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The Bunologist May 11

The Bunologist May 11

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Published by Karen At Boing
May's issues features: BOING website makeover, UK rabbit farms, Florida rabbit rescue, Children & Rabbits, making an indoor house, Life at the Do Hop Inn
May's issues features: BOING website makeover, UK rabbit farms, Florida rabbit rescue, Children & Rabbits, making an indoor house, Life at the Do Hop Inn

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Published by: Karen At Boing on May 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 2011
BOING website makeover
Rabbit battery farms in UK
Rabbits rescued in Florida
Rabbits & children
Building an indoor house
Life at the Do Hop Inn
The new BOING website!!
After many months of revamping the BOING website, weare happy to announce the new look is up & running! Wehope you enjoy the new pages and new information thatkeeps your bunnies up to date with the latest care andadvice for their long term health & happiness. If you noticeanything that needs a bit of tweaking, please contact us ataskboing@hotmail.com 
Rabbit Battery Farms to
return to UK
30 April 2011 – The Independent (UK)Battery farming of rabbits is set to return to Britain for thefirst time in more than 15 years to satisfying a growinghunger for their meat.A Lincolnshire farmer has lodged at least six planningapplications for farms that are designed to cage up to 1,000of the animals each. Celebrity chefs such as HughFearnley-Whittingstall and Nigella Lawson havechampioned rabbit meat, and earlier this year supermarketchain Waitrose reported a 350 per cent jump in sales.The RSPCA said it had "serious concerns" about theconditions for rabbits in battery farms, particularly theamount of space they were given. The animals would bekept in metre-long wire cages stacked three high in barnsfor 12 weeks, before being sent to slaughter
Rabbits rescued frombreeder in Florida
 8 May 2011 – www.WBRZ.com (US)FLORIDA – Nearly 80 rabbits got a second chance at lifeafter they were days away from being gassed to death.In an interview with anews station in Florida,rabbit breeder CarolynBarnett said she wasprepared to gas therabbits because shecouldn’t afford to keepthem.Magic Happens RabbitRescue founder Wendy Lincoln says the news video “wentviral” after it was posted on Facebook. That’s when 15rabbit rescue organizations from seven states stepped in tohelp.Fourteen of the eighty rescued rabbits were transported toMagic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge. After aquick checkup, the rabbits got comfortable in theirtemporary homes.“They’ve never had hay, vegetables, a towel, nothing of thesort. Not a toy, nothing to chew on other than theirfood,”Lincoln said. “They’ve never seen outside andthey’ve never laid their feet on the grass. They never got tonibble the clovers, anything like that. They’re going to getto do that next week.”As for the breeder, she’s getting out of the bunny business,according to Lincoln.“She promises no more breeding whatsoever. She was init for the money to start with, and she wasn’t getting it, soshe got out for good,” Lincoln said.The new bunnies will stay at Magic Happens RabbitRescue until they are spayed or neutered.** The rabbit rescues had to match the local zoo’s offer of$8 each per rabbit to the breeder as that was the amountshe was offered by the local zoo to use them as snakefood. The breeder was not prepared to surrender therabbits for free.
Rabbits & Children
 http://www.boingonline.com/children_and_rabbits.html For too long it has been thought that rabbits are great"starter" pets for children. This is completely inaccurate.Rabbits are misunderstood and delicate creatures withstrong personalities, sharp teeth and nails. Not only canchildren easily injure a rabbit but also a rabbit can injureyour child. All children under 15 should be supervised witha rabbit.When a rabbit and child are not supervised, the rabbit willalways come out second best. Sadly there are too manystories about rabbits being accidentally killed by smallchildren, such as the bunny who was taken to the park anddropped down the slide until it didn't move anymore. Or theone that was brought inside to sleep with a little girl whoplaced it under her pillow where it suffocated overnight.That's just two true stories but sadly there are so manymore. Rabbits are living, breathing little bundles ofpersonality and love. They are not a toy
Injuries to children & rabbit
Scratches &kicking
Rabbits are builtdifferently to otheranimals and caneasily be injured ifnot interacted withcorrectly.Rabbits are verybottom heavy.Their back legs are much bigger than their front legs andthis means that they hold most of their weight in thesecond half of their body.If a rabbit is held or picked up incorrectly, a rabbit will panicand kick out with its strong hind legs. This kicking cancause a child to drop the rabbit. A rabbit will drop to theground bottom first causing breaks, serious injury andsometimes death.The child can also be injured by the scratching of the nailsand the kicking of the legs.
Bites from sharp teeth
When a rabbit turns 5-6 months of age, a bunny willchange from that fluffy, cute and tolerant rabbit that theyonce were as a baby bunny
A nasty bunny bite on the inside of the wrist
Once a bunny hits 6 months of age, they are now ateenager. Their personality emerges and they start to maketheir own decisions on how they want to be treated by theirhuman friends. Rabbits have very strong personalities andif they do not want to be handled or picked up as they didas a baby bunny, or are frightened by chasing or loudnoises, they will start to lunge and bite the children.
A rabbit's bite is very sharp and hard
A rabbit's front teeth need to constantly grow and grinddown to the sharpness of a razor blade to ensure they canchew hard fibrous foods.When a rabbit bites human skin, the incisor teeth plungedeep into the skin. Rabbits can hold their bite in fear forquite a long time and the pain is intenseRabbits are fabulous companions for the right person andsome children can be excellent with small animals.Children, however, should never be the main carer for arabbit.
Rabbits HATE loud noises and will attack if threatened
Rabbits are not fond of loud noises, being chased and arevery territorial and aggressive if threatened. Most rabbitsthat are surrendered to shelters were bought for smallchildren. When the bunny hits the age of around 6 months,they start to mature and become their own little personality.This is when the bunny decides that they will not toleratebeing picked up or handled roughly. Rabbits can start togrowl, lunge, bite or chase whoever is the threat. Once abunny starts to show these signs, most families ditch thebun instead of learning how to adjust and interact with theirmaturing rabbit.
Do you have 10 years to dedicate to a rabbit?
Rabbits live for 10 years or more if looked after properly.Rabbits need regular veterinary visits, desexing & yearlyvaccinations. Desexing helps with behaviour and long termhealth issues. Calici vaccinations are yearly and this is agood opportunity to have your bun health checked. Rabbitsage 8 years to our 1 so a yearly checkup is vital to keep upwith any health issues.
Rabbits need good food
Rabbits need good quality vegies that you would eatyourself, not freebies from a bin.Rabbits need good quality hay from a stockfeed store, notdried up pet hay from a pet shop or inedible straw.
Rabbits need to know they are safe
Rabbits need a safe space to run, not cooped up in a boxin the backyard or left outside to fend for themselves. Ifinside, they need a safe bunny proofed room and a safeplace to sleep. If they live outside, their enclosure needs tobe BIG and INSECT/PREDATOR PROOFED.All this requires money.Rabbits need a mature person to look after them. They arenot a toy for a small child.
Build an indoor house
http://www.boingonline.com/build_indoor_house.html To make the indoor enclosure below, you'll need:
50 NIC cubes
200 cable ties (always better to have too many, thannot enough)
2-3 medium sized bulldog clips (that fit between thegrids so they close properly)
cut to size flooring (we used external 6mm ply wood asit's thick enough to stay flat and doesn't matter if thebunny wees on it or chews it)
reinforcing rods (if the enclosure is 2 squares wide,reinforcing wooden rods help keep the enclosure stable- we used cheap pine)
** the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic are now selling thesquares & cable ties above (in stylish black), If you areinterested, please contact them on 9758 9879
The end result is a sturdy, two storey enclosure. Thebulldog clips hold the doors shut. The plywood floors coverthe top & ground floors and towels cover the plywood toensure a warm and non slip surface.This enclosure was made in an L shape that fits over thetop of a set of drawers and an added extension. Theshape can be whatever you want it to be & wherever it fitsbest. The location has one part in front of a window so thebunny can see out, get some fresh air and sunshine.There is a blind over the window so it can be closed atnight. We have place lino under the enclosure to protectthe furniture and catches any messes that may occur.These indoor enclosures are really flexible in their uses. Ifyou have only one or a bonded pair of buns, you can eitherplace them on ground level so you could leave the dooropen when you're home so the bunnies can come out for arun & go home when they want to.If you have other animals, children or your rooms are notbunny proofed... or you have a bad back & cannot reachdown, placing the enclosure on a higher area (like the oneabove) will ensure that your buns are safe & secure.The size of these enclosures ensure that there is enoughroom inside to fit a large litter tray, lots of clean towels, toys& a cardboard box to play & hide in

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