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đề thi toefl 2009-01a

đề thi toefl 2009-01a

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Published by Moon Moon

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Moon Moon on May 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part 5 / 6-Part 5
Part 6
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101. Businesses wait to be sure of aneconomic recovery but consumers are gettingmore ------- about the job market.(A) optimist(B) optimistic(C) optimistically(D) optimists102. The ------- will be chaired by Mr.Sheldon, one of the most innovative directorsin the company.(A) category(B) qualification(C) committee(D) productivity103. The interest rate on housing loansdropped ------- 2.1 percent last month and isexpected to go down further over the next fewweeks.(A) as(B) to(C) in(D) since104. The desert shop specializes in cookiesmade of chocolate, but ------- are available.(A) other (B) the other (C) another (D) others105. ------- the replacement parts are delivered by tomorrow, we will have more complaintsfrom retailers and customers.(A) Such as(B) Given(C) Unless(D) Only if 106. Training sessions for all departmentalsupervisors will be held ------- the conferenceroom.(A) on(B) of (C) as(D) in107. For the people ------- were affected by theearthquake, the non-profit organization hasasked for more aid.(A) they(B) whose(C) who(D) which108. Among the ------- candidates for the position, Mr. Clark has the most experience inretail sales.(A) likely(B) conditional(C) relied(D) original
109. There is a ------- demand for video discdrives that are compatible with multiple discformats.(A) grow(B) growing(C) grew(D) grows110. Mr. Howard has ------- confidence in hiscomputer programming skills that he never says no when asked to create utility software.(A) another (B) plenty(C) such(D) almost111. The customer returned his order sayingits switch was defective, and the online storeagreed to ------- the full amount to his account.(A) magnify(B) credit(C) discontinue(D) charge112. The management should realize that------- out a loan is only a temporary solutionto the company's financial problems.(A) was taken(B) taking(C) having been taken(D) taken113. The CEO was very pleased with theresults of the latest sales campaign ------- gavethe sales manger a bonus.(A) if so(B) furthermore(C) and(D) then114. A good manager should ------- try tocreate an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.(A) always(B) nearly(C) well(D) far 115. The swimming pool had to be closed dueto a ------- of funds for maintenance.(A) level(B) shortage(C) range(D) record116. In order to maintain its good reputation,the restaurant does its best to serve the guests------- and in a courteous manner.(A) quick (B) quicker (C) quickness(D) quickly117. The head of sales department asked Mr.Karawara to turn in his sales report -------noon today so that he could set the deadline.(A) up to(B) for (C) till(D) by118. The extension of the deadline hasenabled most of the sales representatives tocomplete their ------- on time.(A) propose(B) proposing
(C) proposal(D) proposed119. For over 20 years, Mr. Richardson has been a ------- member of the Green Club tovolunteer his time to educate the public aboutrecycling.(A) first(B) regular (C) valued(D) durable120. After tremendous success of his firstclothing shop, the designer has ------- to openanother.(A) picked(B) decided(C) settled(D) established121. It is surprising to see ------- much broadband Internet connection fees havedropped over the last year.(A) thus(B) how(C) moreover (D) because122. ------- the cash register, you should firstopen the cash drawer with your key and punchin your employee number.(A) Use(B) To use(C) Used(D) Using123. Economic experts agree that the merger will prove ------- rewarding, and that profitswill soar in the near future.(A) mutually(B) lately(C) exactly(D) approximately124. We are ------- that the proposal will meetwith the approval of all parties concerned.(A) confidence(B) confide(C) confident(D) confidently125. Even though the assistant manager, Mr.Schropp appeared unwilling ------- to a new post, he was persuaded by his family to acceptit.(A) transfer (B) to transfer (C) transferring(D) to transferring126. Property values dropped at an ------- rate,and some property owners tried to minimizethe loss by selling their land.(A) alarming(B) enlarging(C) according(D) escaping127. The fire insurance policy for the office building should be renewed on ------- beforethe 15th of this month.(A) when

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