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How to Conduct Radio Interviews

How to Conduct Radio Interviews

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Published by: api-26169638 on Sep 08, 2008
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Hofstra UniversitySchool of CommunicationDepartment of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public RelationsJRNL 10 -- Journalism Tools (3 semester hours).
Instructor Information
Mo Krochmal, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public RelationsHofstra University, School of CommunicationWebsite: http://krochmal.synthasite.comOffice Telephone: 516 463 4338Hofstra E-mail:maurice.krochmal@hofstra.eduPersonal E-mail: mo.krochmal@gmail.comOffice: 147 Dempster HallFall Semester Office Hours
Tuesday – 10:00 a.m.-11:30Thursday – 10:00 a.m.-11:30And, by appointment.
Every student enrolled in this course is responsible for understanding and complying withthe information, requirements and policies contained in this syllabus. Please read thissyllabus thoroughly so that you are familiar with the format, policies, requirements andany deadlines. You should also have it for reference throughout the rest of the semester.DISABILITIES
If you have any documented disability-related concerns that may have an impact uponyour performance in this course, please meet with me within the first two weeks of thesemester, so that we can work out the appropriate accommodations. Accommodations are provided on an individualized, as-needed basis after the needs, circumstances anddocumentation have been evaluated by the appropriate office on campus.For more information on services provided by Hofstra, and for submission of documentation of your disability, please contact:Ann Marie Ferro in 101 Memorial Hall at 516 463-5341 (for physical and/or  psychological disabilities) or Dr. Diane Herbert in 202 Roosevelt Hall at 516 463-5761(for learning disabilities and/or ADHD).All disability-related information will be kept confidential. 
Please make sure that you forward your Hofstra e-mail address to your favored e-mail address.The professor may send you class or individual information through your official Hofstra e-mailaddress.
Journalism Tools is just what it sounds like. It’s about the tools journalists use. Journalists in themultimedia age need a variety of skills and tools to effectively tell their stories to the public andsucceed in the profession. This course will introduce students to a number of different tools journalists use to gather information, audio and pictures/video as well as produce the stories for aconverged media environment.
The journalism program aims to make sure students are exposed to the skills they will need inmultimedia journalism early in the program and then go on to master them in later, specializedclasses, which will explore and use the tools more in-depth. This class is an introductory class,which will set students on that path.
 Students who go through the Journalism Tools class will become familiar with a variety of technical methods of gathering and disseminating news stories. The class is not expected to givestudents a mastery of any one tool, but instead will expose them to a variety of tools available for their use in journalistic storytelling.Students will learn the basics of gathering information through interviews, covering events,record searches, computer databases and other online sources. They will also be introduced tothe use of audio recorders, digital still photography and videography and their use in newsgathering. The ethics of their uses will also be explored.Students will learn how to use computers and software for writing and editing copy, HTML for online journalism, information graphics, plus simple audio and video editing and digital imagemanipulation. They will also learn how to put stories together for the department’s online newsoutlet, Nassau News. As part of that, students will be required to work three hours a week in thedepartment’s multimedia newsroom.Tests on lectures and graded exercises using the actual equipment will help assess how wellstudents learn the skills and perform with the journalism tools.
Multimedia journalism is a new and growing field. We will use two textbooks to cover the rangeof tools that this course addresses.
Available at the student bookstore, this is your official textbook for this course:"Convergent Journalism, an Introduction." By Stephen Quinn, Vincent F. Filak. 2005, FocalPress Title, ISBN: 978-0-240-80724-9.Available for free download is the second required text at
/, is“Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive. A digital literacy guide for the information age”Download, print out and put in a binder.In addition to the required readings in the textbooks, you are required to keep up with the news.
 No letter grades will be given for papers, tests, quizzes or projects during the semester. You willreceive points (based on 100 for each). At the end of the semester I will add up the points andweight them according to the percentages listed below. Your points then will determine your grade based on this scale:
A = 95- 100A- = 90-94B+ = 88-89B = 84-87B- = 80-83C+ = 78-79C = 74-77C- = 70-73D+ = 68-69D = 64- 67F = 0-63
There will be several projects, tests and quizzes during the semester that will determine your grade.
Assignments 60%Midterm Exam 10%Final Exam 10%Class participation 15%Quizzes and attendance 15%TOTAL 100%ATTENDANCE POLICY
Attending class and arriving on time will be important to your grade. There are no grace days;every day counts for attendance. Attendance will be taken at the start of class. If you tell me afew weeks after a class that you were there, I will be sympathetic, but will not excuse theabsence, relying on the attendance as the official attendance roster. Internship/job interviews,

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