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Global Disorder

Global Disorder

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Published by: Movimiento Antitaurino De Colombia on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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or planetary upheaval?
or planetary upheaval?
Writer for: Alejandro Sánchez LaricciaEcologistDirector of Fundation for the defense of the animals and the enviroment M.A.Candesforest@hotmail.comCelphone:(57)3172560905
Ecology and geology investigation
t is common these days to hear about climatechange, global warming and natural disasters invarious parts of the world, a situation that, perhaps, atthe bottom for a moment some of us uneasy, and toothers it does not matter. We live in a bubble cons-ciously or unconsciously, and we call "reality" that inwhich we escape from the events that are generated inother corners of this earth. Only when these eventsinvolve or impact us directly, we understand that thesephenomena are real and can affect anyone, no matterwhere we are. Something is happening, it is indisputa-ble that both governments know more developed onthis? Really much more of what the media reports, theproblem is that information is being restricted andthey want to keep things so do not really want tochange things and have generated only an irresponsi-ble strategy, how to deal with the situation but neverhow to avoid the further increase this problem evenglobal implications not dimensioned on its real conse-quences. Scientists know what is really causing allthis growing problem, but reveal the true origins andthus make known the smoking gun that would meanbig changes worldwide industry is not willing to give,it would change much of the production system largecompanies, so the theory has become massive sourceof CO2 and global change in order to share theresponsibility and invisible to the real culprits of thisgreat ecocide.
Why are happening simultaneously as dramatic humanevents such as wars, diseases, epidemics and risks of pandemics? Are chance, isolated events, or otherwiserelate to environmental problemsthat are happening with increa-sing frequency?
The beginning of this millenniumhas brought a mirage and surrea-lism that spread by even a millionhuman beings embedded in technology, and which mediaare the channels of access to millions of people, many of which not seem to see the dramatic changes that lie aheadbut we changed our aggression against nature and ourneighbors.
Scientists have found that theplanet, from the eighties, hasstarted to warm steadily andsince the year two thousand, hasincreased dramatically in globaltemperatures, melting the polesand are accelerated fragmenting and grinding up largeblocks of pristine ice caps, especially the North Pole,losing millions of liters of pure water, which increases thelevels on the coasts. Since 1990 the global temperaturehas increased atmospheric levels of 2 to 4 C ° and 0.3 ° Cocean level, where small increases in temperature aremore critical to the survival of marine life. The tempera-ture increase is due, as scientists say no "to the Green-house Effect," but especially on moisture loss across theplanet due to the irreparable exospheric evaporation(evaporation out of the atmosphere). This largely causedby the alarming deforestation of the planet, the dryingup of water sources and wetlands, and the frenziedexpansion of residential areas (cities, towns, etc.) productof uncontrolled human expansion and voracious.
This global warming is causing climate change is causinghurricanes, fires, among others, that are particularly rele-vant to forest where barriers have been preyed greatly, asis the case of the Florida Peninsula. Thissituation means that in times of summerdoes not have high humidity, to meet,among others, the role of barriers againstthese climatic contrasts, born product of the dramatic increases in temperature bystrong solar heating of the oceans and highvolume of moisture generated by the effectof oceanic evaporation and inter-tropical
Climate change
April 18-2004

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