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The Mercury Room Chronicles- Generations- Chapter11

The Mercury Room Chronicles- Generations- Chapter11

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Published by The Dr.

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Published by: The Dr. on Sep 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Nice work, man,’ The Fourth, Allucian Dr. congratulated his Eighth incarnation as heemerged victorious from the hatchway.‘Well, it was obvious really when you thought about it,’ The Eighth Dr. shruggednonchalantly. ‘Everybody was somewhere else in the house, but Elysium heard a scream… Mr Body stabbed himself.’ ‘Suicide,’ The Second Manager snapped his fingers. ‘That fool Eighth should have seenit!’ ‘ 
didn’t,’ The Tenth Dr. laughed as he tossed aside a now empty bottle of whisky. ‘You were all stood around here, yakkin’ and cheerin’, thinkin’ your boy’d solved it outright!’ ‘It was a brilliant conclusion!’ The Seventh Manager barked in his deep Irish tones. ‘If myfuture self had been given all the facts, he would have solved the case.’ ‘He was given the same facts as our guy,’ The Ninth Dr. said smugly, shrugging in hismassive leather jacket. ‘And we won,he bounced on his heels as The Eighth Dr.accepted another crystal from Raljex and disappeared with a Pop.‘ 
So now
,’ Raljex said haughtily. ‘ 
Three crystals for The Dr., only one for The Manager.We’ve played four games, gentlemen, let us press on, time is, as we are all aware,slipping away. Dr.’s, it is your time to choose the type of game we play
.’  The Dr.’s huddled together and discussed the matter, all apart from Seventh who was staring dumbly at his own reflection in a dulled piece of silverware on the floor.‘A Skill Game,’ The Ninth Dr. announced finally. ‘And I am to play.’ ‘ 
A Skill Game you say?!
’ Raljex shouted gleefully. ‘ 
And which of The Managers wishesto play this Skill game?’
‘Will it
be a Skill game?’ The Seventh Manager drolled.‘ 
,’ Raljex nodded.‘Alrighty then,’ The Seventh Manager coughed. ‘Second’s going to do it.’ ‘I am?’ The Second Manager balked.‘You most certainly are,’ The Seventh Manager winked. ‘Put that brilliance of yours to work.’ ‘Well,’ The Second Manager said, folding his arms. ‘It’s true I
brilliant … okay, I willplay this Skill Game.’ ‘ 
Very well
,Raljex bobbed lightly on his heels as he rolled his dice. ‘ 
Oh, howinteresting
,’ he said, replacing the dice in his pocket. ‘ 
Six assistants again, a doubleroll … that should mean something … something should happen with a double roll
’ ‘You should double the number you’ve rolled,’ The Second Manager suggested with agrin.‘No!’ The Ninth Dr. shouted. ‘No, I’m not having twelve more people put in danger!’ Raljex considered the point. ‘ 
No, I like this better. Gives it more drama
.’ ‘Drama?!’ The Ninth Dr. fumed. ‘This isn’t for your
! You’re playing withpeople’s lives!’ Raljex rose up to his full height and squared up to The Ninth Dr. ‘ 
You are the onewho wanted this contest, Dr. … learn to live with the consequences of your actions… now
,’ Raljex threw open the door. ‘ 
Go play the game
.’  The Ninth Dr. glowered at both Raljex and The Second Manager who was smilingmaliciously.‘So ironic,’ The Second Manager commented as they both entered the room. ‘You’ve spent your life making all these friends, protecting them from harm … now it’s your faultthey’re all going to die.’  The Dr.’s lip curled and it looked for a moment like he was going to punch theother man. The Ninth Dr., like the Third and the Fifth, was not known for his diplomacy,it was normally his fists and his guns that did the talking for him. Instead, he lowered
his eyes and shrugged. ‘It’s a good job I’m used to the feeling,’ he said, returning thesmile forcefully and entered the game.Raljex closed the door behind the pair. ‘ 
Oooh, I’m having fun!
’ He declared airilyto those that remained. ‘ 
Is everybody else having fun?
’  The Ninth Dr. strode into what appeared to be the boiler room of the sunkenvessel they were occupying. The air was thick with the smell of rotting wood and sea water. He caught sight of The Manager’s assistants. Aliens again, angry, vicious aliens atthat. They were the Psygoats. Evil creatures that had nothing at all to do with goats, it was merely a name. They actually resembled large, fierce-looking shrimps, but withenlarged craniums that often caused them to overbalance comically. They had limitedpsychic abilities that were of no threat to sentient life forms, but they had an annoyinghabbit of bringing inanimate objects to life. There were eleven in total, and at their head was a creature with whom The Dr. had battled for many centuries. It stood and regardedhim with a manic, gleeful grin.‘Ah, Dr.!’ The creature smiled, grinning with large fangs as it tipped its top hat at himand adjusted its monocle. ‘I was wondering when I would be given the honour of renewing our acquaintance.’ ‘Monkey,’ The Dr. glowered, staring down the tuxedo-clad simian.‘That’s
Monkey, if you’d remember correctly, Dr.’ Wacky Monkey hissed. ‘Yournemesis. The Moriati to your Holmes! Your deadliest enemy!’ ‘Yeah,’ The Ninth Dr. nodded noncommittally. ‘You keep dreaming.’ Even The Managersnorted with derision at the simian’s statement.‘I’m so happy that we meet here on the battlefield,’ The Monkey continued as its Psygoathoard looked on, giving The Dr. evil looks. ‘You will finally pay for destroying TheShrimpverse.’  The Dr. nodded slightly. He hadn’t done it yet, but The Shrimpverse was the homeof the Psygoats, a never-ending stream of minions at Wacky Monkey’s disposal. If they weren’t doing evil deeds for the highly-advanced ape, they would be off causing their ownchaos. They must have done something truly horrific to tick The Dr. off enough todestroy their Universe all together. He shuddered to think what devastation would drivehim to it. The Shrimpverse was a small parallel dimension, but still, it was a Universeunto itself. Strike off one more act of genocide for The Dr.’s resume.‘Dr.!’  The Dr. turned to face a large band of Allucian members and his heart sank. He was playing for these people’s lives. They were in danger because of him, because hisFourth Incarnation was trying to save himself, all of The Dr.’s … it was the only thingthat could be done. Without The Dr. around, The Manager would no doubt conquer the world before long.Still, all these people were going to die if The Dr. didn’t do his utmost to prevent it.So much pressure. The Ninth Dr. didn’t like pressure at all. It was an annoyance, it gotin the way of his clear thinking. He like to have a clear head, it helped him to aim better.‘Jazz concludes that this fails epically,’ Jazz commented angrily, looking through hispockets for his Cancer Ray. He growled angry when he couldn’t find it. ‘It fails evenmore!’ He roared. ‘That Jazz was forced to hand in his Cancer Ray to the guards at thedoor to the Awards Ceremony! Jazz could have used it to give the enemy Cancer!’ ‘Well, since you’re in such a good mood,’ Steffman mused. ‘I think we’re all relieved youhaven’t got it with you.’ ‘Jazz will remember your insolence,’ Jazz thundered.‘Guys!’ Will-ko said loudly. ‘This sucks, I know, but we’re here to help The Dr.!’ ‘If it wasn’t for The Dr. bringing his enemies to us, we wouldn’t have these problems,’  Jazz muttered.‘I’m so glad Jazz is here,’ Jaymz grunted. ‘It’ll make everything so much more enjoyable.’ ‘Won’t it just?’ Richy, the giant Domo agreed miserably.‘You should be thankful,’ Jazz said, examining his nails. ‘The awesomeness of Jazz isenough to overcome any adversary.’ ‘Did you tell that to the Pathe chicken when it sat on you?’ Vash smirked.

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