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Http Www.seameo-Innotech.org Innotech Research Res3.Htm Top

Http Www.seameo-Innotech.org Innotech Research Res3.Htm Top

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Published by Icas Phils

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Published by: Icas Phils on May 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Today is Wed., June 9, 2010
SEAMEO INNOTECH - Research and Evaluation Programhttp://www.seameo-innotech.org/innotech/research/res3.htm1 of 36/9/2010 9:38 PM
• Research and Evaluation Program •• Current Projects •
• Completed Projects/ResearchStudies •
• q-LEARN• Internet-Enhanced COMPETE• Materials Development for MadrasahEducation• ELSA• National Databases for EffectiveSchool Analysis in Asia• WITTY• Evaluation of TAO - Kiddie PAMANA• Equivalency Programs for thePromotion of Lifelong Learning• COMPETE• CODETEL• Project TAO CARES• Project TAO I & II• NFE A&E MIS• NFE A&E Parts I & II• IMPACT• RIT• CB-BLP• NTR• DELSILIFE• NODROPS LS-EFA• LEAD• EASE• SEAMEO CIDA• GRASP• VIDEOTECH• CASES• SBE
Completed Researchesq-LEARN (School-Based Quality Learning Cells
Project q-Learn (School-Based Quality Learning Cells) addresses a critical concern of the ThirdElementary Education Project (TEEP) in terms of enabling inputs towards developing moreeffective schools: adequate learning packages and other materials for the professionaldevelopment of teachers, school managers and educational managers to enrich their competencies in managing the school system, from the management level to the classroom level.Project q-Learn is funded under the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) SchoolImprovement and Innovation Facility (SIIF) National Window.The Project aims to enhance the competencies of teachers and school administrators on the useof professional self-learnign packages designed to enable them to carry out school-based,self-propelled learning activities at their own pace and in their own styles. It is envisioned thatthese competencies shall consequently help improve student achievement in the different learningareas on the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).
Internet-enhanced COMPETE
(Competency-Based Continuing Education Programfor Teachers Utilizing Distance Education Technologies and Materials)
Under COMPETE 2, the existing COMPETE Learning System was converted into anInternet-based system. The modules, which form part of the learning system, were field-validatedin selected universities in both urban and rural settings in the Philippines to test the applicability of the Internet features of the program. Validation sites were Philippine Normal University in Manila,Benguet State University in La Trinidad, Benguet, Bicol University in Legazpi City, MarianoMarcos State University in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, and University of Regina Carmeli in Malolos,Bulacan.The revised Internet-based COMPETE materials were disseminated nationwide through two (2)fora organized at SEAMEO INNOTECH in 2004. Copies of the COMPETE materials weredistributed, so that the participants can use and reproduce them as inputs for their local in-serviceteacher training programs, or, possibly, for the implementation of the COMPETE Learning Systemin their divisions.The current 30 modules of Project COMPETE were deemed equivalent to 18 units of a master’sdegree. To complete the required number of units for a master’s degree program, additionalmodules need to be developed. Thus, a workshop on competency framework was held inDecember 2004 to guide the development of additional modules. The workshop produced aCompetency Chart covering nine (9) general areas of competency. Based on this, 20 additionalmodules for Project COMPETE will be developed.
Materials Development Project in Support of the Curriculum for the PrivateMadaris and The Enriched Curriculum for Public Schools for Muslims
From November 16 to December 2, 2004, two workshops funded by The Asia Foundation wereconducted at SEAMEO INNOTECH for the Materials Development Project in Support of theCurriculum for the Private Madaris and the Enriched Curriculum for Public Schools for Muslims.The first workshop was to fine-tune and finalize descriptions of subjects, scope and sequence of topics, learning competencies and fleshing out of generic, terminal competencies into morespecific learning competencies. The second was to orient textbook writers and prepare aprototype chapter of the textbook, teachers’ guides, and students’ skill books. The results of thetwo workshops were the refined descriptions, objectives, DACUM charts, and textbook briefs for the five learning areas, namely: Islamic Values, Seerah and Hadith, Aqeedah and Fiqh, Qur’an,and Arabic language.The workshops were attended by those who were involved in the Cotabato City CurriculumReview and Enrichment Workshop, Islamic scholars and experts from the academe, and other Muslim groups in Mindanao. The participants were divided into five groups, namely: Islamic 
SEAMEO INNOTECH - Research and Evaluation Programhttp://www.seameo-innotech.org/innotech/research/res3.htm2 of 36/9/2010 9:38 PM

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