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Taj Palace - St. Louis - Menu

Taj Palace - St. Louis - Menu

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Published by LeeLocal

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categoriesTypes, Recipes/Menus
Published by: LeeLocal on May 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces)
Crisp patties stuffed with spiced potatoesand green peas. 3.50
Vegetable Pakora (6 pieces)
 Fresh vegetable slices dipped in garbanzobean batter. Deep fried. 2.95
Paneer Pakora (4 pieces)
Home made cheese slices dipped ingarbanzo bean batter. Deep fried. 5.50
Chicken Pakora (4 pieces)
Skirt of chicken breast dipped in garbanzobean batter. Deep fried. 5.50
Tandoori Chicken Wings
Chicken wings marinated and broiledover mesquite in tandoor. 4.75
Aloo Tikki (4 pieces)
Potato cutlet. 3.50
Kashmiri Nan
Baked leavened bread with cashews,pistachios, raisins and cherry. 3.95
Bread Basket
Nan, Garlic Nan, Onion Kulcha 5.95
Baked leavened bread. 1.95
Garlic Nan
Baked leavened bread baked with garlic. 2.95
Cheese Nan
Nan stuffed with mozzarella cheese. 3.50
Keema Nan
Leavened bread stuffed with delicatelyspiced minced lamb. 3.95
Onion Kulcha
Leavened bread stuffed with mild herbsand onions. 2.95
Buttered layered whole wheat bread. 2.50
Aloo Paratha
Leavened bread stuffed with potatoes. 2.95
Spinach Paratha
Paratha stuffed with spinach. 2.95
Tandoori Roti
Traditional whole wheat bread. 1.95
Poori (2 pieces)
Whole wheat deep fried bread. 3.50
Deep fried bread. 3.50
Tandoori Chicken
(2 pieces breast and leg)Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt andspices, broiled over mesquite in tandoor. 12.95
Chicken Tikka
Succulent pieces of delicately spiced bonelesschicken. Prepared in tandoor. 14.95
Reshmi Chicken
Boneless chicken breast marinated in herbsand spices. Cooked in tandoor. 14.95
Seekh Kabab
Spiced minced lamb molded on skewers,broiled in tandoor. 16.95
Rack of Lamb
Marinated in yoghurt and spices. 18.95
Jumbo Prawns
Succulent marinated prawns cooked intandoori oven. 19.95
Fish Tandoori
(Chilean Seabass)Fish marinated and broiled over mesquitein tandoor. 28.95
Mixed Grilled Tandoori
Combination of chicken, lamb, fish andprawn cooked in tandoor. 21.95
(Served with Basmati Rice)
Prawns Masala
Prawns in mild sauce. 16.95
Karahi Prawns
Prawns stir fried with bell peppers, onions,tomatoes and spices. 16.95
Prawns Saag
Prawns cooked in spiced spinach andcreamed. 16.95
Prawns Vindaloo
(hot)Prawns cooked in hot spicy sauce withpotatoes. 16.95
Prawn Korma
Mildly spiced prawn in a cream sauce withcashews, almonds and raisins. 16.95
Fish Curry
Fish (seabass) cooked in blend of tomatoesand spices. 16.95
Fish Tikka Masala
Tandoori fish cubes (seabass) simmeredin fresh tomato sauce. 16.95
Fish Vindaloo
(hot)Seabass fish cooked in hot spicy saucewith potatoes. 16.95
 (Served with Basmati Rice)
Chicken Curry
Chicken cooked in blend of tomatoes andspices. 14.95
Chicken Mushroom
Chicken cooked in a blend of tomatoes andspices with mushrooms. 14.95
Karahi Chicken
Tender cubes of chicken simmered in sauceof fresh tomatoes and exotic herbs. 14.95
Chicken Saag
Chicken cooked in spinach and herbs. 14.95
Chicken Vindaloo (hot)
Chicken cooked in hot spicy sauce withpotatoes. 14.95
Chicken Korma
Mildly spiced chicken cubes in a cream saucewith cashews, almonds and raisins. 15.95
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken breast cubes simmered in freshtomato sauce. 15.95
Pudina Tikka Masala
Chicken breast cubes cooked in freshmint sauce. 15.95
Chili Chicken
Chicken cooked in chili, onion and spices. 15.95
Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Chicken Pickle
Chicken cooked with onion, garlic, ginger,fennel seeds, cumin and mustard seeds.
(Bone-in, served with Basmati Rice)
Goat Vindaloo
(hot)Goat cooked in hot spice sauce withpotatoes. 15.95
Goat Curry
Goat cooked in an aromatic blend of onionsand tomatoes. 15.95
Goat Saag
Goat cooked in spinach and herbs. 15.95
Goat Pickles
Goat cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, fennelseeds, cumin and mustard seeds. 17.95
(Served with Basmati Rice)
Lamb Saag
Lamb cooked in spinach and herbs. 15.95
Karahi Lamb
Cubes of lamb stir-fried with bell pepper,onion and tomatoes. 15.95
Lamb Curry
Lamb cooked in an aromatic blend of onions and tomatoes. 15.95
Lamb Korma
Mildly spiced lamb cubes in a cream saucewith cashews, almonds and raisins. 15.95
Lamb Vindaloo
(hot)Lamb cooked in hot spicy sauce withpotatoes. 15.95
Dal Lamb
Deliciously spiced cubes of lamb cookedin cream lentil sauce. 15.95
Keema Mattar
Ground lamb, green peas and onion in mildcurry sauce. 15.95
Lamb Tikka Masala
Lamb cubes simmered in freshtomato sauce. 15.95
(Served with Basmati Rice)
Egg Korma
Boiled eggs cooked in a mild creamsauce. 11.95
Egg Makhani
Boiled eggs cooked in creamy tomatosauce. 11.95
Egg Vindaloo
(hot)Boiled eggs in a spicy sauce withpotatoes. 11.95
Egg Curry
Boiled eggs in a blend of onions andtomato sauce. 11.95

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