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Advanced Photographer Camera Straps Test

Advanced Photographer Camera Straps Test

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Published by Custom SLR
The world of single-strap camera supports is a veritable melting pot of styles, fabrics, design, features and technology – you’re bound to find one that suits your shooting style. We tested ten different models from manufacturers big and small to find the best.

Written by: CHARLOTTE GRIFFITHS for Advanced Photographer UK
The world of single-strap camera supports is a veritable melting pot of styles, fabrics, design, features and technology – you’re bound to find one that suits your shooting style. We tested ten different models from manufacturers big and small to find the best.

Written by: CHARLOTTE GRIFFITHS for Advanced Photographer UK

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Published by: Custom SLR on May 24, 2011
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Photo Kit
Camera Straps Test
advanced photographer
Jne 2011
Photo Kit
Camera Straps Test
Jne 2011
advanced photographer
camera straps test
The world o single-strap camera supports is a veritable melting pot o styles, abrics, design,eatures and technology – you’re bound to nd one that suits your shooting style. We testedten diferent models rom manuacturers big and small to nd the best
coMparISon teSt
Coortable split strap design, eas set-p, siple to se
Didn’t slip o sholder, strealined loo,qic-release straps
Lied the convertabilit o the strap –eectivel two straps in one
Eas to set p, coortable, RS-5oered extra storage, RS-W1 crved
Price and shipping
Not practical or larger caeras, no give
Bl nec padding, accessor bagspotentiall irritating
Split strap and qic-release circlar clips
Neoprene absorbed shoc and was coortable
One o the best we tested
value For Money23/25
Expensive and overseas spplier bt excellent
Siple – qic release and gripping rbbertracs oer non-slip perorance
Awward on heavier caeras – ideal or lighterset-ps
Denitel didn’t slip o
value For Money23/25
One o the cheaper straps on test
Transoring into a hand strap ipressed s
Staed on sholder well thogh bl whilerond the nec
Both caeras spported well
value For Money22/25
Expensive copared to others, thogh handstrap option is ipressive
Silent pocets excellent/crved padding co,etal connector aes sliding qic
Can be concealed behind coat, co
Spported both caeras well
value For Money21/25
Ipressive, bt ver expensive
OVERALL 95/100OVERALL 90/100OVERALL 92/100OVERALL 92/100
Both choices are sperb caera strapsOne or those who vale siplicitA good choice or those who want optionsGreat, bt expensive – one or the wishlist
hoW It rateShoW It rateShoW It rateShoW It rateS
Based in San Francisco, CustomSLR is a new company whose SplitStrap camera strap design wasunded by the public via the websiteKickStarter. The unding requestpaid o in March 2011 and the strapsare now available to buy.The split design allows weight tobe distributed more evenly. For thistest we tried the more traditionalcamera strap and the ‘Glide’ loopversion: the latter doesn’t havequite as smooth an action as otherslide straps. That’s the only majorniggle: the Split Strap’s design makesit noticeably comortable on theshoulders, even when weighed downby the D3s. When the Nikon wason the Gliding Strap, the stoppermade it eel more secure as it wasslightly less ree-roaming – and withboth cameras, the non-glide versiono this strap was one o the mostcomortable we tested.The C-Loop connecting device initsel is impressive: the C olds outto orm a handle when turning thescrew and the two arms reely spin,making set-up very easy. On bothversions o this strap it connects tothe camera via two nylon cords thatyou attach to the C Loop on the bightby looping them through each other– this looked less secure but seemedne when testing.On the underside o the splitshoulder pad area are sticky customlogos that help reduce slippage andthe hole in the centre o the pad madeit comortable to wear on the neck.Another quick-release strap, thisis Domke’s bestselling accessoryby ar and claims to oer the samenon-slip security as the company’scamera bags. Features-wise, it’smuch more stripped down than othermanuacturers’ straps and comeswith two metal rings and leathertriangles that oer extra protectionshould your camera not come withits own eyelets. On our test camerasthe Olympus didn’t have eyelets so Ithreaded the strap through the metalbars on the camera’s body, whereas onthe D3s I replaced the manuacturerrings with the Domke versions.The nylon and rubber strap itsel is comparatively small, measuring just 50cm including its loops. Therest o the length and any adjustingrequired is done within the thinner,nylon quick-release straps. Thesestraps are secured by plastic-coatedmetal carabiner-style locks, whichare strengthened and supported bysubtly branded leather ends. Thesesections connected to the camera aremuch longer than on the Tamrac sodepending on how you’ve adjustedthem, you could end up with 30cm o strap fapping on either side.When on the D3s this strap startedcutting in, but was denitely morecomortable when on the E-30 andwould be antastic or CSC users.Perect or street photography orcasual use – plus the stripped downappearance may appeal.More o a bat-belt than a camera strap, the Hama Camera Strap Pro IIcomes with two removable accessorycases and a secret hidden eature –the main body o the strap detaches,enabling you to turn the quick-release sections into a hand strap(complete with neoprene sleeve tocover the joining section) and traveleven lighter. This is an ingenious useo those remaining ‘quick-release’sections that other manuacturerswould do well to adopt. You do pay orthe cleverness though: this is one o the more expensive straps on test.Secure and stable as a shoulderstrap, the bulky neck rest isnoticeable when worn around theneck, and those seemingly useulaccessory cases do fap around a littlewhen moving at speed. This wouldalso work as a cross-body strap,though women may have to removethe accessory cases altogether.Speaking o those, the accessorycases are big enough to hold extra batteries and memory cards and thelarger is a perect t or an iPhone.You can also add extra packs via theconnectors and convert them to beltpouches, i that’s your thing.This is an impressive strap thatwould appeal to those who wantthe versatility o a hand strap onoccasion. Also ideal or thosewho need to carry a lot o extra paraphernalia with them but don’twant to carry a bag.Black Rapid is a relative newcomer tothe UK and specialises in sling-stylestraps: the RS-5 comes with silentaccessory pouches and the RS-W1(let) is curved or emale shooters.The Black Rapid straps eature twostoppers (called bumpers) that limitthe ree-sliding camera to a sectiono the strap, which I ound betterthan the stopper-less style. The metalcamera attachment device makesthe slide much smoother and thecarabiner-type clip is reassuring.The RS-5 has a large accessoriespouch with a silent-opening magneticclasp that’s not strong enoughto aect memory cards. It’ll takebusiness cards, a mobile phone, extra batteries and cards, and also concealsthe extra strap when adjusting thelength. This was easy to use whenon my shoulder and oered acres o storage – I ended up wondering whatelse I could put in it.The accessory pouchesdidn’t seem to aect the RS-5’sperormance adversely, and as a woman, the emale-riendly RS-W1’scurved padding denitely made thatstrap t much more closely.Both straps were comortableto wear, though when using longerlenses there’s the worry o screwingthe connector into the lens’ tripodmount, leaving the body ree.However, there’s no getting awayrom it – these are the most expensivestraps we tested.
cuo sLr c-Loo + sli sGi by Dok (741-1BK)H c s po II (027506)Blk rid rs-5 / rs-W1
It’s srprising how an people stic withthe nec strap that cae in their caera’sbox when there’s sch a wide variet oeatre-rich caera spports on oer.Rnning ot o places to store eorcards? Need ore padding? Don’t wantor caera stolen? Loo no rther. I testeda variet o single-strap caera spports,both sholder/nec straps and sling, loopor cross-bod tpes, all o which oersoething dierent to or box-sppliedspport. To test, I sed an Olps E-30and 12-60 lens (weighing 1.3g) pls aNion D3s with 70-200 VR (weighing 3.1g)and got both a ale and eale opinion.
vItal StatIStIcS...c-loop + SplIt Strap £36
WWW.cuStoMSlr.coMvItal StatIStIcS...£15
WWW.doMkebagS.co.ukvItal StatIStIcS...£34
WWW. haMa.co.uk.vItal StatIStIcS...£69/£57
For StockIStS call 01782 753304

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