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Shoemaker Review - And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood

Shoemaker Review - And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood

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Published by Anthony E. Larson

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: Anthony E. Larson on May 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te relevance of Velikovskian theor for Latter-da Saints is the topic of 
Anthony Larson’s book, And the Moon Shall urn to Blood. Larson not only 
believes Velikovsky’s claims, he also promulgates the idea that cataclysmichistory holds the secret to our understanding o the uture when applied to
ancient and modern prophec. From the dust jacket of his ook we read:
“In this work … a stunning new understanding o cosmological changes inthe heavens and on the earth joins with the truths o the restored gospel togive an incredible insight into prophecy.” Te reader’s frst reaction might
well be that this is just so much hyperbole and media promo. I frmly believe
it is not. Indeed, it seems to me that Larson adequatel makes his case.
And the MoonShall urn to Blood
A Review
by . Eugene Shoemaker
He irt aert the centraity aninpiration o Veikovky’ iea tothe concept upon which hi booki bae, expaining “I the iea o 
catastrophism the cataclysmic instigation
o comic an terretriachange ia correct principe, an i Veikovky’comoogica expanation or the caueo uch change i ao correct, then we
may expect these theories to conorm not
ony to ancient cripture, but to moern
revelation as well”(p. 55).Tis is the crux of Larson’s exposition.
He ientiie three interconnecte
themes common to much of ancient and
moern prophecy: prophetic ymboim,
hitorica event (accuratey recore),an catatrophim, prouce by extra-
terrestrial orces. Tese become inexorably 
wee when, or exampe, they areappie to the catatrophe oun in
the Book o Mormon. Te event o the
universal cataclysm oretold in connection
with the econ coming ao how thi
intrinic unity. Such prophecie, eom
inteigibe in their own term, arecarife by Veikovkian concept, ay
Larson. Moreover, the ideas o Velikovsky 
ai our unertaning o the propheticpronouncement o atter-ay churcheaer who peak o a hoocautapremiennia catacym caue by extra-terretria orce rom panetary 

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