlives are on the lie. Nevertheess, these questions must be askedmericans canot support their miitary forces by blindy supportingthe President whenever he sends them off to some faraway land If thePresident is right, Americans have a patriotic duty to stand by him. Butif the President is wrong, patriotism requires that we wor to reverse hisdecisions
-before eve one ife is lost in combatUnder the U.S. Constitution the purpose of our military is to defendthe United States and its citizes -period! It is ot to police theword, either uilateraly or as part of a mutiatera or inteationalpolice force. Nor is it to prop up or topple other govements, unless itca be show that such actios are necessary to protect the UnitedStates.
Tragcay Mr B' bectven te Peran Gf d nt ft teecrtera Even wre mt f bjectve appear t be ntng mretan wndw dreng fr te newwrd rder tat e  wrkng fevery t cntrct
Excuses Made of Straw
On Agt 8990 Mr B addreed te natn frm te OvaOffce abt  decn t endtrp t Sad Araba He expanedtat fr mpe prncpe gded pcyFrt we eek te mmedatencndtna and cmpetewtdrawal  a ra frcefrm KwatSecnd Kwat egtmategvement mt be retredt repace te pppet regmeAnd trd my admntratn  cmmtted t te ecrtyand tabty f te Peran GAnd frt  am determnedt prtect te lve f Amercanctzen abrad Eac f tee prncpe  examned bew
Getting Iraq out of Kuwait:
Wyd te Unted State nvve tef n t ArabArab cnfct? TeUnted State dd nt end trp tget te Svet Unn t f Afgantan r Cna t f Tbet SaddamHen  ceary a tyant bt teUnted State de nt and dnt ntervene every tme ne dctatra gvement tppe anterWy Kwat?Drng te ranra war Kwatwa an ay f ra By prvdngUS nava vee t ecrt USfagged Kwat  tanker n tePeran Gf Predent RnadReagan actay tted US pcytward te ra de f tat cnfctMr Reagan decn a tted USpcy tward Svet nteret n teregn ra beng a Svet centtate And a  t appened
an ra mle red nt te
ked 7 Amercan arn pte f Hen weknwncrme agant  wn pepe teB Admntratn dd nt vewm a an enemy nt e nvadedKwat On y 25, 990
tne week befre te nvan -US Ambaadr t ra AprlGape nfrmed Hen tat weave n pnn n te ArabArabcnfct ke yr brder dagreement wt Kwat Se added tate ad been drected t empazet ntrctn by Secretary f StateJame BakerN wnder even
cncded n t Octber  990 eGerge B may be  f retn nw bt befre te nvan tegna ent t Saddam by  admntratn were at bet mxed Atwrt t can be arged Saddam wa
Ths copyrighted artcle was original published n the Januar 1991 ssue of 
The JohnBirch Soce Bulletn.
Addtiona copies ae avaabe at 1-99 copies, 5/$1.00; 100-999copes, $.15 each 1000o more copes $2each Please add 15 percent($200mnmum)of the ordetota fo postage and handng Order fom: The John Brch Society PO Box8040 Appeton, Wisconsn 54913
gven a green lg t gbble p c negbr Mrever teem ncedbe gven ptnvan cmparn f te radctatr t Hter bt a recenty aat Jy Gerge B regardedSaddam a a ptenta frce fr tabty n te Mdde Eat
Rstoing Kuwait's lgiimagovnmnt:
Wy  t n te nteret f te Unted Sate t rete tefrmer gvernment? Te anwer cannt be t retre feedm t Kwat nce te pepe f Kwat ddnt enjy freedm nde te Emr'regme Mr B eek t retrn tpwer a dctatral Emr w dlved te Kwat Natna Aemby n 986.Even fMr B try ntended tbrng freedm t Kwat tere arepenty f er cntre bady nneed f freedm tat are cated mccer t me Cba fr tance ny 90 me frm r re Andt  nly US wngne t gnreSvet ad t Cba at a keptCatr n pwer fr 30 yea
Assuing h scuiy and sta­bility of th Psian Gulf:
Wattabty? Te Mdde Eat a beenne f te mt trbent area neart fr decadeBteven f Henwere alwed t ccpy Kwancaenged wd e nt er n wn band f tablty? Te tat e cnt cannt d m anygd ne e  able t ell t t wate anctn agant a ntHen' naked aggren -tattempay redced  ppe andcaed  pce t eAccrdng t Mr B Amercantrp were ent t Sad Araba tat tat gvement n te defenef t meand Bt fSaddam weentereted n extendng  egemnybeynd Kwa dn't te ter cne n te regn take actnt tp m? Hw abt ran TrkeySyra and Egypt? Hw abt rae?And w abt Japan and WeteErpean cntre -natnfar mre dependent n Mdde Eat tan  te Unted State?Nevertee t wa neve cear tat Hen ntended t attack SadAraba n te frt pace f e ddwant t captre te Sad  fede wd mt key ave attackedSadAraba and Kwat n a ngeperatn  a n t trage tewd twce Mr B wd ave  beevetat te Unted State a a vetedntee n tablzng e tatn nte Mdde Eat becae f t danger dependence n fegn Or cntry nw mpr nearyaf te   cnme and cdface a ma treat t t ecnmcndependence Mr B amentedn  Ag 8t addre Hweve Amerca need nt be eavy dependent n mprted Amerca a abndant energy rce f er wn nt jt ffe bt a nclear pwer Teererce ave nt been effectveytapped becae te gvement aetrcted devepment Fr exampe
On Jne 26 990
le tantw mnt pr t te ra nvan f Kwat -Mr B defered nt te year 2000  and gadevepment n te water ff teecatne 99 percent f Cafaa f Wangtn and Oegn a f 

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