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KOSE Constitution (Final)

KOSE Constitution (Final)

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Published by Gus Froemke

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Gus Froemke on May 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The name of this organization shall be Kansas Organization of State Employees(KOSE), Local Number 300 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO (AFT) andthe American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME).
This local union shall be affiliated with the appropriate state bodies of AFSCME andAFT as determined by AFSCME and AFT, respectively; the Kansas State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO; and the appropriate central or area bodies of the AFL-CIO.
The objectives of this local union shall be to promote the economic and social interests of Kansas state employees and their families; to promote improved working conditions for Kansas state employees and to improve the delivery of quality government services; topromote collective bargaining rights for those eligible for membership in this organization;and to carry out on a local basis the objectives of the American Federation of State,County and Municipal Employees and the American Federation of Teachers.
Section 1.
All full and part-time executive branch employees of the State of Kansas,excluding employees working in higher education regents institutions; all full-timeexecutive, managerial and professional employees of KOSE; and such other workers asAFT and AFSCME may jointly assign to KOSE are eligible for membership in this localunion, subject to the requirements of the Constitutions of AFT and AFSCME.Section 2. Application for membership shall be made on a standard application form.Unless such form includes a valid authorization for payroll deduction of dues, theapplication shall be accompanied by the current month's dues.
Section 3. The bi-weekly membership dues of the local shall be 1.1 per cent of the basepay of each member, but not more than $16.15. Effective January 1, 2010, this rate shallincrease to 1.25 per cent of the base pay of each member, but not more than $18.46;effective January 1, 2011, this rate shall increase to 1.35 per cent of the base pay of eachmember, but not more than $20.77; and effective January 1, 2012, this rate shall increaseto 1.5 per cent of the base pay of each member, but not more than $23.07. Beginning inJanuary 2013, and each January thereafter, the maximum amount of dues payablepursuant to this section shall be adjusted by the percentage increase in the AFSCMEminimum dues rate determined pursuant to Article IX, Section 7 of the AFSCMEInternational Constitution.Section 4. Membership dues shall be payable monthly in advance to the local treasurer and in any event shall be paid not later than the 15th day of the month in which theybecome due. Any member who fails to pay dues by the 15th day of the month in whichthey become due shall be considered delinquent, and upon failure to pay dues for twosuccessive months shall stand suspended. Provided, however, that any person who ispaying dues through a system of regular payroll deduction shall for so long as such personcontinues to pay through such deduction method, be considered in good standing.Section 5. A member suspended under the above section may be reinstated tomembership in the local on payment of the current month's dues.Section 6. No person shall be denied membership, nor shall this organization ever discriminate against individual members or applicants for membership on the basis of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability, social, political, or economic status, or national origin.
Section 1.
Beginning in 2010, regular meetings of this local shall be held once eachyear, at a time and place to be fixed by the membership or the local executive boardbetween September 1 and October 31.
Section 2.
Special meetings may be called by the local president, the local executiveboard, or by petition filed with the president and signed by 25% of the members of thelocal. Special meetings may also be called by the International Presidents of AFT andAFSCME, acting jointly, or by an authorized representative of the International Presidents.
Section 3.
The quorum for meetings of this local shall be 2% of the membership ingood standing.Page 2 of 11
Section 1.
The officers of this local shall be a president, a vice-president, a recordingsecretary, a treasurer, an executive director and executive board members elected by andfrom the membership of KOSE, except as provided in Section 4 of this Article, in each of the bargaining units represented by KOSE as provided in Section 2 of this Article, andthese officers and executive board members shall constitute the local union executiveboard. All officers and executive board members shall be elected for a term of two years;except that, those elected in the initial election held in this local shall serve a term expiringupon the installation of the officers elected in the election held immediately after theregular meeting of the local to be held in 2011.
Section 2.
Executive board members shall be elected by and from the membership of KOSE in each of the bargaining units represented by KOSE. Each certified bargainingunit shall be entitled to elect one executive board member for each 200 KOSE members,or fraction thereof, employed in that bargaining unit as of the second full month precedingthe month in which the nominations are held. For purposes of this section, all KOSEmembers employed in units for which KOSE is not certified, shall be deemed to beemployed in a single unit, which shall be entitled to elect executive board members basedon the combined total number of KOSE members employed in such unit as of the fourthfull month preceding the month in which the elections are to be held. In the first election inwhich KOSE has achieved a total membership of 5,000 and maintained that level for atleast twelve consecutive months by the fourth full month preceding the month in whichelections are scheduled to be held, executive board members shall be allocated to eachbargaining unit on the basis of one executive board member for each 500 members, or fraction thereof, employed in that bargaining unit. Thereafter, executive board membersshall be allocated to the bargaining units on that basis. Upon certification of KOSE as therepresentative of a new bargaining unit, that unit shall be allocated executive boardmembers in accordance with this Section and those positions shall be filled by theexecutive board in accordance with Section 7 of this Article until the next regular electionof officers.
Section 3.
Nominations shall be made at the regular meeting of the local held in theodd-numbered years. At least fifteen days' advance notice shall be given the membershipprior to the nomination meeting. All regular elections shall be held by mail ballot within 21days after the conclusion of the meeting at which nominations are held.
Section 4.
Except for the office of executive director, to be eligible for office, a member must be in good standing for one year immediately preceding the election, except in theinitial election held in this local; provided, however, that no retired member shall be acandidate for office. For a member who is transferred or promoted into this local fromanother AFSCME or AFT local, this requirement shall be satisfied if such member'scombined membership in good standing in both locals is one year at the time of election.To be eligible for the office of executive director, a candidate must be or become promptlyafter election a member in good standing of KOSE and, in addition, must have graduatedfrom a four year college with a BA or BS degree and have at least three years’ experiencein labor relations or other relevant union employment.Page 3 of 11

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