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Free MBA Application Essays

Free MBA Application Essays

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Some excellent MBA Application Essays & Statement of Purpose can be downloaded from www.statementofpurpose.co.in
Some excellent MBA Application Essays & Statement of Purpose can be downloaded from www.statementofpurpose.co.in

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Published by: rituparnaroychowdhury on May 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr. Rituparna Roy ChowdhuryFlat No. B-4, 1
floor,4/10, Bijoygarh,(Near Bijoygarh P.O.),Kolkata – 700 032.India.+91-94321-00756/ +91-98686-39414.
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If you can spend one day as someone else, who would it be? Why?
If I were to spend one day as someone else, I would love to donthe mantle of a financial analyst.I am a very ambitious person, and always look for a brighter future. I am also a risk taker though not a gambler or a speculator. But I loveexploring the opportunities of tomorrow which may seem invisible today.A day’s work as a financial analyst will not transform me into afinancial wizard. Neither is my ambition to become a financial wizard. I only wantto acquire the vision of a forecaster of the future. When investment decisions aretaken by financial consultants, they look at the micro and macroeconomic factorsof the economy, the fundamentals of the company, market sentiments andinvestor behavior and fancy towards certain shares.Our biggest drawback is that we don’t think much about thefuture. But we must realize that all that we do today is towards a future goal, andunless we look at the future, it is impossible for us to constructively plan our worktoday which directly impacts our path of progress.For instance, I find very few people going for post-retirementfinancial planning. Since, we don’t visualize how the economy would shape upafter two or three decades, or what would be the cost price indexes, we are notbothered about how to sustain ourselves in old age.My long-term goal is to be a consultant and to be so, I need themindset of predicting the future. The way IT has revolutionized the work
processes and has given rise to new products, product lines and product profileswith the convergence of technology, it has always been the first movers whohave made fortunes out of it. Whether it is the hotmail experience of Indiantechnocrat Sabeer Bhatia, or that of google, as a consultant too, I need to seethe opportunities before anybody can perceive and put it to practice.The way technology has come up, no body can say in whosefavor the dices would turn. Even a decade ago, it was unbelievable that India’sservice sector would get a huge boost because of a significant portion of theworld’s back office operations and business process outsourcing shifting to India,and that it would cost the English speaking economies dear with risingunemployment in their countries.The unpredictability of the systems can best be explainedthrough the trading of the stock markets. When one is selling a scrip, another person is buying it at the same time. This in turn explains that while the seller feels he has been able to sell the share at the highest saleable price, the buyer too feels he has been able to acquire it at the lowest buying rate.Yet amidst such uncertainties, the eyes that can see the rightpicture of future emerge as winners. My aspiration to be a financial analyst for aday is just for acquiring that “winning vision”.
2.1Evaluate your application and provide a critical assessment of it.Outline factors that might differentiate you from others from a similar background. 500 words.
My application portrays the picture of an ideal MBA aspirant whoholds a sound academic record and is highly innovative in thoughts; and believescross functional approaches are the best mode of learning, a reflection of mybroad vision.My bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious scientific research centers of the worldhas provided me with a strong background of science. I am having a good GMATscore of 710 as well.Again, my work experiences in sales, marketing, production andoperations for FMCG major HLL, has enriched me with ideas of managing abusiness enterprise. Moreover, my candidature clearly indicates my eagerness tolearn things from the grassroots levels rather than look at things academically.While being selected for the first job through campus interviews, I deliberatelychose a rural posting for training. I have been born and brought up in Siliguri, asmall town of eastern India, as well as stayed in New Delhi and Kolkata. Hence, Ihad the opportunities to see the urban markets and their consumer psyches. So,now I wanted to learn the rural markets.I am a person who always looks for newer opportunities. The ruralmarkets had all along being treated with less importance by FMCG andconsumer durable companies. Of late, however, studies have revealed that rural
India, which constitutes about 60% of the total population, is the emergingmarket. This is because of a saturation point that certain products are reaching inthe urban areas, and secondly owing to higher disposable income along with thespread of education, giving rise to consumerism among the rural populace.Even at a top educational institute, when we were about to closedown our global online education system because of tremendous agitationagainst outsourcing, all of my colleagues feared retrenchment. But rather beingperturbed, I came up with the idea of offering the services at a retail level. It wasprimarily at my initiative that we started marketing it to individuals with freeclasses and were able to convert a large number of them as clients. And thisensured no lay-offs.My long term goal of opening a 24 x 7 x 365 basis call center offering information related to global education needs is unique and explains myentrepreneurial ideas and my foresight in understanding the future, whenclassrooms would be replaced by cyber schools.I definitely satisfy the leadership traits that all b-schools look at. Iget along with people very easily, from the ranks of shop floor workers to theranks of Directors. In fact, I enjoy working in a group, as it is the best medium togain through the exchange of knowledge and skills.Overall, I am a candidate of huge merit, innovative, hard working,having fancied but realistic goals in life. Considering my personality traits,academic record and professional performance, I am an ideal candidate for management studies, and would be an asset to the class of ISB, if admitted.
Statement of Purpose
I am a computer science and engineering graduate having seven years of experience in IT sales, service and consultancy. I am highly ambitious and alwaysdream big. I passionately explore newer and unknown fields and love taking calculatedrisks. This has helped me grow tremendously, as a leader, as a team player and moreimportantly, as a responsible human being.I take pride in myself as one who looks at every problem as a goldenopportunity and steps his foot forward at the most appropriate moment to provide asolution and leave the impressions of leadership through innovativeness.My ultimate career goal is to open my own consultancy and emerge as abusiness leader in the field of emerging technologies and consulting. I strongly believe ininnovation and professional excellence, and my motto of work is to use my novelthoughts to add commercial value to all available technology.I was born to a middle-class family with my father being a police officer.Thus, right from the beginning my father inspired me to get through the country'sprestigious Civil Services and bear the much coveted IAS or IPS bureaucratic tagattached to my name. However, as I was destined for a career in engineering, I clearedthe engineering entrance exams to become a technocrat today. I still would regretsomewhat that I could not fulfill my father's dream, and also something on which I toohad set my eyes on. However, the handsome salary that I draw as a result of being an ITprofessional negates much of that feeling.This incident makes me accept failures with grace, and rejoice with what wehave won rather than moan for what we perhaps had lost. With only such optimism canone move ahead. Otherwise, we will perish under sorrows of anguish.I have been climbing the professional ladder very fast. In this process, mymaturity into a business strategist is the most significant accomplishment I have made. I

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