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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

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Published by Saazia Malik

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Published by: Saazia Malik on May 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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are entrepreneurs born or made?? This is really a topic thats highly debatable. Before getting into thedebate lets first discuss what an entrepreneur is or what defines anentrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who thinks or dares tothink out of the box.An entrepreneur is a one who has plenty of innovative ideas inhis/her kitty and most importantly the daring or courage toexecute/implement all those ideas into practice.So now as we have defined what an entrepreneur is, lets discuss ourmain point whether they are born or made?? An entrepreneur isborn, they cannot be made. not every person possess such skill setas required for an entrepreneur.Not every person has innovativity infused in them. thats been givenor gifted to only few people. A person's traits are imbibed 75%genetically and the rest 25% by environmental surroundings. So if aperson is an entrepreneur then it is more likely than theirdescendents are entrepreneurs too. A very great example is Ratan Tata. His family members were entrepreneurs and so it was in hisgenes to be an entrepreneur. Nobody can be carved into anentrepreneur because an entrepreneur is innovative and no one caninstall or infuse innovativity into any ones mind. Innovativity comesnaturally.Well not everyone that possess innovation goes on to be anentrepreneur. An innovative mind is not the only requirement to bean entrepreneur. Besides possessing an innovative mind they mustpossess the quality of good judgement for execution of their ideas. This is where most individual fail. To be able to make a good judgement at a appropriate time is very vital in entrepreneurship. Agood decision plays a pivotal role in shaping the success curve of the idea or plan to be implemented. The lack of making proper judgement may lead to catastrophic results. Hence only innovativemind won’t make us entrepreneurs. Ability to make quality decisionsat appropriate time is very important and no one can teach thisability. Of course one can learn from various experiences but theability to make correct decisions comes naturally or it is hereditary. The most important trait of a successful entrepreneur is passiontowards their work. They are always on their toes and ready to putin those extra efforts to make their business flourishing. Passion is

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