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Design of Machine Elements_c_2006

Design of Machine Elements_c_2006

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Published by: SB on May 20, 2011
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EX/PM40B/27/2006Final B. E. (Mech.) Part HA Examination, 2006Subject : Design of Machine Elements
Time : Three Hours
Full Marks : 100
 (Make reasonable and suitable assumptions whenever necessary)(Answer any five questions)1. a) State advantages and disadvantages of chain - sprocket drives. b)
Explain the polygonal effect in the chain drive with help of sketches.c)
A simple chain No. 1 OB is used to transmit power from a transmission shaft running at 700rpm to another shaft running at 350 rpm. Power rating of the chain is 6.71 kW at 700rpm. The center distance between their axes should be approximately 550 mm. Thenumber of teeth on the driving sprocket wheel is 19 and the operation is smooth withoutany shock. Assume,(Design power in kW) = (kW rating of the chain) *k 
 where, kS = service factor = 1.0k1 = multi-strand factor = 1.0k2 = tooth correction factor =1.11Calculate : a) chain velocity, b) chain tension, c) no. of teeth on the driven sprocketwheel, d) the no. of chain links, e) the correct center distance, f) factor of safety based on the breaking load.ISO chainno.Pitch ‘p’(mm)Roller dia.‘d
’ (mm)Width ‘b
(mm)Transverse pitch ‘P
(mm)Breaking load for single strandchain (kN)10B 15.875 10.16 9.65 16.59 22.74+4+12=202. a) What are the different types of rolling contact bearing? Give sketches. b) State the guidelines for selecting a proper type of rolling contact bearing.c) A 30 seconds work cycle consists of the following two parts :Part-IPart-IIDuration (sec) 1020Radial load (kN) 45 15Axial load (kN) 12.56.25Speed (rpm) 7201440For this application the static and dynamic load capacities of a single-row deep groove ball bearing are 50 and 68 kN respectively. Calculate the life of the bearing in hours.F
/F>ety^o X Y X YE0.025 1 0 0.56 2.0 0.220.040 1 00.561.80.240.070 1 0 0.56 1.6 0.270.130 1 00.561.40.310.250 1 0 0.56 1.2 0.370.500 1 0 0.56 1.0 0.446+4+10=203. a) Derive Stribeck’s equation and explain how the static load capacity of rolling contact bearings is obtained from it. b) A ball bearing with a dynamic load capacity of 22.8 kN is subjected to a radial load of 10 kN.½

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