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The 2012 Enigma and the New Music Revolution

The 2012 Enigma and the New Music Revolution

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Published by Jacques Groenen
Now 2012 is approaching very quickly it's high time to reveal The Battle of The Spirals, The New Music Revolution and the gateway into a new life. The new music revolution reveals for the first time is history music without Pythagoras' Comma!
Now 2012 is approaching very quickly it's high time to reveal The Battle of The Spirals, The New Music Revolution and the gateway into a new life. The new music revolution reveals for the first time is history music without Pythagoras' Comma!

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Jacques Groenen on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The 2012 Enigma And The New Music Revolution
For the original article go tohttp://www.jackgreviews.com/the-2012-enigma-and-the-new-music-revolution/ 
By: Jacques Groenen
Kristal Spiral Music And The Year 2012
Choosing Between Old Music And Kristal Spiral Music
( I started this article as a reaction on Chris Farrell who made a new video andwas talking on Facebook about new trends to jump on for Internet Marketing).The biggest trend that is presently arriving is without any doubt December 212012. We are very near the year 2012 and only a few people know what’s reallyhappening. Let me unveil a little bit of the 2012 enigma. There is a battle goingon, not only on Planet Earth but in the whole Milky Way, that is connected withthe Mayan Hunab Ku. The Hunab Ku is the Black Hole center of the Milky Wayand certain groups want to attune Earth totally to this black hole on December21 2012 using a powerful Merkaba technology connected with the Golden MeanSpiral and Fibonacci spiral and numbers. The idea is to create on December 212012 a merkaba spin of 55/34 (both Fibonacci numbers) resulting in a pole shifton Earth (go to YouTube and search for Drunvalo Melchizedek to learn moreabout these misaligned ideas) A pole shift will be very destructive for humanityand Earth as you can imagine and from a black hole no escape is possible, it willbe our definitive fall into darkness and oblivion.
Kristal Spiral and Kristal Spiral Music
Luckily there is another spiral – the Kristal Spiral, resulting in Kristal SpiralMusic, more about this later in this article – that has a totally other objective:rising of awareness and consciousness and real freedom. People who have seenthe movie The Matrix can imagine that there can be different matrices or energy-grids to build on. The same way a painter needs a canvas to paint on, life andmatter need energy grids or matrices to exist. These different grids areconnected with different spirals and right now – between February and earlyAugust 2011 – everybody on the planet, including you and me, has to make achoice between the different spirals of creation. This choice is between GoldenMean Spiral + Fibonacci Spiral on one side and the Kristal Spiral + (real)Merkaba Spiral on the other side. The process of choice making is called “TheBattle of The Spirals” and is one of the reasons there is so much confusion onthis planet right now.
The Battle Of The Spirals
This choice between different spirals as said is crucial for everybody on Earth andhas to be made before August 4 of this very year 2011. Let me explain a bitabout the background of this battle. Between February and August 4 2011 there
is a crossover in time-space of the Kristal Spiral and the Golden Mean Spiralenergy-grids. You can see this, in a simplified way, in the picture below. Thecrossover is at axis 7 of the Kristal Spiral – in the pictures indicated by the colorblue – and the Golden Mean or Metatronic Spiral, drawn in red.
The difference that makes a difference
The Kristal Spiral on which Kristal Spiral Tuning and Kristal Spiral Music is based(more about this subject later in this article) is created by the expansion of arotating Kathara Grid (see drawing below).
The Kathara Grid has a center, the Central Seed Atom, indicated by the whitehexagon in the picture and the Kristal Spiral rotates around and expands fromthis center. A golden rectangle (with the color green), leading to the goldenmean spiral, can be generated by taking one of the diagonals (in this case wetake the diagonal 3-7) and rotating it from Kathara Center 7 counter clockwise tothe line 3-6-9. We see in the following figure how it extends just beyond KatharaCenter 9.
(picture: From Kathara to Golden Rectangle to Fibonacci Rectangle)
The vertikal line from the bottom of the Kathara Grid to this point is 1.618 timesthe width of the Kathara Grid , this number has the name Phi. We can see thatduring this process a reduction is taking place from 12 to 10 centers, the centers12 and 11 are cut away and disappear out of view and our experience. Fromnow on we have lost the connection with our “Source or Home” and areimprisoned and enchained in Plato’s Cave.We can draw a diagonal from the right corner below to the point above center 9and a line from point 6 to the point above center 10. Where these lines cross(the small GM in the drawing) is the center of the golden mean spiral and as wesee this “center” is an off-center point. In the next step we can use this point asa starting point for a further fall into the disgrace of the Fibonacci Rectangle (inyellow). (Filius Bonacci = son of Bonacci lived about 1170-1250).Now we can develop the geometry of the Fibonacci rectangle in the same manneras we did with the golden mean rectangle and in this way we find anotherintersection point – indicated as Fib – just above Kathara Center 5 and this pointbecomes another off-centered center, this time of the Fibonacci Spiral

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