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Published by doc
THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE, in other words - Let the Bible Speak for Itself.
This work may help the Jews, Christians and Muslims to see what they have
in common, and where they differ. "Mankind is One Community", declares
the Qur'an.
THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE, in other words - Let the Bible Speak for Itself.
This work may help the Jews, Christians and Muslims to see what they have
in common, and where they differ. "Mankind is One Community", declares
the Qur'an.

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Published by: doc on Sep 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edited by Aisha Ahmed Overview: Arif Shamim 
BACK COVERTHUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE is yet another masterpiece from the superb pen ofthe medical man, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, one of the most enlightened andwidely read scholars today. He has to his credit 32 fascinating bookspublished and translated in many languages around the world. Add tothis his weekly newspaper columns and over ten thousand visitors a day tohis website. He loves the pristine Islam for the love and benefit of the entirehumanity while thrashing all distortions of the religion by the orthodoxy.Read him with an open mind. You may agree or disagree with him. But hiswords are pearls and diamonds that can warm your heart, adorn yourknowledge and decorate your mind. Trample them under your feet, andOuch! - They will hurt.- Malcom X, JR - Michigan-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I admire and congratulate Dr. Shabbir Ahmed for serving humanity withthe knowledge that is restricted to the brightest students of the seminaries,deacons, ministers, reverends, bishops and rabbis. He has done the jobsuperbly, yet simply, for the common person. May God bless him forexpiating the socially constrained souls like myself who must sacrifice theirintellectual honesty at the altar of their heritage. Time is at hand for us tomove on from dogma to reason. Amen.- Reverend Bruce Hamilton, Ph. DHarvard School of Divinity-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, born in 1947, has spent most of his life healing the sick.But he is a physician who would rather address psyche as well as soma. Inhis medical career spanning over decades, Dr. Ahmed hascompassionately treated patients in seven countries. At the intellectualand spiritual platform, no country in the world is without his illuminatingbooks on very diverse subjects - humor, history, poetry, religion andpolitics. Dr. Ahmed has been repeatedly awarded for his services tohumanity, but he takes delight only in the rewards he will continue to getfrom the Creator.Shabbir's writings are enthralling! Once you pick any of his books orcolumns, it is hard to put them down. The man brings joy to millions ofhearts every week, every day, and every year.
A widely traveled man currently residing in Florida, Shabbir spent hisformative years in Pakistan and graduated in Medicine there. But henever stopped educating himself and to this day proudly calls himself 'alife-long student'.Married to a lovely wife since 1971, they are the grateful parents of threemagnificent children.Best wishes to Dr. Shabbir Ahmed and his family.Dr. Justice (Retd) Javid IqbalSupreme Court of Pakistan
Table of Contents
IntroductionWhy the King James Version?A Note From The French Episcopal ChurchThe Modern DiscoveriesOld Testament: The 39 Books - NamesNew Testament: The 27 Books - NamesTHUS SPEAKS THE BIBLEOT - Selected Verses (Genesis to Malachi)NT - Selected Verses (Mathew to Revelation)Old Testament - StatusNew Testament - StatusThe Gospel Of BarnabasMore About The GospelsVirgin Births And Crucified SaviorsJesus Born In A StableFurther Points Of InterestA Physical ImpossibilityWas Jesus A black Man?About the Mythical JesusOf The Pauline DoctrineOn Biblical TeachingsMary Among The Dubious EliteThe "Sky Scriptures" & AstrologyAtonement
Where Is The Original Sin?Was Jesus Sinless?The Messiahs And Sons Of GodWhat The Biblical Inspiration Can Do!Is Bible The Word Of God?******************************************************************************
What is the Bible? Bible is the name given to several collections of writingsheld sacred by the Jewish and Christian religions. It is also known as theHoly Scriptures. Both religions regard the Bible as inspired by God. Theybase many of their beliefs and customs on the teachings found in theBible -
The World Book Encyclopedia 
The purpose of this work
THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE is an educational work about the most widelypublished book in the world. In addition to focusing on some crucial versesof the Bible, I respectfully present before the reader more than twentysmall chapters on some interesting and thought provoking information.This work may elicit all kinds of responses: agreement, disbelief,astonishment, shock, thrill, and resentment. The author assures therespected reader of his sincerity of intentions and intellectual honestywhile freely admitting his own fallibility.A vast majority of people of any faith do not read the Bible from cover tocover. This is one reason why the book before the reader has been keptbrief and reader friendly.Literature on arguments and counter-arguments for and against theScriptures abounds in all languages. The author has tried to keep it simple:THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE, in other words - Let the Bible Speak for Itself.This work may help the Jews, Christians and Muslims to see what they havein common, and where they differ. "Mankind is One Community", declaresthe Qur'an. Therefore, many of the brief notes given within brackets and inbold script are meant to highlight the Qur'anic standpoint on the Biblicalverses and themes under study.Many Muslims might discover as to how much of the Biblical doctrinesthey unintentionally follow in the name of Islam through fabricatedtraditions of Prophet Muhammad.Hopefully, the vehement critics of Islam would reflect on their ownScripture, and then, open-mindedly examine the Final Word of God, theQur'an. They will see that the Qur'an does not attack the Bible. Rather, itheals and corrects the human touch in it. Let not our Christian and Jewishfriends feel alienated by this statement until they have examined the firstfew and the last few chapters. Mutual understanding can bring all of usmentally and emotionally close together and help us address the viciousproblems marring the entire human civilization today.The author has quoted from the Judeo-Christian scholars exclusively. Asmall percentage of these quotes have been translated from otherlanguages into English, and some quotes have been paraphrased foreasier understanding.'BC' and 'CE' used in this book indicate 'Before the Common Era' and 'TheCommon Era', respectively. OT will indicate the Old Testament and NT theNew Testament.

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