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RAC10gR2 HP-UX 260107

RAC10gR2 HP-UX 260107



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Published by: Ankush Kumar on Sep 09, 2008
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Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters R2(RAC10g R2) on HP-UX Installation Cookbook
This document is based on our experiences, it is not an official HP/Oracle documentation. We're constantly updating this installation cookbook, therefore please check for the latest version of this cookbook on our HP/Oracle CTC web page at https://www.hporaclectc.com/cug/assets/10gR2RAChp.htm pdf version). If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email with your feedback! In case of issues during your installation, please also report this problem to HP and/or Oracle support.
1. Aim of this document
Authors: Rebecca Schlecht (HP), Rainer Marekwia (Oracle)EMEA HP/Oracle Cooperative Technology Center (CTC) http://www.hporaclectc.com Date:26th January 200
1.Aim of this document2.Key New Features for RAC10g on HP-UX3.Supported Configurations with RAC10g on HP-UX4.General System Installation Requirements4.1Hardware Requirements4.2Network Requirements4.3Required HP-UX Patches4.4Kernel Parameter Settings5.Create the Oracle User6.Oracle RAC 10g Cluster Preparation Steps
6.1RAC 10g with HP Serviceguard Cluster FileSystem for RAC
6.2RAC 10g with RAW over SLVM
6.3RAC 10g with ASM over SLVM6.4RAC 10g with ASM7.Preparation for Oracle Software Installation
7.1Prepare HP-UX Systems for Oracle softwareinstallation
7.2Check Cluster Configuration with ClusterVerification Utility8.Install Oracle Clusterware9.Installation of Oracle Database RAC10g R210.Configure the Oracle Listeners11.Create a RAC DB on CFS using DatabaseConfiguration Assistant12.Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control13.Implementation of SG Packages Framework for RAC10g14.Tips & Tricks15.Known Issues & Bug Fixes
Page 1of 51HP/Oracle CTC RAC10g R2 on HP-UX cookbook 
This document is intended to provide help installing Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g Release2 on HP servers running HP-UX operating system. This paper covers both Integrity and PA-RISCplatform.
All information here is based on practical experiences.All described scenarios are based on a 2 node cluster, node1 referred to as 'ksc' and node2 as'schalke'.
In this paper, we use the following logic:
ksc# <command>
= command needs to be issued as root from node ksc
schalke$ <command>
= command needs to be issued as oracle from node schalke
ksc/schalke# <command>
=command needs to be issued as root from both nodes ksc + schalkeand so on.
This document should be used in conjunction with the following Oracle documentation:
It also includes material from HP Serviceguard + RAC10g papers written by ACSL labs which areavailable HP internally athttp://haweb.cup.hp.com/ATC/Web/Whitepapers/default.htm.
2. Key New Features for RAC10g on HP-UX
Oracle ClusterwareNew with RAC 10g, Oracle includes its own Clusterware and package managementsolution with the database product. The Oracle Clusterware consists of
Oracle Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) to provide cluster managementfunctionality
Oracle Cluster Ready Services (CRS) support services and workloadmanagement and help to maintain the continuous availability of the services.CRS also manages resources such as the virtual IP (VIP) address for the nodeand the global services daemon.
Event Management (EVM) publishes events generated by CRS
B25292-02Oracle® Database Release Notes 10g Release 2 (10.2) for HP-UX Itanium (pdf html) B19067-04Oracle® Database Release Notes 10g Release 2 (10.2) for HP-UX PA-RISC (64-Bit) (pdf html) B14202-04Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation and Configuration Guide for hp HP-U
Page 2of 51HP/Oracle CTC RAC10g R2 on HP-UX cookbook 
This Oracle Clusterware is available on all various Oracle RAC platforms and based onthe HP TruCluster product which Oracle licensed a couple of years ago.Customers can now deploy Oracle RAC clusters without any additional 3rd partyclusterware products such as SG/SGeRAC. However, customers might want tocontinue to use SG/SGeRAC for the cluster management (e.g. to make your completecluster high available including 3rd party application, interconnect, etc.). In this caseOracle Clusterware interacts with the SG/SGeRAC to coordinate cluster membershipinformation. New Features for Oracle Clusterware with RAC 10g R2:
Oracle 10g R2 comes with new Cluster Verification Utility that you can use tocheck whether or not your cluster is properly configured, to avoid installationfailures, and to avoid database creation failures.
With 10g R2, Oracle Clusterware provides the possibility to mirror the OracleCluster Registry (OCR) file, enhancing cluster reliability.
With 10g R2, CSS has been modified to allow you to configure multiple votingdisks. In RAC10g R1, you could configure only one voting disk. By enablingmultiple voting disk configuration, the redundant voting disks allow you toconfigure a RAC database with multiple voting disks on independent sharedphysical disks.
With Oracle 10g R2, in addition, while continuing to be required for RACdatabases, Oracle Clusterware is also available for use with single-instancedatabases and applications that you deploy on clusters. The API librariesrequired for use with single-instance databases are provided with the OracleClient installation media.Oracle Automatic Storage ManagementOracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is a new feature that has be introducedin Oracle Database 10g to simplify the storage of Oracle data. ASM virtualizes thedatabase storage into disk groups. The DBA is able to manage a small set of diskgroups and ASM automates the placement of the database files within those diskgroups.In summary ASM does provide the following functionality:
Manages groups of disks, called disk groups.
Provides three mirroring options for protection against disk failure: none, two-way, and three-way mirroring.
Spreads data evenly across all available storage resources to optimizeperformance and utilization.
Enables the DBA to change the storage configuration without having to take thedatabase offline.
Automatically rebalances files across the disk group after disks have been addedor dropped.New Features for Oracle ASM with 10g R2:
ASM Command-Line Utility for ASM file administration:
$ asmcmd help 
Oracle 10g R2 supports installation of Automatic Storage Management in aseparate ASM home directory.
Supports interoperability for all versions of ASM and Database instances starting
Page 3of 51HP/Oracle CTC RAC10g R2 on HP-UX cookbook 

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