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Running Sqr From Front End and Multiple Reports

Running Sqr From Front End and Multiple Reports

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Published by shery2710

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: shery2710 on May 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Make SQR program api aware-At start of program include ‘setenv.sqc-At the end of program section include ‘stdapi.sqc’-Call procedure in program section
Do stdapi-init
Do stdapi-term at end of program section.2.Copy the program to sqr folder3.Create run control definition
Insert subpage : PRCSRUNCNTL_SBP
SaveRun control component
Drag and drop run control component
Provide search record : PRCSRUNCNTL4.Register component5.Front end : provide any run cntrl id:6.In process definition:
People type : SQR reports
Process name : provide the record name
Process definition:Cmpnt: componenet nameProcess groups -> all panels, all groupsServer name -> PSNT + unique process id
Passing parameters (n-tier)
1.Create run control record
OPRID -> keyRUN_CNTL_ID -> KEY!! ALSO PROVIDE INPUT FIELD..!PEOPLE CODE:a)B55_sqr_Tbl : oprid-> rowinit b55_sqr_tbl.oprid.value=%operatorid;b)B55_sqr_tbl-> runcntl_id-> rowinit b55_sqr_tbl.run-cntl_id.value=prcsruncntl_run_cntl_id_value;2.Create run control page : b55_sqr_pga.Subpage -> prcsruncntl_sbpCountry3.Component : b55_sqr_cmptPage : provide page nameSearch rec: prcsruncntl4.Register component5.Create sqr program6.Move sqr file to sqr folder7.Create process definition.8.Run SQR program9.Verify the status in process monitor# include ‘setenv.sqc’Begin-programDo stdapi-initDo get paramDo tabDo stdapi-term
End-programBegin-procedure getparamBegin-selectCountryMove &country to $ cntryFrom ps_b55_sqrtblWhere oprid=$prcs_run_cntl_idEnd-selectEnd-procedureBegin procedure tabBegin-selectEmplid (+1,1)Name( ,15)Country ( ,60)From ps_employeesWhere country= $cntryEnd-selectEnd-procedure#include ‘stdapi.sqc’File handling/ file integration (outbound/ inbound integrate)File handling commandsi)Open : This is used to open a file for reading/ writing or appendingii)Read: To read line-line data from file to a variableiii)Write: To write data from variables to a file.iv)Close : This is used to close the file which is open.

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