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SUG421 - Advanced Cadastral Survey (Marine Cadastre)

SUG421 - Advanced Cadastral Survey (Marine Cadastre)

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Published by Muhammad Ruzaini

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Published by: Muhammad Ruzaini on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARINE CADASTREOCT09Q1(b) What do you understand by Marine Cadastre? 4M APR09Q4(b) Explain clearly the definition of Marine Cadastral. Briefly discuss the issues andchallenges of Marine Cadastre in Malaysia. 5M
What is Marine Cadastre
Marine Cadastre is a system;- to enable the boundaries of maritime rights- interests to be recorded- spatially managed- physically definedin relationship to the boundaries of the of other neighbouring or underlying rightsMarine Cadastre is a marine information system, encompassing both the nature and spatial extent of theinterests and property rights, with respect to ownership, various rights and responsibilities in the marine jurisdiction.
Issue and Challenges of Marine Cadastre in Malaysia
1. Identify the relevant maritime conventions and legislation.2. Identify Federal, States, Local Agencies with administrative and jurisdictional responsibilities.3. Identify private bodies and industry groups with maritime interest.4. Identify and evaluate potential areas for pilot project5. Consult with selected agencies and industry bodies of possible problems and issues of implementation.6. Assess theories and principles of land cadastres which may apply to the marine environment.7. Assess the current status and adequacy of mapping and charting of marine.8. Evaluate the potential of Malaysian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) in supportingmanagement of the marine environment9. Defining unambiguous terminology to promote a greater understanding, easier communication andeffective enactment of the legislation.10. Overcoming issue of overlapping jurisdiction, administration, rights and interests11. Overcoming laws and regulations that promote conflicts in marine environment
12. Obtaining adequate financial support for academic research13. Obtaining funding for the implementation of marine cadastre
OCT09Q1(c) Discuss the possible role of Land Surveyors in Marine Cadastre. 12M
 Role of Land Surveyor in Marine Cadastre
1. To define the boundaries of maritime is up to 4 dimensions (3D and time)2. To enable better understanding and management of competing rights and interests in the marineenvironment3. To use spatial technologies such as aerial photography, remote sensing, hydrographic surveyingand GPS to assess and administers rights, restrictions and responsibilities4. To describe the boundaries of particular location5. To provide a better solutions to defining and managing boundaries and related spatial data in themarine environment6. To define the extent of boundaries in terrestrial, coastal and marine areas.7. To provide a useful solution for defining boundaries in the marine environments using the accuracyand ranges of GPS8. To have ability and skills to help spatially define and administer the marine environment9. To provide accurate description of the boundaries in the marine and coastal environment10. To support sustainable development objectives applied to marine environmentOCT08Q4(a) The marine cadastre development is considered still new and much research is neededbefore embarking on its implementation. Discuss about its uniqueness. 5M
Uniqueness of Marine Cadastre
Marine Cadastre poses a number of uniqueness that does not apply in the land.1. The concept of tenure does not exist at sea2. It is not possible to use classical means of boundary demarcation offshore3. The marine environment is 3D in the spatial data. 2D is not sufficient4. Rights can vary with time adding a fourth dimension.5. The baseline to which many maritime boundaries are related is ambulatory.

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