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Service Dog 2011 Flyer

Service Dog 2011 Flyer

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Published by chthunderstorm1863

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Published by: chthunderstorm1863 on May 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UDC Service Dog of the Year: Questwood’s Kisatchie Man, CD aka "Jäger"owned by Irene Korotev
Jäger has been a member of Missouri Search and Rescue K-9 since he was 3 months of age. Hebecame operational in 2005, and earned a C.D. in the AKC obedience ring the same month. He’soperational in area search, land and water cadaver, light disaster, and trailing. He also certified in2009 with the North American Police Working Dog Association, in Cadaver.During the past 3 years he’s been part of the heavy rescue task force with the area fire departments,and is currently working toward certification under SUSAR (State Urban Search and Rescue)standards.Jäger has had a very productive working life, working on close to 150 searches. Unfortunately,because of our geographical location in a metropolitan area, most of our searches are not for livepersons, but rather for human remains, usually as a result of a tragic encounter with another person.A few of the more recent examples are:In March, 2009, Jager assisted the Kansas City, KS Fire Department in locating the remains of a manwho had perished in a fire which totally destroyed his home. Jäger and another Doberman found theremains within a fewminutes of entering theburned building. In Mayof 2009 Jäger assistedthe Kansas Bureau ofInvestigation with therecovery of a man whohad been murderedand buried on a farm,five feet deep in clay.InNov. of 2009 he wasable to assist theAtchison CountySheriff’s Dept. byproviding a direction oftravel for a womanabducted from herhome. He trailed herwest from her home for close to 2 miles before the high winds and heavy contamination (traffic) fromother searchers made it impossible to continue. When her remains were located months later, theywere approximately 50 miles west of her home. In Feb.2010, he located the remains of a manmissing for seven months for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Dept. The mummified remains were in aheavily wooded area on a rock outcropping. In Nov., 2010 he assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s
Dept. in locating a woman who had been killed by her grandson. The remains were buried under alarge pile of chat.In Jan. 2011, Jager assisted in the recovery of a missing airman at Knob Noster State Park. Theairman had been missing for six days and when found was deceased and partially covered by ablanket of snow. In August , 2008, he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Lee’sSummit Police Dept., for locating a suicidal man before he could harm himself. The PD had beensearching for the man for several hours prior to our arrival. Jäger was lucky and found him within 15minutes. In 2008, Jäger was selected as the DPCA SAR Doberman of the year. In addition to hissearch work, of interest was his social side as attested to at the 2004 UDC temperament test wherehe was rated as highly social and highly protective.Jäger has participated in scores of demos for the general public as well as for law enforcement. Evenwith the police officers he’ll walk up to them and insist they pet him. Always a “people dog”, Jagerwas entered in a local pet contest, and in a field of 10 other dogs --- all little, cute, cuddly and fluffy---he won the Friendliest Dog contest, no mean feat for a 77-lb Doberman! All these serious examplesbelie his usual happy go lucky personality. As a highly social dog with humans and animals alike,he usually shows his clownish side. He delights in stealing whatever has human scent on it andparading in front of you to get yourattention so you can chase him. Orsneaking behind your back andhelping himself to any food which iswithin reach --- even if he has toopen a duffel bag for treats, or getinto the car to snatch up anunsecured kong or bumper. Hisfavorite game with other dogs is tograb their toys so that they’ll chasehim. When they finally catch himhe’ll just drop it and let them have it,before starting the game all overagain.At the present time Jäger isperfecting his trailing skills, runningtrails, which are aged for up to aweek, across all kinds of terrain andall kinds of weather extremes. I dobelieve he’s hoping Lexie will takeover the Human Remains work sohe can concentrate on trailing. Hecertainly loves the challenge.

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