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Two by Two Into Extinction

Two by Two Into Extinction

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Published by Brandon Sergent
Individual chapter from "The Book" in commentable form.
Individual chapter from "The Book" in commentable form.

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Published by: Brandon Sergent on Dec 02, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Two by Two into Extinction
Long term pair bonding was never part of our genetic imperative, isn’tnatural, and is possibly the least efficient means of promulgating the goals of evolution.Monogamy for the purposes of this essay is defined as the idea that onegender may only have sex with one member of the opposite gender at a time, untilsuch time as they are ready to permanently abandon that mate. This definitionstruggles to cover both the idealized lifelong monogamy, and the more modernserial monogamy, where in a person claims monogamy, but jumps from mate tomate. There is no evolutionary advantage to the monogamous paradigm that I canidentify beyond the ultra short term and brutal advantages associated with peckingorder, as in wolf society. But since our society publicly rejects a caste system, thisadvantage must be ignored, unless we are willing to institute a system by whichpeople fight for the best table at restaurants.But for purposes of long term survival and evolutionary advancementmonogamy is quite simply unfit when looked at through intelligent eyes. Considerthe following hypothetical. Let’s say a man is born with a superhuman regenerativeability. On the one hand he is born, into a society which does not advocatetranshumanist values. Under the current system he would be fought over and aftera time he would settle down with the best mate he could find for himself, theywould ideally have a few children and their children would pass down the trait. Itwould take centuries for the trait to spread to the point of helping the species as awhole.And on the other hand, he is born into a society where extremely fit peopleare granted mating privileges -by simple process of supply and demand- withnumerous others. In this society when the regenerative man is born he has theoption of breeding with as many women as he physically can since he would be verynovel and therefore extremely desirable. Besides who wouldn’t want their child tohave a survival advantage like that?It would only take a few generations for the trait to spread far and wide in thesecond scenario.Now, subject both societies to a cataclysmic event, Society A, only has a fewsuper tough individuals, Society B has hundreds of thousands, thanks to theexponential nature of unrestricted human procreation. Society A dies off, because of 

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