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Women of Wealth -- Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of Peoples Grant Application

Women of Wealth -- Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of Peoples Grant Application

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Published by Elizabeth Venable
Women of Wealth -- Homeless Women -- Capacity Building Grant
Women of Wealth -- Homeless Women -- Capacity Building Grant

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Elizabeth Venable on May 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For office use only 
For office use only For office use only 
100 Witherspoon St.Louisville, KY 40202-1396
Tel.: 1(888) 728-7228 ext 5782Fax (502) 569-8963www.pcusa.org/sdopEmail: sdop@pcusa.org
/ /
e-mailed to T/F:
/ /
Presbytery:e-mailed to Chair:
/ /
Synod:RQ Mailed T/F:
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Sent to Members Site:
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Please PRINT or TYPE all information. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be processed.
I. Applicant Identification
Name of the Project:
Women of Wealth
Name of the Organization:(if different from Project)
Women of Wealth, (Fiscal Sponsor, Atwood Health Foundation)
1010 W Adams St
(If P.O. Box # please provide physical address.)
City: Phoenix State: AZ ZipCode:
Fax: Email:
 Contact Person
Name: Tillie McCoy Position/Title Co-Founder;
Elected Director 
Telephone: 1) 602-643-83022)Fax: 1) 2)Email: 1)
Elizabeth Venable, elziav@gmail.com, 951-640-7747
The Proposal
a) What is the project?
Women of Wealth was founded in 2009 as the first women's group on the Maricopa CountyHuman Services Campus. The project is a peer-run group for homeless women in the shelter and isexpanding to more locations throughout Phoenix. The group runs programming around self-esteemand empowerment, as well as creative arts, career skills, and health. The group also works collectively to helpwomen address their most pressing needs, focusing in particular on family reunification and reentry issues, butalso on learning basic skills, getting access to resources, and helping women to gain employment and housing.
Please send five copies of the application via mailand one electronic copy to sdop@pcusa.org 
Review Self-
Development Of People’s Criteria Before Filling Out This Application
Grants Usuall Do Not Exceed $20000 
Why is the project needed?
The project is the only program for women on the Human Services Campus and is also one of the onlyhomeless peer-run organizations in Phoenix. The project is needed because it provides a safe space for 
women who have experienced many types of trauma to address the issues and barriers they face in aculturally sympathetic manner. Many of the services offered by Women of Wealth address very sensativeissues such as regaining parental rights and addressing the criminal justice system. WOW runs theseprograms without blame or shame, because members have
experienced shared and similar traumas.
Who will benefit directly from this project?
Women on the Campus experiencing homelessness, as well as women in other facilities, will benefit directly
from the project. The greatest portion of the budget goes directly to housing subsidies for women who need
help with deposits or rent. The second-largest amount of money goes towards a stipend for Tillie McKoy, who
has been elected director. In addition, the project seeks to develop the leadership capacity of other womenin the group by providing internships for interns who will be elected by the group. Women on the Campus
and other locations will meet in group and privately 3+ days a week to solve
private issues women face.
Who initiated the project and how will they be involved?
Tillie McCoy and a number of other women initiated the group in 2009 because they saw the need to havea women's group on the Human Services Campus, the primary provider for many homeless services inPhoenix.
Penny Wise was elected the first Director, and later 
Tillie was elected to be Director.
How did the group come together?
The group came together in 2009
after Tillie McCoy and others who lived at the Watkins Overflow Shelter and at Central Arizona Shelter Services realized the lack of services for women, which included not evenhaving basic feminine hygeine products such as pads and tampons. The members wanted to create a groupwhere women who experienced homelessness could come for a safe space, to enjoy themselves, to
themselves, and to achieve their life goals.
The group identified particular needs including 
CPS services,
Probation/Parole, MVD, Counseling, Pregnancy, Mentoring, Incentive Programs, andScholarships.
Who owns and controls the project
The Women of Wealth members own and control the project, but are hosted by the Lodestar Day Resource Center and Arizona Organizing Project (Fiscal Sponsor: Atwood Health). Tillie McCoy was elected Director and thenstrengthened the group through an Americorps internship as the first homeless woman to go through Americorps.If we recieve this grant (our first), we would manage project money via our board and with the oversight of the
Director and interns. We would present women in the group with financial reports to encourage
transparency and
The Project Goal & Objectives: (In 2-3 sentences)
What is the project goal? (What will be different because of what the group is trying to do?)
The goal of the project is to expand and increase the capacity of Women of Wealth as an organization. The goals of theproject include increasing homeless women's access to housing via scholarships, to nurture self-esteem and empowerment,strengthen programs addressing family reunification and reentry, to expand to two locations or more
, to offer weekly self-esteem,empowerment, craft, and skills developing meetings at bothe the Lodestar Day Resource Center and the Arizona OrganizingProject's community center. The project aims to help women to improve their status and condition, to achieve housing, stability,inner peace, improved relations with family members, employment, and empowerment by helping themselves and other peers.
How long do you expect it to take to reach the stated goal?
roject is ongoing and runs consistently througout the year. The goal of continuing and expanding the group to other locations is already underway. The goal of strengthening family reunificaton, reentry, and housing programs would begin inMonth 1 after funding and strengthened program would be fully developed by Month 6. Evaluation of the results of the programand womens' perceptions of the program would occur quarterly in Month 1, Month 4, Month 7, and Month 10. Reaching the statedgoal of achieving measurable results from strengthened program would occur at Month 12.
Describe the results you expect to achieve by the end of the funding period
:10-15 women would be awarded housing scholarships; 3 women would go through year-long internships; 5-10 women will bereunited with their children; 10 women will address reentry problems, meetings will be held weekly at 2 or more locations;
20 or more women will be assited withother problems they face such as literacy, training, finding access to resources; evaluationswill show increasing program success and increasing approval from women in the group.
d) What step-by-step activities will be carried out to achieve these results?
1 Host and expand weekly programs every week, and expand to second location and office. 2 Contact alliesand agencies involved in family reunification and reentry, and develop program models. 3
Democratically electinterns and assign duties. 4 Develop assessment tools. 5 Expand programs. 6 Generate more finances to supportincreased programming. 7 Work with women to develop personal goals and keep track of goals. 8
participants on a quarterly basis.
Maintain regular programming throughout the year with guest speakers and
with personal work helping women in the group. 10 Give regular financial updates to the group so that it can befinancially transparent and democratic.
IV. The Evaluation/Monitoring: (In 2-3 sentences)
a) How will you determine if the project is successful?
 We will determine that the project is successful if we are able to show positive impacts from our housing fund,
by monitoring the personal successes of women who attend the group and especially those initiated by the group,by mothers that we are able to successfully reunite with their children, and by the number of the number of women whoare able to clear up problems with the criminal justice system. The project will also be determined to be successful if it is
offer regular weekly programs at 2 or more locations with a diverse array of topics to meet the women's
interests and needs.
b) How will the project be evaluated?
In addition to collecting numerical data about the success of our housing, family reunification,
personal support,
d reentry programs, we will solicit input from women about their progressand perceptions of the group using quarterly surveys. We will also work with programs such as theASU School of Social Work to strengthen both our programs and our evaluation protocols.
c) Who is going to evaluate the project?
The project will be evaluated quarterly bu members of the group through surveys, and numerically throughthe gathering of success stories directly related to our programs. The group will solicit outside help instrengthening its programs and determining evaluation measures from the ASU School of Social Work and
Arizona Organizing Project.
. Decision Makers:
a) How many members are in the group?
The group attendance varies between 15-
0 and over 100 for special events. A core group of 10 members helps to keepthe group functoning.
The membership composition changes over time because women come in and out of cycles of homelessness and because their access to shelter programs often has a specific end date.
Active list of 70-80 women.
b) How are decisions made?
Decisions on programming are solicited from the group members and the group decides on a consensus/democratic basisabout the tupes of programming they would like to see offered. As the group develops and financial planning decisions aremade, they will be approved by the group. Interns and the Director will be elected by the group. Decisions over which personalsupport projects (e.g. family reunification, literacy, housing) to pursue are based upon the needs of the woman and are madeconfidentially.
The group is working to strengthen its formal governance and democratic decision-making processes.

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