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Letters From Nuln 1

Letters From Nuln 1

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Published by Bruce Lee Pow
First adventure log from an ongoing campaign told from the point of view of one of the PCs
First adventure log from an ongoing campaign told from the point of view of one of the PCs

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Published by: Bruce Lee Pow on May 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Imperial Post
WolfenburgKaldezeit, 2520Greetings from the city of Nuln Master Silverforge! I hope the golden rivers ofcommerce flow freely through your Great House.The heavy rains have started here in the Reikland. Nuln has just finished offGun Powder week
. We were treated to the unveiling of this year‟s Dwarven Rifle, thewinner of Nuln‟s annual contest for the finest firearm in the empire. Many complained
that the dwarves had only won the contest this year because they have the ear of theArch-Lector of Nuln. This is not true.
I‟ve seen it with my own eyes: the Dwarven
Longrifle of Nuln looked to be a serious competitor to the Hochland Longrifle.This last week
joined up with an odd group of adventurers, all come toNuln to make their fortunes: a human named Wertha Brandenburg, a Halfling calledRudi Roundtopp, a dwarf Imperial Jailor called Gottri Truehammer, and two elves, afierce knifethrower by the name of Haleon and a male scholar by the name ofLaurenor
although a touch of some illness has kept him within spitting distance of achamber pot for several days. Anyway, we arrived to Nuln on the same river barge,around midnight, seven days ago today. Much of note has happened in these sevendays! Strangers in the city, we spent our first rain-soaked night in Nuln searching forlodging, fighting a band of footpads who must have thought we looked like easy marks,(an assumption that cost two of them their lives), and chasing a burglar who hadsought to rob us in our sleep. Treacherous city!
We quickly learned that the Deutzelm was the place to look for work in thiscity, so we tried our luck there on the second day. Adventurers, rogues and travelersgathered round the massive tree, reading, or having read to them, advertisements forcontracts that needed completing. We pulled one of the notices off the tree, whichled to a retrieval contract for one Albrecht Oldenhaller, which went smoothly and putus into contact with a resourceful smuggler named Dirk Huydermans (more on himbelow). For our next contract, we were hired by a prosperous butcher to track downhis missing daughter. It took us two days, but we found her, and in hideous condition:warped beyond re
cognition by a rival butcher‟s poisoned sausages! Her father had
her brought to a Shallyan Hospital and we tracked and slew his rival, a man who was
in league with Chaos. We then converted the man‟s river barge to our use and are in
the process of acquiring an Imperial License to operate the barge on our own accountfor river trade.In less than one week, we had made enough coin to live modestly for a numberof months, even accounting for our purchase of suitable armor and equipment for ournew careers as adventurers. In any event, Gottri still had one last task to complete asan Imperial Jailor. He had been tracking a criminal named Karl Warburg who escaped
the hangman‟s noose two weeks ago in Altdorf.
The trail had gone cold, but Gottrisuspected that Warburg may have returned to Nuln to take up his former career as abandit and cutthroat. He showed me a picture of the villainous scum, a man bleachedwhite as a bone, with a jagged scar on his left cheek. He had been convicted ofmultiple murders and robberies on the Imperial Highways. 100 gold crowns for hisreturn! At the thought of such a bounty, my eyes lit up and I inquired as to what wasknown of the fellow. In my experience, simply tracking a criminal usually
enough;one must step into the shoes of the larcernous, murderous filth you are tracking. Youhave to learn to think the way they do. You must taste the rotgut and feel their joy in
violence run amuck against all natural sense or reason. Unpleasant but profitablework.We had met a man Dirk Huygens in our recent execution of the OldenhallerContract and thought he might be able to lead us to our quarry, or at least put us onthe track. Dirk is a smuggler accustomed to working in the grey areas of the law. Wevisited him on our seventh night in Nuln at his customary booth at the Merry Halfling.He told us that although he had neither met nor seen Karl Warburg, he would tap hiscontacts for more information on Warb
urg‟s location. The only catch wa
s that weneeded to assist him that very
night with an “easy” job that he had been contracted
for. I was suspicious, of course, just like you taught me to be. An
job with highpay, is a
lways a bad combination when you‟re
working the
shadows. It meant
there was something you didn‟t know
that could get you killed.
He told us that he had been hired by a man he didn‟t know who called himself“Dieter.”
This didn‟t seem much to go on and
I was suspicious. Our fellowship castsideways glances at each other, signifying that we each had the same thought:perhaps Dirk had taken a job he
shouldn‟t have,
perhaps out of some perverse prideor perhaps to refill his coffers. Still, we had no other leads, so we agreed to meet uplater that night to assist Dirk with this mysterious job. We positioned ourselves at aninn across the way to watch for any odd comings and goings at the Merry Halfling.Dirk had also told us to make sure we were not followed when we returned thatevening at the strike of eleven.
We did notice later that some of Dirk‟s men
went intothe bar that evening.
I couldn‟t shake t
houghts of a double cross all night. We knew what Dirk andhis men were capable of
after all, we had fought alongside them against the cultistsof Nurgle in the sewers of Nuln. To make matters worse, during the evening, wenoticed two cloaked characters doing a bad job of watching us, trying not to be seen.

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