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Marriage Calculation From the Chart of Rachna Pandey

Marriage Calculation From the Chart of Rachna Pandey

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Published by: Dhirendra Nath Misra on May 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dhirendra Nath Misra presents -Marriage calculation from the Natal chart of Rachna Pandey:Dear friends,
In this case reported time is 08:25PM(I.S.T);DOB- July 8,1986,Coordinates-26N47,82E08;Gender-Female. BTR is done with analogy of Moon sign lord ,star lord and sub lord(Moon-Saturn-Venus) = Ascendant Star lord , sub lord and sub sub lord i.eMoon-Saturn-Venusand to arrive at this planetary positiontime is rectified as 08:23:24PManddate of marriage is pinpointed on December 04,2011/ December 05,2011 at about 01:46AM during Mercury-Jupiter-Moon-Jupiter-Mercury whenLagna transit agrees.. Sub lord of 7
cusp is Jupiter a strong significator of 2
cusp and Jupiter is ownstar. Hence marriage is promised. Fruitful significators of 2,7,11 are Moon, Mercury, Jupiter. SelectedMercury Maha Dasa. Mercury is conjunct with Moon in 7
For this rectified time Mercury is thussignificator of 2,7.Antara Dasa Lord Jupiter is strong significator of 2
cusp who is own star.Saturn is starlord of 7
cusp. Saturn, Mercury and moon are 3 planets who in star of Saturn.Moon is in ownsign,Saturn star and Venus sub.Mercury and Saturn are connected with Mars who is retrograde andsignificator of 12 which negates result. Hence Mercury and Saturn are excluded in comparison withMoon. Next fruitful pratyantar dasa comes of Jupiter & Pran Dasa of Mercury when Lagna transitagrees.On December 5,2011 at about 01:46AM ascendant is in Mercury sign-Moon star-Jupiter sub andMercury sub sub.The date of marriage is indicated in the last week of November,2011,if birth time is notrectied.But this BTR method is rejected by some KP masters like Sri TIN WIN,D Senthil & few others.ButSri yogesh Lajmi boldly follow this and he gets often correct results when he applies this method.However this method is not applicable in every case.(KP Ayanamsa-23:34:00 is applied)
I have learnt from stalwart Sri L.S.Rath Ji that
When the DBAS are signfiers for a particular matter, their transit isvery important. Next the transit of the sun indicates the month of fructification. It Means the lord of the signwherein the Sun transits has to be a significator either strong or weak. The transit of the Moon indicates the dayon which it materializes. That means the Star of the day is important as well. To know the time when a thing happens the Lagna should transit in a rasi, a nakshyatra and a sub the lords of which are among thesignificators. All need not be DBAS Lords but could be other significators which transit in favorable subs.
 In this case Lagna transit,Sun transit,Moon transit agree with DBAS of Mercury-Jupiter-Moon-Jupiter-Mercury on December 4/5,2011 at about 01:46AMSun is transiting in Mars sign ,Star lord and sub lord of which is Mercury. Mercury is significator of 2,7.Moon is transiting in Jupiter sign-Saturn star-Jupiter sub-Saturn sub sub.Moon transiting in Saturn is starlord of 7
cusp from natal chart.Further Moon is transiting in sub of Jupiter who is also sub lord of 7
cuspfrom natal chart.
In this case Punarphoo Dosh is cancelled.
Vimsottari Dasa Chart-Mercury-Jupiter-Moon-Jupiter-Mercury from December 4 to 6, 2011. 

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