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10328 list Manifesto

10328 list Manifesto

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Published by: Vortexstudio Vortex on May 23, 2011
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Cannibalist ManifestoAuthor(s): Oswald de Andrade and Leslie BarySource:
Latin American Literary Review,
Vol. 19, No. 38 (Jul. - Dec., 1991), pp. 38-47Published by: Latin American Literary ReviewStable URL:
Accessed: 06/08/2009 13:21
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 Latin American Literary Review.
Cannibalism alone unitesus.Socially. Economically.Philosophically.
* * *
Theworld'ssinglelaw.Disguisedexpressionofallindividualism,of allcollectivisms. Ofallreligions.Ofallpeacetreaties.
** *
* **
Downwitheverycatechism. And downwiththeGracchi'smother.3
** *
Iamonlyconcerned with whatisnotmine.LawofMan. Law of the
cannibal.** *
We'retiredofall thesuspiciousCatholichusbandswho've beengivenstarringroles. FreudputanendtothemysteryofWoman andtootherhorrorsofprinted psychology.
** *
Whatclashedwiththe truthwasclothing,thatraincoatplacedbetweentheinner andouterworlds.Thereactionagainstthedressedman.Americanmovies will informus.
* **
Children of thesun,motheroftheliving.Discovered and lovedferociouslywith all thehypocrisyofsaudade,4bytheimmigrants, byslavesandbythetouristes.Inthe landofthe GreatSnake.5
* * *
Oswaldde Andrade's"CannibalistManifesto"39Itwasbecauseweneverhadgrammars,norcollectionsofoldplants.Andwe neverknewwhaturban,suburban,frontierandcontinentalwere.LazyinthemapamundiofBrazil.6Aparticipatoryconsciousness,areligiousrhythmics.7
* **
Downwithall theimportersof canned consciousness.Thepalpableexistenceof life.And thepre-logicalmentalityfor Mr.L?vy-Bruhltostudy.8
* * *
Wewantthe Carib Revolution.Greater than the French Revolution.Theunificationof allproductiverevoltsfortheprogressofhumanity.Withoutus,Europewouldn'tevenhaveitsmeagerdeclarationoftherightsofman.9TheGoldenAgeheraldedbyAmerica. The GoldenAge.Andallthegirls.
* **
Heritage.ContactwiththeCaribside ofBrazil. O?Villegaignonprintterre.10Montaigne.Naturalman.Rousseau. Fromthe FrenchRevolutiontoRomanticism,totheBolshevikRevolution,tothe SurrealistRevolutionandKeyserling'stechnicized barbarian.11Wepushonward.
* **
Wewerenevercatechized.Welivebyasomnambulistic law.We madeChristtobe borninBahia. OrinBel?m doPara.12
** *
Butweneverpermittedthe birth oflogicamongus.
** *
Down withFather Vieira.13 Author ofourfirstloan,tomakeacommission.Theilliteratekinghadtoldhim:putthatonpaper,butwithoutalot oflip.Theloanwasmade. Braziliansugarwassignedaway.Vieiraleft themoneyinPortugalandbroughtusthelip.
** *
Thespiritrefusestoconceiveaspiritwithoutabody.Anthropomorphism.Need for thecannibalistic vaccine.Tomaintainourequilibrium,againstmeridianreligions.14Andagainstoutsideinquisitions.

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