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Lucifer Proper by SIN JONES

Lucifer Proper by SIN JONES



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Published by Sin Jones
A brief essay on Lucifer
A brief essay on Lucifer

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Published by: Sin Jones on May 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 SIN JONES, updated January 7, 2013
Who or what is Lucifer?
You might find yourself asking that very question one day.When you look to the originating sources you may find that the information does notcoincide with what you learned by either oral tradition or cultural transference. I think it's important to examine these ideas for yourself and to do your own investigative work.It may start with a fundamental question: Why do people believe Lucifer is the Devil?This paper is a summary of the research work I've conducted over the years, and theintended meaning of Lucifer in each context used. Typically, when I begin my research Ilook to the etymology of the terms. Language can lead you to sources you may not haveconsidered. There is vocabulary, and there is language. Language includes context toconvey meaning. Cultural context is important when seeking to understand the evolutionof terms and what they mean; which brings me to a point to address, the distinction of definition and meaning. Reference works, typically provide definition. The mostcommon reference resources used are Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias. I considerDictionaries as a point of reference intended to initiate one into a path of research. Thatresearch will provide other references used to extrapolate meaning. There are a numberof reference works one could use to conduct research.
This is a jump-off point, toconduct your research.
 Almanac - a book of information in specific fields, often by date Atlas - a set of maps, often of geographical locationsBook by category - books listed in their categoryCitation index - lists which publications cite other publicationsConcordance - a list of every word in a book, and where it is used in that book Dictionary or Lexicon (the latter generally provides more grammatical analysis) - an alphabetical listing of words and their definitionsDirectory - a list of  references,used for ease of locating their subject Encyclopedia - a comprehensive compendiumGazetteer - a geographical dictionaryGrammar - a book in which aspects of the grammar of a language can be looked upHandbook  - a manual which summarizes a subjectMathematical tables - a tabulation of mathematical resultsPharmacopoeia - is a book containing pharmaceutical drug specifications. Periodical index - a list of topics for a periodical publication,organized by date Scientific tables - a tabulation of scientific resultsTelephone directory - a book with residence and business listingsThesaurus - a list of words with similar, related, or opposite meanings
 SIN JONES, updated January 7, 2013
It may lead you to other reference works, and even more still. You begin to paint apicture within a frame. The larger the frame becomes, the picture expands, as does yourunderstanding. One of the most commonly used references cited for the origins of Lucifer is
The Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Smith
. Youcan look to version 3, page 346 for the use of Lucifer, as it relates to the Phosphorusmythology.I am adding the complete reference here, for ease of use:PHOSPHORUS, or as the poets call him
or •fcaea^opos (Lat.
that is, the bringer of light or of Eos, is the name of the planetVenus, when seen in the morning before sunrise (Horn.
xxiii. 226 ; Virg.
i. 288; Ov.
ii. 115,
i. 3. 72.) The same planet was calledHesperus(
Vesperugo, Vesper, Noctifer 
when it appeared in the heavens aftersunset. (Horn. //. xxii. 318 ; Plin. //.
ii. 8 ; Cic.
 De Nat. Deor.
ii. 20 ; Ca-tull.62, 64 ; Horat.
ii. 9. 10.) Phosphorus as a personification is called a son of Astraeusand Eos (Hes.
381), of Cephalusand Eos (Hygin.
Poet. A sir.
ii.42), or of Atlas(Tzetz.
ad Lye.
879). ByPhilonishe is said to have been the fatherof Ceyx(Hygin.
65 ; Ov.
xi. 271), and he is also called the father of Daedalion (Ov.
xi. 295), of theHesperides(Serv.
ad Aen.
iv. 484), or of Hesperis, who became by his brotherAtlasthe mother of theHesperides.(Diod. iv. 27 ; Serv.
ad Aen.
i. 530.)In addition, you can look to artifacts to cross reference the written references to obtaincultural mores:
 Nyx (Night) & Hesperus (Evening Star), Athenian red-figurekrater C4th B.C., State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
 SIN JONES, updated January 7, 2013
"EOSPHOROS and HESPEROS were the gods of the star (
astron planeta
) Venus.They were originally regarded as two quite distinct divinities--the first, whosename means "dawn bringer," was the god of the dawn-star, while the second,"Evening," was the star of dusk. The two star-gods were later combined. In Greek vase-painting Eosphoros-Hesperos was as a youthful man, either in the form of a bust surrounded by the shining orb of his star, or as a winged god holding a torch and crowned with a starry aureole." 
Once you delve into the Greco-Roman world, you realize rather quickly, that the Greeksand the Romans used mythology in different ways. Greek gods, were often Romanized,often changing their attributes and how the gods were used in Roman society vs. Greek.Many of these gods can be traced to the Etruscans, and other pre-Roman Italic cultures.The Greeks often used mythology as a teaching modality, the Romans had a strong focuson veneration of gods, creating a cultus to each divinity and devotional observances. Forthe last decade, I have been using Greco-Roman symbolism, and I have found it is themost prominent in personal resonance
Son of Sin Jones, born in the month of  August 
Ara of the Pax Romana, Sin Jones [Signifying a rise in power, and achieving divinity]

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