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Published by fapearce

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Published by: fapearce on May 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Phoenixville cold, dark, and dirty, home of the human slag pile ,truly a town without pity.The rusting steel mill sat idly in the center of the town a ruin of what had been 19
 century advanced technology. It sat like a rusting ,rotting, ruined temple to the god osteel, a god ultimately without merit, a god without power in the affairs of humans. Acentury’s worth of waste material surrounding it ,hid the small tributary streamleading to the river transportation system. This waterway was once teeming with life but now barren due to the pollution from the now idle steel mill.The drugged youth hung around the streets waiting for a life they would never have their burned out eyes were fearful of a dark future determined by a failing system.Let us visit the local gulag that passes for a high school .Vincent Bear carried his books through the hallways as if they were a footballcarried on some long lost field of glory where he had smashed his feeble brain endlesslyagainst his opponents .He was a big person with a face of a roman but ravaged by pastalcohol and tobacco use .He was the coach of the football team, which was his reason for  being there .Never having made it in the sports world he became a small town coachinspiring mindless aggression in his charges .He also propagandized as a world historyteacher an easy subject even someone of his limited intelligence could parrot.He languished in this teaching position for years a sort of payoff for hiscoaching duties .When the town had declined to the point that the hopeless futureawakened a deep fear in the inhabitants ,causing students at the school to rebel against themindless system trapping them, he was made vice principle.….You might wonder why such a person would be elevated to this position ?Hefilled a need ,that of prison camp director, a mindless tough person who would instillfear in the youth. A fear he enforced by mindless class room rages where he slammedstudents and their desks over. He screamed in hormonal rages induced by hisaggressive sports past .This was accepted by the town , as the only respected peoplefrom this school were sports people ,modern gladiators whose mindless aggression wasrewarded .Many wound up here the same way the slag came out of the molten steel. Afew others, were timid people fearful and submissive accepting the educatorsfalse gospel.. They were probably good people but overwhelmed by a world thrust onthem by a political process that allowed the lowest common denominator to rule.Anyone with any intelligence or vision of a future other than mindlessnesswalked softly around the edges of this nightmare for fear they would be drawn in to the black hole and forever darkened .The vice principles other duty was to enforce the small town moral codeenforcing the status quo of the local hierarchy. The few well off parents withdrew their children from the school ,or kept them in the school where the were treated like royalty.A few kids with modest means and ability stayed. These kids were encumbered bymindless rules which if broken resulted in being slammed against school lockers. Hisown fears and failures projected on the students left most of them ready for a life of obedience to the decayed ,corrupt system that ruled this god forsaken place .
Lets go back in time when he was still a classroom teacher. He would drone in a boring monologue speaking of a world he had never seen .His boredom would have putthe students to sleep except for sleeping in his class would give him the opportunity toexpress his rage and kick the student and his desk over. Near this decayed town was Valley Forge famous for the suffering of earlyAmericans who withstood the unfair far off rulers in England .Now you would think ahistory teacher would have some feeling for the revolutionary past of this historical place .Not our Phoenixville teacher, no way ,“I believe in a benign monarchy” he says.Not this high school Herod ,a dictatorship was his political system, destroy any challengeto his authority before any light could shine.His own youth had been lived in far off central Pennsylvainia where immigrants fromdespotic countries had changed the character of this part of the state from a religiousfreedom colony to a replica of the despotic old world. A fear he had learned in his youthhad forever made him a fearful slave of authority whether benign or not. The onlylaw he understood was that of physical strength. When his time finally came to be theauthority, he played the role as he had been taught ,mindless and brutal.. Some people of the town were disgusted but others thought this monster could control the students andthat was worth the agony..It was hard to listen when this teacher spoke of liberty and democracy somethingthat didn’t exist in this school .Yes this was more like a third world town rather than amodern town of the United States .You might ask how could such a place exist in modern times ?A failing economyattracted a desperate group of people, united in their low incomes ,.a low rent ,aninexpensive mortgage ,maybe just a love affair with the bottle. .A few just failed toanticipate a harsher future ruled by financial control, normal people imprisoned by theyoke of others ,greed and materialism.In this failing town of desperate people a teacher seemed like a proffessional as theywere freed from the reality of economic ruin due to the fact they were subsidized by taxmoney extorted from the towns meager real estate taxes.The local people accepted this tyranny accepting the words of the educators as truthnever realizing that their own thoughts and beliefs were as valid as the teachers who ruledthe school .A teacher not of real knowledge but a teacher of political correctness ,ateacher of education fads ,a teacher of popularity which usually didn’t last long .How could this town fail so fast ? What took Egypt thousands of years Phoenixvillemanaged in a hundred years.Would you blame the derelict people on the street ?or maybe the few well off whocould care less about the general good of the population? Maybe the misguided belief intechnology which boomed and busted in a hundred years. Its interesting to hear the talk of the town ,the assertion that a system that had failed just done differently couldsomehow work effectively .Maybe it was time to realize that there was a need to solvethis in a true way that would lead to a human vitality lost in the past. An analogy would be the coral reef as it fails and loses vitality each small decline leading to a generalfailure.

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*SIGH* Why do people with small minds and no understanding of proper punctuation and spelling, chose to write drivel expecting others to read it??? UGH!! I prefer to rate NO STARS but the program is making me pick something!!
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