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Winning Business Proposals

Winning Business Proposals

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Published by shah_jagarnath2010

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Published by: shah_jagarnath2010 on May 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most business proposals are dreadful — totally off target,poorly written, amateur in appearance, and positively painful toread. That's why those who have mastered the art of designing,writing and presenting Winning proposals win so much more thantheir fair share of the business they pursue — because theirproposals stand out from the mediocre crowd; they createproposals their prospects and clients actually want to read.Effectively analyze the client's requirement, construct the bestpossible solution to that requirement, write it in the client's'voice', make your proposal look better than the rest, andpresent it in a professional and compelling manner — and you toowill win more than your fair share of the business you pursue.That's what it is to write Winning business proposals.Learn the 13 habits of highly effective proposal writers — andmake all of your business proposals Winning proposals."I recommend this book to everyone who craves success. DeiricMcCann is a true professional who has the knowledge andcommunicating power that make reading his book an absolute MUST"Bernard Rapoport,
founder of American Income Life InsuranceCompany 
"No one knows more about the art of writing winning businessproposals than Deiric McCann — only one with his frontlineexperience and proposal success could provide such practicaladvice to anyone who must write to win"Jim Sirbasku
(CEO) &
Bud Haney
(President), founders of ProfilesInternational Inc.
ISBN (Electronic version): 978-0-615-45735-2
 Winning Business Proposals
 Winning Business Proposals
Deiric McCann4DMC Press3 The MewsCorban's LaneNaasCo. KildareIreland+353 45 856450proposals@deiricmccann.comCopyright © 2011 Deiric McCannFourth EditionISBN (Electronic version): 978-0-615-45735-2
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic ormechanical methods, without the prior written permission of thepublisher, except in the case of brief quotations for thepurposes of critical review and or other non-commercial usespermitted by copyright law. Such written permission must also beobtained before any part of this publication is stored in aretrieval system of any kind. Requests for permission should bedirected to Deiric McCann (deiric@deiricmccann.com).TrademarksTrademarked names appear throughout this book. Rather than listthe names and entities that own the trademarks or insert atrademark symbol with each mention of the trademarked name, thepublisher states that it is using the names only for editorialpurposes and to the benefit of the trademark owner with nointention of infringing upon that trademark.Warranty Disclaimer — Limit of LiabilityThe author and publisher of this book have used best efforts inpreparing the content. The authorsand publisher make no representations or warranties with respectto the accuracy, applicability, fitnessor completeness of this work. They disclaim any express orimplied warranties, merchantability,or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and publishershall in no event be held liable forany loss or other damages, including but not limited to special,incidental, consequential, or otherdamages.Book design and layout by Alicia McAuley Publishing Services(www.aliciamcauley.com)Jacket design by Helmi Riawan (miehell@yahoo.com)5
Deiric McCann
is Senior Vice President for International Saleswith Profiles International Inc., and is responsible for allcountry Profiles' operations in Europe and several in south-eastAsia.McCann has 25 years' experience in large-account selling andsenior-management positions in a variety of industries. Over thecourse of those years he has written many hundreds of
business proposals that resulted in hundreds of millions ofdollars of business worldwide.Author of more than 500 articles on high-value sales-relatedtopics published in business publications worldwide, he has alsowritten three bestselling business books:
The Customer Continuum, Winning Business Proposals
(three editions since1994),
The Business Bathroom Bible,
Leadership Charisma.
also co-authored
40 Strategies for Winning in Business.
This book is dedicated to the memory of Josephine, Aileen, Phil,Pat and Josephine Duffy. Always in our thoughts.
ContentsPreface 11 Acknowledgments 13Chapter 1:
The Business Proposal 15
Chapter 2:
Bid or Not to Bid
39Chapter 3:
The Winning Proposal Model 63
Chapter 4:
Analyze the Requirement 73
Chapter 5:
Now Build Your Solution 91
Chapter 6:
The Pre-Proposal Review 103
Chapter 7:
Select a Proposal Strategy 141
Chapter 8:
Getting Your Language and Tone Right to Persuade 159
Chapter 9:
Ordering Your Ideas for Clear Writing 187
Chapter 10:
Getting Your Proposal Layout Right 233
Chapter 11:
Presenting Your Proposal 25710
Chapter 12:
Proposal Cover Letters and Letter Proposals 281
Chapter 13:
Win or Lose — What Now? 297
Appendix I: Case Study: Pharmaceutical Sales Team 313Appendix II: Brainstorming 317Appendix III: The Winning Proposal-Building Methodology 321Appendix IV: Full Case-Study Executive Summary 327Appendix V: What about Client-Specified Layouts? 333Appendix VI: Is Your Proposal Ready for Release? 33711
The tools and techniques you will learn in this book willdramatically improve the success of every business proposal youwrite in the future. Whether you are a seasoned sales/marketingcampaigner or a graduate fresh to the business world,
Winning Business Proposals
will show you how to win more of the qualitybusiness that you really want, by greatly improving your abilityto produce high-quality proposals.This is the fourth edition of
Winning Business Proposals.
Thisedition is a complete rewrite that includes several new chaptersand a complete overhaul of all of the main chapters.The world has changed considerably in the years since the firstedition made its appearance in 1995. Perhaps the most dramaticchange is the speed with which the internet has penetrated everyaspect of our businesses.

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