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The Lily Potter Series

The Lily Potter Series

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Published by rainymangum
its part of a novel that is about lily potter and her adventure!
its part of a novel that is about lily potter and her adventure!

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Published by: rainymangum on May 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One
“Mum, look what I found in the mail,” Lily said to her mother Ginny. “What is it Lily?I’m very busy right now,” said Lily’s mum. “It says ‘Your Ticket to Hogwarts’ mum’.What does that mean?” said Lily. “Oh, Hogwarts. That was where you father Harry and Imet. You see Lily, your not a regular kid” said Mum. “I’m not a kid! I’m a pre-teenmum!” said Lily. “Why are you yelling Lily? Its hurting my ears,” said Albus. “Itsnothing to do with you so leave now,” said Lily as she pointed her finger towards thedoor. “I just wanted to know why your yelling, plus it was hurting my ears so I had theright to come in the kitchen,” Albus told Lily, “You know it isn’t your kitchen.” Lily gotup making a fist in her hand and chased Albus around the kitchen until he finally left.“Lily I know your brothers annoy you but until autumn comes you will be with Rose at a place called Hogwarts. it’s a school for children like you who are wizards and I know youknew you are one so don’t look at me all surprised. I saw you in your room the other daylifting your dolls up without touching them.” said Mum. “Okay, fine yes I do know I’m awizard, but I didn’t know there was a school for them and especially I didn’t know thatRose was one.” Lily said like she was Hermione when she was at Hogwarts during her first year. “Sweetheart that’s how we all met, Hermione, Ron, Harry, and me.” Mum said.“What about the prank uncles?” Lily asked. Lily’s mummy didn’t reply like she thoughtshe would, “Please call them by their first name Lily, you know I hate when you callthem the prank uncles.” “Yes mummy, but only ‘cause I love you” Lily said snotty. SoonJames walked in the room grabbed an apple then slapped Lily on the head then walkedout the room. After James came Harry, he grabbed a banana kissed Ginny on the cheek,hugged Lily then walked out. “Mum can we go up to my room to talk?” asked Lily as shestarted walking up to her room. “Well, c’mon mum. Aren’t you coming?” Lily askedGinny. “Yes, just go up there and I’ll be up in a second sweetheart.” Mum said to Lily.When Lily was for surely up in her room Mum started looking at the ticket and signed a piece of paper then ran outside dropped it in the mail slot then ran up to Lily’s room.
Mum opened the door to see Lily hugging her teddy bear and sobbing into it. “Mum Idon’t want to go to Hogwarts, I’ll miss you and daddy to much.” said Lily sobbing againinto her bear. “If you really don’t want to go then you don’t have to but I just want you toknow that I want you to be a good wizard, maybe not the best but close because whenyou think you don’t need your powers that’s when you need them most.” Lily’s mumexplained to her. “I’ll think about going but I really will miss you. Just to tell you, I amgoing to miss my brothers annoying me.” Lily said to her mummy. “I know you will andto be clear I miss Ron annoying me in the old house.” said Mum snickering trying not tolaugh. “Its okay to feel scared but I assure you that when you there it will be the funniest place.” said Mum. “Okay and I love you and daddy with almost all my heart.” said Lily.“Why with almost all your heart?” mum replied. “Because I have to leave at least somelove for Al and James.” Lily said. “What about your uncles, Fred and George?” askedmum. “Okay fine some love for everybody.” said Lily with one of the biggest smiles onher face. “Well I’m glad that we settled this whole Hogwarts thing,” Mum said to Lily.Lily’s mum walked out of the room then… “Albus get down here!” Harry, Lily’s dadyelled. “Yes father!” Albus yelled back to his father. Lily peeked out of her room and sawher father with her mum, Al, and James. Her father had the biggest smile she had ever seen. “Lily guess what!?” Lily’s father asked her. “What daddy? Is it a surprise?” askedLily again. “Your going to Hogwarts! That’s where your mother and I met! And now your going there to learn magic and maybe find someone you love. Isn’t it great!?” Lily’sfather said very excitedly. Lily thought about telling her dad that she didn’t want to go, but the thought of breaking her fathers heart crushed her so she said, “Yes, and I cant waitto go” said with a smile on her face trying as hard as she could not to stop smiling. “Okaythe train leaves tomorrow and then you’ll be back in autumn, so go pack your stuff,”Harry told Lily. As soon as Lily’s father was out of sight she ran to her room and againcried because she would miss her family. When Lily had all her stuff packed she told hefather and went to bed. “Lily time to go!” Lily’s father said as he woke her up with isyell. Lily walked to the car starting to pretend to faint so she could get sympathy so shewouldn’t have to go. “Lily I know you, your just doing that to get sympathy.” Albus saidto Lily. “Don’t tell father but I don’t want to go to Hogwarts I’ll miss you guys to much.”Lily said as she tried to keep Al from telling their parents. “Why should I not tell mumyou don’t want to go when you chased me around the kitchen threatening to punch meyesterday? Let myself think should I tell, should I not tell, hmm…I think I’m going to tellso go start practicing your sympathy act.” Al said starting to walk and yell mum. Lilyquickly grabbed Al then put her hand over his mouth. “Listen I don’t want to go but dadreally wants me too so I’m going to go and if you even try to tell I’m going to punch inthat face you call beautiful.” Lily said with a mad expression on her face. “I’ll keep mymouth closed but only because you’re my sister,” Al told Lily. “Good, so now we’re clear for good or at least for now?” Lily asked Al. “Al guess what I just put in the toilet!?”James said as he came screaming from the house to the car. “What did you do?” askedAlbus. “I stuck one of dads pairs of pants in the toilet and flushed it” James said as heheld his arms out like he was the king and he was waiting for someone to put his cape onhim ‘cause he couldn’t do it himself. “Awesome dude!” Al said as him and James did ahigh-five. “Come on lets go see get flushed again!” James said to Al as he started walkingup into the house. “Boys get down here we’re about to leave now get in the car!” saidmum. The boys walked out of the house and into the car. The car started and everyone

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