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Swartz, Kahn,Other Procon Fuckers and Humanic All Day Suckers

Swartz, Kahn,Other Procon Fuckers and Humanic All Day Suckers

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Published by Frank Gallagher
All public filings in the realm of the people's courts to judge for self, amass and go viral against the cancerous Satanic Capitalist Pigs
All public filings in the realm of the people's courts to judge for self, amass and go viral against the cancerous Satanic Capitalist Pigs

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on May 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mother Earth
Mother asserts we need her 
We Believe
is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side".
If you can’t SEE IT you can’t Fact ITHE
Human Equal
Does not careExists with or without ME
Sovereign People Ordained Terrestrial Empire Leverage Democratic Rule of Law Testament
Feet planted firmly on ME heads abovePOMPower of Mind
Cannot deceive Reality
A clear separation of powers
Do not forget to flush1Fuck with ME and what was once perceived the Devil mere child’s play in life passing before the I’sI before E – Evil no exceptions of CC aka SeePIPPrevention is PredictableIt is your Ass not mine that will pay theFee
Beyond the grasp of the Intelligent Mind - the adeptness to grasp to use for self Long before Satan spiked Jesus to a cross their destruction of ME was underway enslaving the many me to do it blaming weTruth never tried will loosen the constipation when the Shits will come to pass with ecstasy the I’s have itContinuation of Shits empowerment awaiting Jesus to finger is to wait for heaven with intermittent semblance of Christmas never ever land erected on quicksand in financial desperation’s after mathDo the math prior – Do not feed the Shits – Call it quits – Sure they will have a fit – Gnaw at the bit with true gritSENSESelf Exposing Nincompoopinal Self Eradications
2At 68 my reality obnoxiously eroding at accelerated pace due my fortitude and conviction to it
Know I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree nor a brighter life formHow about you?
MOMMind over Matter One can ignore RealityWith fortitude and convictionLoyalty, faith and other means of Persistence to ignorance thereof When all is said and done by oneMemories Not yours you dumb fuck 
You have acquiesced and succumbed to theUltimate Fuck 
TruthMagnificent User friendly brainsESPEqually Special PreciousnessDOADead or AliveThe moral of the never ending storyWithout coherency does it matter?MOM MEOsmosis set like rigger mortiseSTPSatanic Truth ProhibitionMUM MYSCIENCESwww.secneics.com 
Ten Years later under Satanic Commandment orchestrating their rendition 10 Commandments
narrated by
Bush and fellow war criminal Terrorists CIA created al-Qaeda Osama Bin Ladin murdered own people World Trade Center toillegally invade Iraq for the oil to give to their corporations in continuation of holding the Humanic World hostage 180 degreesadverse to the USA constitution and the SUN – Satanic United Nations charter with 10 years nearing we fearing the UN anexpensive rendition to nothingness anxiously await CNN to fade Osama bringing on Obama for a new term to finish us off finally bringing peace to the world.Our concern is they already have the might to ignite many flights of 33 times the demolition power of Hiroshima fright that could dous today and insist they cut the crap and get immediately underway as we refuse to pay anymore for a simple SHA – SatanicHumanic Achievement combo. It would be insane to delay considering the accumulating expense.Bush feels it inappropriate to join Obama at the 9/11 site. I am thinking best he and the rest go there making first target
PRICK Political Religious Intellectual Convoluted KarmaBottom Feeder PiranhaDAY 
Dark Abyss Yoke
SUNSatanic United NationsCNNCommunications Neuter NutsYank my doodle it’s a dandy
“He who is sincere hits what is rightand apprehends without the exercise of thought”
Belief White Out Truths
Reverse Osmosis Psychosis – Truth Black Out costsDear Lord of the PRICK: You have time to tell us another one before we lay you down to rest
Brawn Knight takes PawnLong night taken by dawnREALITY dons on PawnSomething seriously wrongFinally seeing the Night of DAYWhy fight to do what’s right?Do right … burden lightsTruth not the frightIt’s the Satanic blightThat bitesWho Knew?Truth enlightenment No longer wonder where money went
Each Satanic Terrorists to Holier-than-thou Frog Prince Fantasy is a Humanic slice of life3

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