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Dino's Daffynitionary

Dino's Daffynitionary

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Published by Dino Meurs
As I add new words and phrases, I will update this file.
As I add new words and phrases, I will update this file.

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Published by: Dino Meurs on May 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dino’s Daffynitionary 
AbsolutelypositelysoAn incontrovertible truth
BlatheringsOne of the ways I describe my little ditties.Campfire story, Campfire stories (plural)My chosen term for the myths we live by. I feel (Although there may neverbe proof one way or the other) these stories originated in our earliest history as we gathered around our campfires.. I use the term to honor our ability to tellstories that help us make sense out of all this.Dictionary Approach and Thesaurus Approach.In the former, the definition is the reality and in the latter, the definition isan aspect of reality. Claiming the Biblical Image is the One True Image of -O- isa Dictionary approach. Claiming the Biblical Image is but one of many aspectsof -O- is a Thesaurus approach.Daffynition. {Daffyfinable, daffyfined, daffyfine, undaffyfinable, daffyscribe} When the definition of a word or concept is treated as the reality of theconcept, it becomes a daffynition - that which is taken to and or beyond a logical
absurdity. For example, the sound “Whiskey” will not get a person drunk.
Herenow. The state of being in the Present Moment.Holyverse.
My mythunderstanding of the universe in its’ Totality.
 Immortality, Unmortality, and Amortality.Immortality is Eternal Life in Heaven. Unmortality is Eternal Nonlife inNirvana. Amortality is the Transmigration of the Spirit from one incarnation toanother.
Incompleteness. The concept that no matter what the field of study, there is always more tolearn. In Science, for example, we can know everything about a quantity of waterand the container it is in, but we cannot predict (Assuming a perfectly smoothinterior) with accuracy where the first bubble will appear when we boil that water.In Theology, it is Agnostic in that a person, being finite, cannot know everything there is about -O-, but does not deny the existence of -O-.Loyal Opposition. {Orthomystic, as an efriend quipped.} The concept that one can agree with the basic premises of an idea (Theconcept
-O- is.) but disagree with the details (Such as
-O- is.).Lifestance
 A Persons’ world view.
 Literalista A person who takes their POV as literal truth. i.e., the Bible is literalhistoric and scientific truth.Meme/Memetriement. [Useful fictions for explanation.] A Meme is the mental equivalent of a gene. Genes shape the physicalaspects of life and memes shape the mental aspects of life. Individual Rights,Gender Roles, and Political Beliefs are examples of Memes. Mentrients areconcepts that help form worldviews. The idea that a Human is a created being that is a separate reality than physical reality is a memetriement built up of memes (The arguments for the infamous Mind/Body Nonissue, for example.)Mythunderstanding.Our understanding of reality based on the mythos we tell about it. (TheNature of Reality, The Nature of -O-, Human Nature, etc)Oneitis
Our assumption the “One” of mathematics is an explanation of the“One” in metaphysics.
Panencarnation. The concept that each living being is an avatar of -O-. Unlikereincarnation, there is only one soul doing all this incarnating. Panencarnation issimilar to the Buddhist concept of transmigration with one exception; -O- is theone being reborn. [This is a play on the concept of Panentheism.]Pansophy Universal wisdom or knowledgePragmysticOne who takes up a mystical practice upon seeing the positive effects ithas had on others.Rational Knowledge and Arational Gnowledge. (To Know and to Gno.)Rational Knowledge is Empirical. Arational Gnowledge is Intuitive.Neither is truer than the other and they are complimentary. Together they are likethe wings of a bird - in order to fly, we need both.Scientism (Also Scienceism) The treating of the Scientific Method as if it were a religious endeavor.Scietheism. Atheism based on Science.Separateness.Separateness is is a distraction caused by ego.
 To me, the psyche and the soul are different ways of discussing the samereality. Therefore, Psychology and Soulcology are two ways of discussing theissue.Spitfest. A situation wherein people are no longer talking with each other but at

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