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Fishing Game Short Long Sound Color

Fishing Game Short Long Sound Color

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Published by liz_santiago_4

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Published by: liz_santiago_4 on May 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Materials you need to play this game:
Any kind of stick (works better with the poles you useto make flags)2.
Any thread that can be used as a fishing line.3.
magnet (one for each fishing pole)4.
Paper clip (one for each fish)5.
Card board (for as many teams you dived the group of students)
Using the tread and the pole make a fishing rod. Attachone of the magnets to the end of the line.2.
Cut the fish, laminate it (or cover it with contact paperin order to protect it) and put a paper clip on each fish.3.
Cut the plates and the cooking fire and laminate it too.(Print the two plates for each group of students.4.
On the card board draw a pond or just paint it in blueand cut it as an oval. Optional: Put some little rocksaround to make it look like a pond.5.
Dived the group on 2 or more.6.
Put the fire and the plates on the board.7.
Give one student per team a fishing rod8.
Put the fish in the pond. (Make a set of fish of each team)
The game:
Put one student of each team in front of the fire andanother in front of the plate.2.
Ask the teams to make a line in front of their pond.3.
Ask the students to fish. Once they catch one fish, theyhave to give it to the student in front of the fire to put it tocook (tape the fish in the fire). That student has to waituntil another fish is caught to put it to cook. Then thestudent in the fire has to give the cooked fish to the onein front of the plate (tape the fish to the plate). Thisstudent now goes to the end of the fishing line; the one inthe fire goes to the plate and the one that fished goes tothe fire and so on. This way all of the students in the teamget to fish, cook and serve.4.
The objective is to classify the sounds of the vowels intoshort or long. The game ends when all the fish of a teamare caught but wins the team with more fish correctlyclassify.

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