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The Moral Imperative.cwk (WP)

The Moral Imperative.cwk (WP)

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Published by Michael Drew Prior
For us--the U.S.
For us--the U.S.

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on May 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Many are those who think that it istreasonous to express such strongcriticism of our nation. They may think thatI am trying to tear our nation down, orincite people against it.These thoughts are far from true. Actually, I am trying to help the nation.It is essential that nations behave in amoral way, just as it is necessary thatindividuals behave morally.That is elementary.Truth is, our nation is falling far short ofmoral behavior.When the nation behaves immorally, whatwill it profit us? It may seem for a time togain us wealth, but when we destroy the
lives of others, we injure our own souls.When we make chaos in the world, as bycausing things to explode, we make chaosin ourselves. When we destroy democraticgovernments, we sap the virtue from ourown government. When we take theresources of other nations, so that theybenefit most those of our own nation whoare already very wealthy, rather thanbenefitting the people of that nation, wemake ourselves parasites of the humancommunity, rather than responsiblecitizens.When we act like only our own welfare hasany value, and we forget and dismiss whathappens to the integrity of the rest of theworld, we make ourselves heartless. Andwhen we imagine that our freedom trumpsothers lives, we become monsters.My fellow Americans, we really ought to
behave morally, as a nation.Most Americans are so blinded by thecorporate media, and their own failure toobserve closely and think critically, thatthey think that not only does our nationbehave morally, it is a great benefactor tohumankind.My God, people, do you really think thatblowing up thousands--yea hundreds ofthousands, millions--of good people is theact of a benefactor? Does a nation doinggood spread thousands of pounds ofradioactive material in inhabited areas?Does a nation doing good destroyextremely popular and effectivegovernments? Does a nation doing gooddestroy thriving communities? Does abenefactor ignore the evidence, and causeclimate catastrophe? Does a nation doinggood terrorize many cities full of people by

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