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Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders

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Published by juliesllama3343

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Published by: juliesllama3343 on May 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Across the Country with Your Eyes ClosedWhen I was 15 and unappreciative, my mother took my sister and me across half thecountry in our enormous white four-door Concord. Our eventual destination was Kansas City,MO for a conference that my mom had to attend. Along the way, my mother found the lamest,most boring, incredible, amazing stops for us to make. I believe that this trip was my very firstadventure, bumbling through uncharted land in search of the world’s largest yarn ball or mostimpressive spit wad. To this day, I recall the spirit floating in the hazy summer dust inside thatcar being one of ADVENTURE and EXCITEMENT.As we rushed out of town the day after school let out, we hardly even had time to noticethe Painted Desert whipping by. I don’t even recall it, except from seeing the glorious paintedmountains in the backgrounds of photos I took of myself in the backseat. Sure enough, there theywere, photo-bombing me and my Myspace portraits. I am sure even my mother didn’t realizewhere we were until later when examining our route on the kitchen table, marking the way in aneffort to recreate the trip years later.Sometimes people ask what the rest of the country is like. I used to laugh during cartoonswhen they would depict the mid-west as a barren landscape devoid of all life save the occasionaltumbleweed. Now, I know better. I have yet to look at a population map, but from personalexperience I can tell you that NO ONE lives in between here and about Georgia. The only signof life I saw for four days during our drive was Cadillac Ranch. We almost didn’t stop on our  busy way to the most populous city this side of the Mississippi, but something about a bunch of upended cars in the hazy distance lured us in. While visiting, I had the same feeling you getwhen the church passes the offering plate but you have no money to give. We came back almostthe same way, this time with a heavy supply of Sharpie markers, our offering to the Cadillacgods.When we arrived in Kansas City, there was much work to do. But there were more sightsto see. If you ever find yourself in Kansas City on a beautiful summer night, I would alwayssuggest that you visit Skies. There could be whole books about revolving restaurants, from thegaudy to the upscale, but Skies is my personal favorite. I don’t know exactly where it’s located (I probably had my eyes closed then too), except that it’s at the top of some expensive hotel. Itrevolves once an hour, so that a meal could take you all the way around the massive city justonce. I don’t remember to food and I barely remember the company, but I remember pressing myhand against the glass, just to feel if it really was spinning.For the whole trip, I don’t think my sister or I made even a suggestion as to where weshould go. This could be the reason behind me waking up one afternoon in the backseat of thecar, waiting in a long line of other hot dusty cars just to travel over the top of some huge dam. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t all that impressed, and my sister and I were only annoyed to bewoken up to go waltz around over the top of a huge water barrier. The information wasinteresting. They had to divert all the water before building the dam by drilling a tunnel aroundthe build site, then siphoning it all back through. There were other facts and statistics that I don’tremember, how much water was being held back by the concrete, how much power could be

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