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Grow Local Edited

Grow Local Edited

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Published by Karissa Merritt

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Published by: Karissa Merritt on May 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A community garden is a public area, typicallywithin or near a park, where individuals from thecommunity canrent plots andgrow their ownfood.“Whereascommunitygardens allowindividuals togrow plots for themselves, ours are existing flower plots in Denver parks that are given to us to turninto vegetable gardens. It’s a different model thatprovides more efficient benefits and saves the citymoney.”
(Civic Center Park Garden)
Dana Miller, Director of Grow LocalGrow Localworks inassociation withmany other Denver alternative foodnetworks,“defined byattributes suchas the spatial
(Cherry Creek Farmers’ Market)
proximitybetween farmers and consumers, the existance of retail venues (such as farmer’s markets),community supported agriculture and a commitmentto sustainable food production and consumption”(Jarosz 231), in order to promote growth andsustainability within the local economy, utilizing thecommunity resources for community needs.
Farmers Market photo courtesy of http://ChrisandSaraLew.comHendersen, Bethany, and Kimberly Hartfield. "Is Getting into the Community Garde nBusiness a Good Way to Engage Citizens in Local Government?"
National Civic Review 
(2009): 12-17. Print.Jarosz, L. "The City in the Country: Growing Alternative Food Networks in MetropolitanAreas."
Journal of Rural Studies
24.3 (2008): 231-44. PrintPadel, Susanne, and Carolyn Foster. "Exploring the Gap between Attitudes andBehaviour: Understanding Why Consumers Buy or Do Not Buy Organic Food."
British Food Journal 
107.8 (2005): 606-25. Print.
Revolutionizing Colorado’s Local FoodEconomyThe Grow Local Revolution is one thatour research group finds worthpromoting. Through this brochure, wehope to inform and influence readers toappreciate and acknowledge theimportant and socially relevant conceptsexemplified and promoted by Grow LocalColorado.
Grow Local Colorado is an alternativefood network working to
the way food is produced, distributed,and the way our society and economyinteracts with local agriculture. GrowLocal is a volunteer organization utilizingpublic land to cultivate produce, which isthen donated to local food banks.
(Observatory Park Garden)
Grow Local’s Impact
All produce from Grow Local Coloradogardens is donated to local food banks inorder to give back to people in thecommunity— this organization is 100%non-profit. Grow Local supports thosewho normally cannot afford freshproduce by donating to food banks, aswell by making organic produce availableto those who would not normally haveaccess.LocalFoodBanks likeAmpleHarvesttry toutilize theInternet,which allows
(Food Bank Stock)
more than 40 million Americans whogrow food in home gardens to easilydonate their extra harvest to one of 3,657 registered local food pantries inone of our 50 states.Grow Local has worked to distanceitself from Food Supply Chainsquestioning: Why ship in food when youcan get it from local places in the city of Denver?“Part of the vegetables grown at thegovernor’s mansion will go to TheKitchen (a food bank) and the rest of thefood will go to The Gathering Place,which is a non-profit organization thatworks as a drop-in center for women andchildren who need safe places,” saidMiller.The time and dedication Grow Local isputting in to keep our produce local andmake a community impact through acommunity project. If you’re interested inhelping, check out the followingresource:
How Grow Local isRaising CommunityAwareness
A fundamental goal of the GrowLocal Campaign is to raise awarenesslocal organic agriculture. This isaccomplished by:
-Striving to remain “hyperlocal” (Denveronly) to connect with communitymembers-Partnering with Denver Parks andRecreation to encourage programgrowth and prominence-Creating connection between potentialgardeners and land owners to increase“Gardensharing”-Hosting AgriCULTURE potlucks open tothe public to spread knowledge of GrowLocal’s cause-Hosting an annual AgriCULTURE tour of Denver showcasing the local foodmovement right here!
Grow Local is operating on manylevels to raise awareness of one of the largest, often forgotten issues:food production.
 To learn more about how you can getinvolved and support Grow Local please visitGrowLocalColroado.org
Don’t forget to check out the Calendar of Upcoming Events!
Models such as Grow Local’s andcommunity gardening are sustainablefood production methods for the future inwhich “consumers will not have to worryabout what chemicals may have beenused on the producebecause they cultivatedthe crops themselves”(Hendersen
et. al
12). Thiscommunity can serve as ameans to providingaffordable organic producewhile offering incentivesfor “greater involvementin one’s community,through volunteerism and socialinteraction” (Padel
et. al
The Grow LocalRevolution
The Grow Local Coloradocommunity is doing much more thanraising awareness of alternative foodnetworks, donating to food banks,and growingproduce. Thecommunity isfighting anuphill battleagainst the

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