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The Key to Eternal Life (El Mefca n Ankh Halawiet)

The Key to Eternal Life (El Mefca n Ankh Halawiet)

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Published by Ras Nahmir Amun
A teaching on understanding life, death, rebirth, and restoration. of the mind body and spirit. Hotep (Be at peace)
A teaching on understanding life, death, rebirth, and restoration. of the mind body and spirit. Hotep (Be at peace)

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Ras Nahmir Amun on May 19, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Enderase AmenEnderase Amen
 Nobel Servant of God Nobel Servant of God
The Key to Eternal LifeThe Key t
o Eternal LifeEl Mefca n Ankh HalawietEl Mefca n Ankh Halawiet
Survival, Understanding, Works, TeachingThese are the four stages of life. They are established for everyone, it is our universalreligion it ties us together.The first step survival is the base of all and requires dependency and learning to create a balance with onces environment. Humanity never leaves this stage just perfects or imperfects it.Understanding is the ability to see pass or with the need for food, clothes and shelter andhow the world maintains these things automatically.Works is the application and expression of your knowledge gained after a strategy for survival has been perfected.Teachings is the closing of the circle giving back what you have gained so others maylive, express, grow that you may be remembered.As these four stages are the formula for life there attainment is the right of everyone.Anyone who would state otherwise is a liar and deceiver and a child of a devil. Butrights are not given but earned by righteousness, will and spirit.If you are a farmer and riders come demanding grain and you say “I have but a little somy family can eat” I will trade for a shank of lamb or goat” and he takes by force thatwhich you have brought by sweat; award him with your sword; do not rejoice in their death rather bury him and his men in open fields conduct the prayers and rites that their souls will return to life as better men fearing Amen loving their brother and knowingMa'at. For we all must come to judgment and restoration.
Death is not the end; for every entrance is an exit and exit an entrance. For life is aschool to train the soul and weigh it's worth upon it's works. As a child delinquent in her studies she is chastised and held back to repeat her training not with the same class andsame students or teachers but the lesson that was not reached. So it is with life.As the body moves and ages it deteriorates by the effects of action and time no longer able to house the soul after awhile. Death brings renovation like ripe fruit bringssaplings in the springs. Material things are to be used for a short time and reused againalways being renovated like a Temple, School or house seeing many occupants until it'sfoundation is all that remains.The soul is immaterial, the energy thats moves the material that comprehends the sensesand records the moments. It acts by purpose and desire built on the square. So theimmaterial is superior to the material it is not renovated but refined or reduced. For energy is either increased or decreased but never destroyed. So it is with what is calledlife and death.It is for restoration I have come to work. Corruption is usually the cause of restoration.Thank Amen there is worth therein for the work. Where there is no worth there is norestoration. Like the three great houses by the river Iterw called the Nile by El Tafa, built by Masters, studied by students coveted by enemies, a beacon through out time still theyare material. How many times is one soul restored which are greater than allmonuments. 100 times a 1000. It is not for me to say but that soul to act and Amen to judge. Corruption has taken hold that many are like beast and the dead; going about ontwo legs like a child of Atum but, more on to a swine or a jackal. Consuming all that lay before them.But you who will be restored make ready for the fall. Take up land, grow your cropsherd thy flocks make a spawn for fish. Learn by Heru the discipline of combat, ByTehuti store in yourself all knowledge and wisdom by Ausar and Auset remember your  parents and their parents to the tenth and may your works make each proud. By Ma'atestablish truth and righteousness . For death comes quick upon this world and it'srenovation will be merciless.As it was with the children of Merita who sold their families into slavery. Amen has judged you.As it was with the Arabs that bought and sold these children for riches. Amen rebukesyou.As it becomes for the Europeans that have committed more cruelties upon all men andmakes himself as a god leading those he did not enslave or kill to damnation. Amen helpyou.
You El Tafa open your eyes and see, look through the haze of time at a distant land on aforgotten shore called Rapa Nui, where they built great monuments to pride that are nowthe silent bones of a lost people.But renovation comes, in the east, the dragon rises from it's sleep how long will the fireof it's breath be held back as it destroyed the Caliph it will consume the Empire; it iswritten.Upon the west the children of the Maya, Aztec, and Toltecs , flow north from south as itwas millenia ago they will double and triple by the times settling anew not to beremoved ever again. It occurs. But it is to my people that I come; descendants of Merita said as Africa by El Tafa; torestore in you the faith and wisdom of your ancestors to restore your souls, families,communities, nations and lands. For you where so lofty but through our corruptionAmen laid us low. Read the Neter Sesen the original words of your Ancestors, be anexample to humanity be a living witness to Ma'at a protector of Merinu whom El Tafacalls Earth. And most of all a servant of Amen. That you may never be a slave our second to others again in your home or a foreign land. For it was not men that conqueredyou, but corruption for you forgot you are all brothers and sisters, fathers and mothersone family the first family of all on Merinu and as such should have set the best examplefor Humanity. To sale your family in to hell and then be a fool for those who learnedfrom you is shameful. This is the effects from the disease of corruption. May Amenforgive us.For I have been before and am; descend from the enslaved but I return as a Emissary of Ma'at and a Servant of Amen. I am restored.

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